An email link works the same way. We just use an email address instead of a page address.

 <BODY> Send 
me <A HREF="">Mail!</A> 

Send me Mail!





We can make an image a link if we want. Using the 'Go to Netscape!' example above we simply substitute an <IMG> tag for the word Netscape!

 <BODY> Go to <A HREF=""><IMG 

Go to

FAQ: How do you get rid of that ugly blue border around an image link?
A: Simple... add BORDER=0 to the IMG tag. (See below.)


FAQ: How do I link to a _____ file so my students can download it?

A: Simple, just link to it. Let's suppose you have a few Microsoft Word documents that you would like to offer. Just link to them...

HREF="ovidnotes.doc">Download notes on Ovid</A> 
<A HREF="cicero.doc">Download Cicero notes</A>

Download notes on Ovid
Download my Cicero notes

If the file is a lengthly file (200+Kb) or a collection of files, you may wish to zip them and offer the zip file for download instead.