Mikey needs a miracle [page 6]

Saturday 4-15 8:15am

Mikey's blood gasses were not good enough to change any of the settings on the ventilator last night, but he's still stable. He's still not taking any breaths on his own, but they explain this may be because he is still so heavily sedated. I AM BELIEVING that God will touch Mikey TODAY and we can report better news TODAY. BELIEVE WITH ME. Thank you, Father.

Saturday 4-15 1:00pm

This afternoon, Mikey's nurse brought something in and sat it on the bed and something caught my eye. I looked around and Mikey's eyes popped wide open and he tried to raise up. I wrote the time down on a styrofoam container.. it was 12:20pm. He was wide awake and alert. His blood gasses were good enough to resume "weaning" and they have turned down the ventilator another notch. He's periodically awake now and trying to communicate with us. He indicated by motioning, that he wanted to watch TV and we put some cartoons on for him for about 30 minutes before he fell back asleep. During those 30 minutes, he communicated with us as best he could and he was taking some breaths on his own. Part of our great burden has lifted. Thank you, Lord!

Saturday 4-15 8:45pm

Mikey is still stable. He has stayed asleep nearly all afternoon and evening. He's sounding congested, so we'll be praying tonight that he doesn't start building up fluid again. We believe that God has touched Mikey, and that he will begin to recover again. Thank you, Father.

[picture] Sunday 4-16 2:20pm

Mikey woke just in time this afternoon to receive a present. Evelyn, from California, crocheted him a really neat blanket and sent it to him here at the hospital. We can see that he really likes it, because it has his name on it.

Mikey has been awake and alert briefly this afternoon, but he's tired and VERY weak. Yesterday's culture revealed a possible infection, so anti-biotics were started today. Let's keep praying and believing. Thank you, Lord.

Sunday 4-16 6:30pm

Slight improvement. His blood gasses look better again and the vent has been turned down another notch. He even got to try a bit of popsicle, by special permission from the doc.. the first thing he's had by mouth in a week. Thank you, Father.

Monday 4-17 8:25am

Mikey slept well last night. His blood gasses could have been better this morning, but he's awake and taking a lot of breaths on his own now. We feel like he's recuperating a little better now. He's still on the ventilator of course, and the heart cath is still scheduled for tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who is sticking with us and praying for Mikey. And thank you, Lord.

Monday 4-17 6:30pm

Mikey fell asleep watching a video just now. His cardiologist just left the room. He said that Mikey will be patient number 2, for his heart cath tomorrow, so it will probably occur around 10-11 am (central time) tomorrow. He's still on the ventilator, but in Mikey's weakened condition, there's a certain amount of risk, so we'd like as many people as possible to be praying at this time.

Tuesday 4-18 7:30am

It's just an hour or two, before Mikey leaves for the cath lab, for his heart catheterization. There is only one cath ahead of his, and the cardiologist who performs the procedure, is already here.. So, Mikey may go in the lab a little sooner than we thought.. maybe 9:30am. Mikey is still very weak. His last blood gasses were worse, and they actually had to turn the ventilator up during the night. Let's everyone that can, pray and believe beginning at 9:30am, while Mikey is undergoing this procedure. Thank you, Lord.

Tuesday 4-18 9:30am

Mikey is being prepared to leave for the cath lab, right now.

Tuesday 4-18 12:30pm

Mikey is enjoying a popsicle, after his heart cath... Looks good, doesn't he! Mikey came through today's heart cath fine. He was in the cath lab from about 10am until approximately 11:15am, but he's back in the PICU now. Nothing unusual was seen during the cath, although the data is still being compiled and evaluated and all the doctors will consult later. As of now, we're all at a loss as to why Mikey can't keep anything down. Nausea was the trigger that precipitated the the event that landed Mikey back in the PICU.

Thank you, Lord.. for bringing Mikey through this heart catheterization alright.

Even Better News..

Mikey's heart surgeon was very happy with the information the heart cath revealed. He said Mikey's heart looked good long-term.

Good..Long-term...Long-term good!

He said we needed to look at the stomach problem and concentrate on getting Mikey weaned from the ventilator now. Thank you, Dr. Ranne, and thank you, Lord!

Tuesday 4-18 8:45pm

The doctors all met today and agree that Mikey's heart cath looked good. They also believe that when we get him through this period on the ventilator and address his stomach problem, that Mikey's heart should get stronger and healthier for the long term. So.. now we pray and believe God for healing for Mikey's stomach problem. Thank you, Father.

Wednesday 4-19 5:00am

Mikey had a good (although short) night. He was wide awake just a little before 5:00am and he's watching TV with dad right now. His blood glasses still weren't good enough to turn down the vent, but he sure looks good this morning.

Wednesday 4-19 6:30pm

Mikey is really doing pretty well. They have resumed weaning him from the ventilator and he may be coming off the vent very soon... Then we can believe God for healing for the stomach problems and his vocal chords. Thank you, Lord!

[picture] Thursday 4-20 9:30am

Mikey loves to take a bath. They even let him sit and soak his feet.. he thought that was pretty cool. Mikey loves to sing in the tub. A few years ago we secretly taped Mikey talking in the bath and singing in the bath.. something he is very wont to do!

Mikey looks really good today and he is recovering fast. Mikey should be coming off the ventilator very soon. Thank you, Father!

Thursday 4-20 8:35pm

Mikey continues to improve. He was awake mostly all day. He got to sit up in a chair for a while today, and of course he polished off a couple more popsicles and watched his "Stuart Little" video for the fourth time. He's watching TV with sissy this evening. We're hoping Mikey will be taken off the ventilator tomorrow, Good Friday.. Great Friday.. God is good.

Friday 4-21 10:30am

Blood gasses marginal, but still doing well.. looking for continued improvement and better news ahead. Hope to have a surprise visitor for Mikey later.. and I'll post a picture, if possible. Thank you, Lord.

[picture] Friday 4-21 3:00pm

Mikey was taken off the ventilator at about 1:40pm and he's doing fine so far! He still has an NG tube in his nose, and he's getting 1 liter of oxygen per minute via nasal cannula. My guess is that the supplemental oxygen will be discontinued soon, and eventually the NG tube will go as well. I brought Mikey's pet up to his room today. His pet is a Giant Tanzanian Millipede, named "Rodman".

Good Friday, and it sure is great to see Mikey off that ventilator and sitting up in bed.. Thank you, Lord.

Saturday 4-22 8:30am

Mikey is up lobbying for food and drink this morning. He's been on a strict NPO order.. NOTHING by mouth.. not even an ice chip. He's been pleading his case with every staffer that he sees walking down the hall. We'd ALL give him anything he wants, if we could, but they're afraid he'll aspirate. So.. he'll have to wait awhile.

Mikey's weight is down to 15.4kg, his pacemaker is pacing him at 110bpm, his blood pressure is 98 over 68, he's taking approx. 25 breaths per minute on his own, and the saturation of oxygen in his bloodstream is near 100% without any supplemental oxygen... which means... Mikey is doing GOOD! Thank you, Lord.

[picture] Saturday 4-22 4:45pm

Mikey got his NG tube out today and he actually got to go for a wheelchair ride outside this afternoon. It was sunny and warm and he really enjoyed the fresh air. They're going to start out slowly and allow him to have a few ice chips and see how his stomach can tolerate it. If he's able to tolerate that, he'll get a little more the next day, etc. etc. He looks great!

[picture] Easter Sunday 4-23 11:30am

Happy Easter.. and we couldn't ask for Mikey to be doing any better. He's been up since before dawn and he's getting back to his old self.. smiling, laughing and enjoying himself again. We're still waiting for doctors orders to allow him to start eating and drinking again. He has been allowed some ice chips, and he hasn't had any problems with them. We're still praying and believing for Mikey's voice to return, and it can't be too much longer before Mikey can return home again. Thank you, Father.

Easter Sunday 4-23 8:00pm

Mikey is doing fine this evening. His doctor has now given him permission to have 1 ounce of the "clear fluid" of his choice periodically, to test his digestive system a bit. So far today, Mikey has opted for 1 oz of grapejuice, 1 oz of Jello and a popsicle. He's just kickin' back with dad and watching "The Miracle Maker" on TV right now. Thank you, Lord.

[picture] Monday 4-24 9:00am

Mikey is looking better than ever. He was up early, and he's having a cherry popsicle for breakfast. He's waiting to see his doctor. He can only whisper, but his request will be for "warm food"... or ANY food. He asked specifically for toast and "smashed eggs" (that's what he calls them when you can smash them with a fork and get the yolk to run out).

Mikey is doing great. Thank you, Lord.

Monday 4-24 8:55pm

Mikey had a "barium swallow" test (upper GI) done this afternoon. Nothing unusual was found, so they are planning a PH test for Wednesday. The PH test will involve a tube being placed down Mikey's nose and through the esophogus to the stomach for 48 hours. The tube will be tethered to a computer, which will monitor stomach acid, to determine if there is any reflux to the esophogus. Sounds like Mikey is gonna be uncomfortable for a while longer, and we're all gonna be HERE, for a while longer than we'd hoped. God willing this will all be over soon, and we can all get our lives back.. hehe. Well... what all the tests are showing us right now, is that Mikey is doing well! Thank you, Father.

[picture] Tuesday 4-25 1:00pm
Mikey is laying in bed, playing with his pet this morning. For newcomers, Mikey's "pet" is a Giant Tanzanian Millipede, named Rodman. Mikey is looking SO good, I think we can realistically look at coming home SOON. He's awfully bored in bed and he's wanting to be out and about. After tomorrow's Ph test, I think we're GONNA be lobbying for early parole! Thank you, Lord.

Tuesday 4-25 8:10pm

Still doing fine. Watching cartoons with mom. Looking for better news tomorrow or Thursday morning, after the Ph test.

Wednesday 4-26 10:30am

Mikey is doing great...even got a breakfast tray this morning! He's dressed and up in a chair. He's wearing his "Life-Flight" T-shirt that one of the pilots gave him. Looking for maybe some more "substantial" food today, as the Ph test progresses. Thank you, Lord.

[picture] Wednesday 4-26 4:00pm

Mikey gets to go wheelin' down the halls when he wants now. We were pushing him at first, but he likes to do it himself when he can. He got the "wire" put down his nose to his stomach this afternoon, for the Ph test. I understand now, that he should get the wire out tomorrow afternoon.. 24 hours later. He's walking around the room right now, with his physical therapists. Thank you, Lord!

[picture] Thursday 4-27 8:10am
Mikey is up, standing, walking around.. looking more like the boy we brought in here BEFORE the heart surgery! His Ph test will end this afternoon. It wasn't too traumatic for him... He's been through so much worse recently, that it was almost a cake-walk in comparison. It's a small wire and doesn't bother him to breathe or eat with it in (again, he's been used to larger tubes for the last 2 months+). It hooks to a small portable computer about the size of a transistor radio. They will remove it this afternoon and read the data it has been collecting. We should have the results late today or tomorrow. Mikey is doing fine.. getting antsy to go home. We ALL are. Thank you , Lord.

[picture] Thursday 4-27 3:00pm
Mikey got his "wire" out this afternoon and went for a little walk. He told us that he "prayed a long prayer last night". It appears that his voice is returning, now. It's pretty gravelly, and it comes and goes, but those paralyzed vocal chords definitely DO seem to be trying to vibrate sometimes now. Mikey says, Thank you God, for giving my voice back!" Wow! Thank you, Father!!!!

Thursday 4-27 8:45pm

Mikey's Ph test came back normal. His doctor says that Mikey's body hasn't been absorbing his medicine properly and that may have been what led to his heart failure this time. He said that they are working to find the right balance of medicines for Mikey, and that he may be able to go home in a few days.. perhaps this weekend. Thanks doc, and thank you, Lord.

Friday 4-28 11:10am

Mikey had a restless night and he's very tired today. His morning xrays show that his heart is enlarged, and they are still concerned that his body is not absorbing his medicines well. Mikey will have to remain hospitalized for a while yet, but let's pray that this isn't a major set-back and that he'll be going home soon.. and going home well.

Friday 4-28 8:15pm

Mikey looked pretty tired and weak today, but he had only slept about 3 hours last night. He got some rest this afternoon and he looks better tonight. And his voice is still trying to come back.. Thank you, Father!

Saturday 4-29 11:30am

Mikey is taking yet another turn for the worse. It seems as though this will never end for us. His lungs are again filling with fluid and he's getting ill. His EKG shows that the top and bottom of his heart are not beating in sync and they may even be working against each other. New medication will be given, but it's only a temporary help. Mikey may have to go back into surgery again to have yet another pacemaker implanted in his chest, with leads going to both the top and the bottom. His oxygen saturation is dropping and he needs our prayers now. Please pray and believe with us, once again, as we suffer through this. And...

A note to the "evil" that seeks to destroy our son: You seem to read our good reports about Mikey's progress and then sneak around and attack him. Well, read this: We've HAD it with you, loser. THIS IS A BATTLE WE CHOOSE TO WIN, IN JESUS NAME!

[picture] Saturday 4-29 8:00pm
We won't know the particulars on the next pacemaker implant until at least Monday. He's back on some powerful medication for his heart through IVs. After Mikey's "turn" today, he was out for a good 6 hours or more, BUT...

Mikey woke up this evening, sat straight up in bed and asked to see a video. This is quite remarkable. We just started the video and he wanted it stopped, so he could SING for everyone. Mikey see's his web site on the overhead TV in his PICU room, and when he wants to say something to the many people who are praying for him, we let him do it. And in this case, he wants to sing for you. His voice is weak and he has to take a breath frequently, but here is Mikey's song. Thank you, LORD!

Sunday 4-30 10:40am

After trying to go into heart failure yesterday morning, Mikey is doing MUCH better today. His morning xray looks a little better. His doctor was in and said we'll probably discuss the scheduling of his new pacemaker tomorrow. They are going to remove the "central line" from his chest today and replace it with an IV in his arm. His spirits are up today and he's coloring pictures for us.

Sunday 4-30 7:50pm

Mikey is still very stable. He's been sitting up in a chair this evening and coloring.. watching television and playing games with mom. Hope to have more info about the new pacemaker implant tomorrow. Thank you Lord, for keeping your hand on Mikey.

Monday 5-1 8:45am

Mikey was having back pain and then got nauseated and vomitted late last night. After that, the pain left and he's still asleep this morning. We understand now, that his pacemaker surgery will be either late this afternoon (or possibly tomorrow). I'll post the exact time, as soon as I know.

Monday 5-1 4:00pm

Mikey had just gotten some new toys from a nice lady named Diane from W. Virginia this morning, then some more nice people, Bev & Don from Oklahoma brought him up some "Stuart Little" toys this afternoon... All-in-all, a banner day for Mikey.

It looks now, like his new pacemaker will be implanted tomorrow.

Tuesday 5-2 11:30am

Derailed again.. by a bacterial infection, this time. Mikey cannot have his new pacemaker implanted until Friday or Saturday now, due to this infection they found. We just CAN'T get out of here! More time. More pokes and needle sticks. New IVs had to be started last night for the antibiotics to fight the infection. It took many needle sticks to find a good vein. Today they can't draw blood and need to start "sticking" Mikey again to start a 3rd IV. Lord, help us get Mikey well, and get him OUTTA HERE!

Tuesday 5-2 8:50pm

Mikey had a lot of pain this afternoon and early evening. He got nauseated this evening and hopefully he'll feel better now.

[picture] Wednesday 5-3 12 noon
Mikey is still dragging IV lines around with him, but with a little aid, he was able to play a little kick ball in the halls of the pediatric ICU for awhile this morning. Unfortunately, he was in a lot of pain again afterwards. He seems to have a lot of pain in his right side. He's feeling better again now, and he's able to eat.

We have spoke with Mikey's doctor. The new "dual-phase pacemaker" surgery is still expected for Friday or Saturday. It will take 1-3 hours. It will be implanted in his chest and the leads from the new pacer will be attached inside his heart. His present pacemaker is a "single-phase" in his tummy and the leads are attached to the outside of his heart. The new pacer is needed because Mikey has 3rd degree (complete) heart block.. the top and bottom (ventricle and atrium) of his heart are not beating in sync, and may even be working against each other.

Thursday 5-4 8:30am

Mikey was sick again last night (nauseated)... we just don't know what is causing this. They did an ultrasound of his stomach this morning. The pacemaker surgery will be tomorrow.. so he can't have anything to eat or drink after midnight.

Thursday 5-4 4:15pm
Kyle Petty's Charity Ride stopped at the hospital yesterday, and Mikey got to go outside and see all the cars and motorcycles and get autographs from Kyle, Richard and Adam Petty and other celebrity racers. He had a good time.. enjoyed the refreshments and enjoyed being outside.

Mikey's pacemaker surgery will happen around 11am or noon tomorrow (Friday). Those that will, please pray with us at that time. Thank you in advance, Lord.

[picture] Friday 5-5 8:30am
Mikey's voice is still scratchy and screechy, but he says, "Y'all pray for me, when I go into surgery, now!" As of this morning, Mikey is expected to be going in for his new pacemaker surgery sometime around 1-1:30pm central time today, and we'd like everyone that will, to pray during this time. Unfortunately, just as his voice was improving, the ventilator tube has to go back down Mikey's throat during this surgery, again endangering his vocal chords. The surgery will take 1-3 hours, as the surgeon implants the new dual-phase pacer and runs the leads to the inside of his heart this time. After the surgery, if Mikey is breathing alright on his own, the vent should be able to be taken back out again. The problem with Mikey's body not absorbing his medicines, will not be helped by the new pacemaker, so that is still a problem that will have to be dealt with.

Thanks for praying, and.... Thank you, Lord.

[picture] Friday 5-5 4:45pm
Mikey came out of his second pacemaker surgery alright, this afternoon. He came out with a new IV in his neck and a nasal tube that runs all the way down through his lower stomach. This pacer was placed in his upper left chest and the leads were run to the inside of his heart this time. We understand that the tube is there to carry the food to the lower stomach and avoid being "refluxed", until the reflux problem can be resolved. A gastroenterologist will be running some tests on Mikey in the next few days.

Mikey is just coming out from under the anesthesia now. We're happy to see him come through this, and have the ventilator tube come OFF.. He's even testing out his voice and it's the same as it was before this surgery.. a little weak, scratchy and squeaky, but it's there and he can communicate with us... Thank you, Lord! Mikey has vomitted several times since waking, so we are concerned about him aspirating and developing pneumonia in his lungs again, so let's pray that doesn't happen. Again.. thank you, Lord, for getting us through this far.

Saturday 5-6 1:00pm
Mikey is still nauseated, and he's depressed today. He can't keep anything down yet. He's thirsty and wants to drink and can't.. hungry and wants to eat and can't.. he's tired of being here in bed.. he wants to go home and can't. We can't live here any longer and maintain our home out of state... Our options have to be explored this week.. our family needs prayer. We DO thank God that Mikey is not "in danger" now and not on the ventilator. We have many things to be thankful for.

[picture] Saturday 5-6 5:30pm
Mikey has been able to keep a little 7-UP and juice down now, and he's eating a little Jello. His voice seems to be getting better this afternoon, too.. He says, "I'm doin' better.... and my voice is gettin' better, too!" Mom's birthday is today, so we're hoping to leave the hospital for a bit and go out for dinner. Mikey's sister and her fiance are coming to stay with Mikey, so we can go.. this will be the first time mom has left the hospital in weeks.

Sunday 5-7 1:00pm
Mikey took a little stroll this afternoon and went out into the waiting room to visit with his sister and Ed. Yep.. Mikey is up roamin' the halls of the hospital again. He's been able to eat a little now and has kept it down for over 24hrs, without incident. Thank you, Lord!

Sunday 5-7 9:30pm

Mikey had a pretty good day today and had a decent appetite, however.. nothing after midnight tonight.. more tests tomorrow. Tomorrow the gastroenterologist will be doing a "stomach contents" test. The food Mikey eats tomorrow will be "labeled" with a chemical that can be seen inside his tummy through a "gamma ray" camera. Depending upon the results of this test, Mikey may then be scheduled for an EGD, where they run a tube down into his stomach with a camera lens on it.

