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 Archive of other Long Hair Countries


United States of America:



Glendeane Tadich was one of those long-haired models during the Fifties when long hair was rare to find in the Western world. She was 1,52 m (60 inches) tall and her fiery red locks had a length of 102 cm (40 inches).








Anita Abascal has been “discovered” by her photographer F.D. (who was a friend of Stan Shuttleworth) when she was a student at the University of Southern California in the Mid-Sixties. Her parents came over to the USA from a French Basque farm near the Lorraine valley. Many immigrants from all over the world gave their very own part to their new home country and created a “melting pot” of ethnic variety as nowhere else.

Photo: F.D.







Anita’s hair was 1,34 m long (53 inches) and weighed 3 pounds. Her grandmother (whom she lived with because her parents died in an accident) took care of the great mane of luxuriant and colourful glossy tresses.

Photo: F.D.








Her real hair color was red gold, but the lighting often cast her hair as chestnut or light auburn color.

Photo: F.D.










At this session in 1968 Stan Shuttleworth joined Anita and F.D. to shoot some own photos and a 16mm movie.

Photo. F.D.








Anita.The extremely thick mane covered her frame down to her knees.

Photo: F.D.










Anita’s light blue dress enhances the color of her hair.

Photo: F.D.








Anita again.

Photo: F.D.










Anita. You can find a woman with such beautiful and dense hair only once in a decade.

Photo: F.D.








Anita Abascal joins the famous hair care specialist George Michael and some of his models in a hair show at The Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles on July 7, 1973. The master just checks Anita’s hair. The model at left next to Anita is Adrianne who was featured by Stan Shuttleworth in a photo series.





The big salon of George Michael of Madison Avenue in New York City has been visited by hundreds of famous women from all over the world. The salon at 420 Madison Ave. opened in 1960.





A client of George Michael. His list of clients reads like the who’s who of beautiful women: actresses, models, opera stars…women who are admired for their talents and looks – and who know that long hair is sexy, beautiful and it makes a woman look more like a woman. Among the stars were Faye Dunaway and Liv Ullmann, Blanche Thebom and …Mary Tucker.








Another client of the famous hair technician George Michael, the Czar of Long Hair. Please, write me if you can identify this lady!









Maria Matarazzo, the executive vice president of George Michael of Madison Ave. in NYC, had a great mane of luxuriant golden hair. She has changed her hairdo a few times over the years. Mrs. Matarazzo is the owner of the New York salon since the End-Eighties.










Debra Jo Fondren, PLAYBOY’s “Playmate of the Year 1978”, belongs to George Michael’s faithful clients. The beautiful Blonde with the knee-length mane (born on May 2 1955 in Los Angeles), broke the hearts of many readers of the men’s magazine with her appearance. She decided to cut her hair to waist-length in 1979 and couldn’t continue her success as a model.

This photo is an original autograph for me, provided by a friend in L.A. who met her in person at an event in the Nineties.






Becky Quintanilla’s thick Rapunzel-like locks falls like Niagara over her shoulders down to her ankles. The beautiful Californian (born 1967) is proud of her 1,52 m hair (66 inches): “It’s my trademark. You may not remember my name, but you will remember my hair”.

Photo: The Los Angeles Times Magazine (1991)







Beautiful girl.

Photo: Easyriders in the Wind (1990)









Caren has had a great mane before a makeover.











Vimla Maharaj-Banks and Vindra Maharaj-Roy, two sisters born 1959 in Trinidad. The dentists live now in Lauderhill/ Florida. Their magnificent hair is 1,52 m (5 feet) and 1,83 m long.

Photo: Globe (1994)






Lady Grace (Suzy) from Florida. Suzy’s hair length measures more than 2 meters – much longer than she is tall. If there would be a rank list of the longest hair in America right now, she would be surely placed among the first ten entries. To view more of her photos, please visit the floorlengthhairgroup at yahoo!

Photo: Lady Grace (2001)









BJ liked the Seventies very much and decided to grow her hair longer in that style a few years ago. Now as it’s tigh-length people sometimes stop her on the street to compliment her on her hair. And BJ plans to grow it even longer!

Photo: BJ








Leona, a beautiful newcomer from Florida, offers high quality photo sets on her own website at She is 1,70 m tall (5’7’’) and has very silky hair down to her knees.

Photo: Leona






Archive of other long hair countries: