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Go to homepage. ICIS: 2000, Butterfly Definitive.

A monarch butterfly chrysalis is shown on two of the stamps.  A newly-hatched monarch butterfly is shown on this stamp.

28th September, 2000.
Monarch Butterfly Definitive stamp issue.

32 15¢ Multicolored View stamp
33 30¢ Multicolored View stamp
34 75¢ Multicolored View stamp
35 $1.35 Multicolored View stamp

Each stamp is printed in full color, from photographs by Inyotef D. Smauguar, the High Priest of Amon-Ra. The monarch butterfly is seriously threatened by wasps in the modern era, and so the endangered butterfly was chosen to illustrate our new stamp issue. The stamps are on thick white gloss paper, and were printed by the Occussi-Ambeno Imperial Government Printing Office (KDPN), Baleksetung, Occussi-Ambeno. All stamps are perf 12. To view the special First Day Cover, click here. To view monarch butterflies on stamps of St Kitts, click here or here. To view some Occussi-Ambeno monarch butterfly stamps, click here.

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