As of tonight, Mikey is doing well. God willing, we will see the light at the end of the tunnel, soon. Thank you, Father.

Monday 5-8 11:45am

Mikey is doing fine today. He went for his "stomach" test and ate some corn flakes with a special chemical on them that the "gamma" camera could see. We're not sure when we'll have the results. He's back on an unrestricted diet, so he's HAPPY 'bout that! Thank you, Lord.

Monday 5-8 6:30pm

No problems. Mikey has been able to eat what he wants without any problems right now. The problem seems to be getting his body to absorb the medicines that he takes, especially the heart medicine. Surely they can't keep us here too much longer.. can they? Huh?

[picture] Tuesday 5-9 11:25am
Mikey is doing fine... kicked back in his recliner, waiting for dad to get off the WebTV so he can have his turn. He is supposed to get his nasal tube out today.

Tuesday 5-9 7:40pm

Mikey got the nasal tube out this afternoon.. Now he just needs to get rid of a couple of IV drips and start taking the rest of his medicine by mouth. His oxygen saturation is good and he seems to have the energy to want to get up and go. His "stomach contents" test came back normal, and the gastroenterologist says there's no need for an EGD. We're so thankful to God that Mikey is doing well now. We're just waiting for the doctors to confirm that it is safe for him to come home... Unfortunately, they won't even give us a "guess-timate" for our creditors, employer, etc. Hmmm....

Wednesday 5-10 10:45am

Mikey slept good last night and woke up in good spirits. He had his breakfast, and he's already taken 2 walks around the cell block (PICU ward) and worked out with his personal trainer (physical therapist). He raided the snack tray for pretzels and peanut butter crackers and he's sitting in a chair and playing games now. There's "talk" of coming home Monday. Hmmm.. ya think?

Wednesday 5-10 4:20pm

Mikey is just taking a little nap in his recliner right now... and doing some pretty impressive snoring, I might add. He's been up since about 6:30 this morning. He's had a good appetite today and his energy level seemed pretty high. Before dozing off, he requested french fries, so I guess dad's gonna have to find him some fries when he wakes. Mikey seems to still be doing well. Thank you, Lord.

Thursday 5-11 11:30am

Mikey had a little "reflux incident" once yesterday, but we think it was actually caused by over-eating and choking and hopefully an isolated incident. He had a little insomnia last night and wanted to stay up and gab with his nurse! He woke with an appetite this morning and he was hungry for his "smashed eggs" again, so we got him some from the hospital's coffee shop. Mikey calls over-easy eggs "smashed eggs" because he can use his fork to smash the yolk out and sop it up with toast. His blood-work looked good this morning and he should get his IV out today, which will make him a lot more mobile.. so look out world, here he comes! Thank you, Father.

Thursday 5-11 8:45pm

Still doing well, although they didn't take his IV line out today. He got to go for a ride outside in a wagon. He's been able to eat fine again today and take his medicine by mouth without being nauseated.

Friday 5-12 12:40pm

Mikey is still eating good and has a lot of energy. He walked around the PICU several times. Again, his IV is supposed to come out today and he is supposed to be moved from the PICU into a regular room on the pediatrics ward. Today we got a new pulse oximeter and a breathing machine for Mikey to use when he returns home. We also made arrangements for in-home nursing care and a physical therapist, in anticipation of Mikey's return home. Thank you, Lord!

Friday 5-12 5:00pm

Mikey is in his own room now.. and he's almost "Cordless Mikey" now. He got the last IV out, but he IS wearing a portable battery-operated heart monitor that transmits heart data via radio waves back to the techs in PICU. He's been up and down the halls of the pediatric ward already.. playing kick ball, etc. Mikey is doing well, so far.. VERY WELL and should be in line to come home by the first of the week, I would presume. Thank you, Lord!!

Saturday 5-13 10:45am

Mikey is getting anxious to go home, and he should get his wish soon. He's still eating good and his oxygen saturation is good. He's getting lots of exercise, walking up and down the halls of the hospital. Mikeys says, "Hi, everybody! I'm gettin' better. I'm gonna go home pretty soon!" .

