Mikey, Emily and Rhonda in our backyard with Reese and Snickers

October 25th, 2020.. Hi everyone.. This is Mike, and we are doing well. Yesterday, Rhonda and Emily brought the dogs over and visited with us in our backyard. TGIS.. Thank God It's SONday and we get to go to church today! :) God is good!

Previous Updates:

After his open-heart surgeries last summer, Mikey is home, hallelujah! You can still read the blog-like diary of his most recent surgeries here. Thank You, Lord for Your mercy and Your grace. Thank You, Lord for giving us a miraculous healing for Mikey, and bringing him home to us!

T.G.I.S... Thank God It's SONday and we get to go to church today!

Mikey & Family

Walking in the F.O.G. (Favor Of God)

Thousands of wonderful people have visited Mikey's pages and prayed for him. Many have been inspired, blessed, and even found Jesus through these simple pages. It's surprising how many emails we have received from "back-slidden" couples and families who have returned to church after being inspired by Mikey's simple pages. To God be the glory. It's all about Him.

Pastor Don introducing MikeyMikey preaching

From August 15th, 2004... Mikey preaching! If you click on the top left photo, you can hear Pastor Don introducing Mikey. Click on the top right photo to hear a brief snippet of Mikey's sermon. Mikey's sermon was about "decisions".. how God gives us free will to decide, and how we make decisions everytime God speaks to us. He also prayed and sang. Mikey looks good doesn't he? We're very proud of him. He did a good job. In the picture below, you can see Mikey in prayer, preparing for the sermon he delivered sunday.

Mikey praying

One would have to go back and visit page 1 and page 2 etc. to believe what Mikey has been through... and just what God has brought us through. Mikey is a loveable child.. always has been. He loves life and he loves to smile and laugh. We are very blessed and cherish every minute with Mikey. Thank You, Lord!

See Mikey on TV and read the Net4TV News articles about Mikey: Mikey's Miracle - Answered Prayer and Mikey: The Miracle Continues. His heart surgery.. summer (2004) begins here. See Mikey singing for the mayor and our veteran's on Memorial Day here.


To bring everyone up to speed: After enduring a number of heart procedures in his young life, Mikey entered the hospital in Feb 2000, so the doctors could "help God heal my heart".. as Mikey says. After extensive open-heart surgery, Mikey suffered a lot of set-backs. DAYS turned into WEEKS (many weeks spent on a ventilator). Weeks turned into months, before he recovered and was able to go home for a few days, but he returned in congestive heart failure and he was placed back on the ventilator again. Thanks to a lot of answered prayers and the excellent doctors and staff of St. Francis Hospital, Mikey came home. His vocal chords had become paralyzed again, and one is still damaged, but we're praying about that, and we believe that God is healing that vocal chord, as we speak! Within a year, the "homograft" (donor conduit) that the surgeons implanted, began to calcify. Children's Hospital in Little Rock placed a stent in Mikey's homograft last summer to open it, but it failed within a few months. Mikey entered Arkansas Children's Hospital again, May 27th, for more open-heart surgery to replace the homograft. Surgeons implanted a dacron tube with a porcine valve, and Mikey was able to return home in June. He has sinus tachycardia (fast heart beat) since the surgery, and they have now discovered that his mitral valve is also leaking. They will try to decrease the leakage with medication first, in lieu of more surgery.

We probably should explain to everyone that Mikey's heart condition is "incurable". The surgeries that have been performed are "life-saving measures", not repairs. The heart surgeon explained that this last surgery was "just to make the next surgery easier", and that the surgeries will need to continue to "extend his life". Incurable? Well.. we KNOW that with God, ALL things are possible.

A special thanks to everyone praying and believing with us.

Mikey can receive mail at:

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