Well, that about does it. You now know all the basic tags you'll need to create a web page. There are lots more. But rest assured you've got most of the basic weaponry you'll need. If you have got the hang of these, you will want to look at some really fancy effects you can achieve with Tables and Frames: go to the Table Tutor, or to the Frames Tutor. They will give you a few more really neat things to have in your bag of web publishing tricks.

One of the neatest things you can do with a web page is to make it DO stuff. You can investigate the wonderful world of JavaScript and learn to write mini programs that you can insert in your pages. It's a little bit more complex than HTML, but I've written JavaScript Tutor, and that will give you a solid start on some of the basics. In addition there are dozens of "copy-n-paste" javascript sites that offer code for the taking.

Once you have made your pages you will need to upload them to a server. The server is a computer that is running a server program that doles out documents to whoever requests them. For a little bit of guidance on putting your pages on the Web, have a look at Uploading Your Pages.