Sunday 5-14, Mother's Day 8:45am

It's a beautiful sunny Mother's Day Sunday in Tulsa. Mikey slept about 7 hours last night (much longer than dad). He looks great.. still eating well.. oxygen sats still good, etc. Sissy and Mister Ed are here to keep Mikey company and maybe mom and dad can leave the hospital for a bit and get some lunch " in the real world".. outside the walls of the hospital! This is a nice hospital, but... 3 months of it is a little much. I'd rather be mowing lawn and chasing Mikey around the yard. We're still hoping to leave tomorrow. We're praying and believing that Mikey's healing is complete, and that when we do come back it will just be for follow-up visits. Pray and believe with us. Thank you, Lord.

Monday 5-15 3:25pm

Home again! Mikey actually got home last night.. we've been very busy getting settled back in. Mikey's doctor gave us a little surprise Mother's Day present and said Mikey could go home Sunday night. Boy, are we glad to be home! And Mikey is doing well this time. He looks stronger and his oxygen saturation is staying at 97, 98, 99%.. very good. He has lots of support this time and nursing visits in the home every day. Those (on our end) who helped coordinate Mikey's return home said that he was being released as "fragile" and "high cardiac risk", so every precaution is being taken. Thank God he's back home and doing well. And thanks to everyone who has been praying, and continues to pray for Mikey.

Tuesday 5-16 8:30am

Mikey is doing fine. Unfortunately, he's going to the doctor to get stuck today... they need some blood work. His nurse said he looked good yesterday and she'll be back again today. Dad gives Mikey his breathing treatments and mom administers the many medicines. Mikey is to return to Tulsa next Tuesday to see his heart surgeon and again Friday to see his cardiologist. Mikey is making it fine, so far. Thank you, Father.

We were saddened to learn of the death of race car driver Adam Petty. The Petty family visited Mikey in the hospital just days ago, gave him a box of toys and signed autographs for him. Adam's mother told Mikey that she wished he would tell Adam to stop driving.. that it was dangerous and she was so worried about him.. A few days later, and Adam dies in a crash.. It's very sad. They were such nice people and so nice to Mikey. Adam was only 19 years old. Let's remember this family in prayer.

Wednesday 5-17 6:45pm

Mikey is doing great and getting out of the house some now. He went to visit big Bubba (brother Jerry) at his new house today. Mikey is stronger now than he was the last time he tried to come home, and his oxygen saturation is staying right where it should be. He's getting ready to leave for church right now. Thank you, Lord!

Thursday 5-18 8:00pm

Mikey is looking stronger every day and his voice is improving, too. Dad has been busy trying to catch up with the yard and trying to figure out how to pay all the bills, while mom is trying to catch up with the house. In another week or two, we may be able to relax.. hehe. But, the main thing is that Mikey is doing very well. We all feel very blessed to have him with us, and we enjoy every minute with him now. His endurance is building up.. he went all day without taking a nap today. God is good. Thank you, Father.

Friday 5-19 4:45pm

Mikey got a visit from cousin Ryker from Iowa today. They had a good time playing with Rodman , and then they went to the new Disney movie, "Dinosaur". Mikey had a little "spotting" from his pacemaker incision, so we started him on antibiotics to be safe. Mikey continues to do VERY well.. plenty of energy, no naps.. getting stronger and looking great. His nurse is here now, and he is still scheduled to be in Tulsa twice next week to see the surgeon AND his cardiologist.

Sunday 5-21 9:40am

Mikey was up and got ready for Sunday School early, so he still had time to see his nurse before leaving. He even had time to go out on the backyard patio for a while and enjoy the morning. Mikey is still doing well.. no problems. Thank you, Father. It's a beautiful Sunday morning, and dad had better hurry or he's gonna make everyone late for church. We're outta here!

Tuesday 5-23 6:45pm

Mikey visited his heart surgeon today, and got a good report. He has been having a little difficulty walking and he frequently walks with a limp. The doc said that Mikey may just need some physical therapy to strengthen his legs, as he was laying in the hospital bed for so long. We will start looking for a physical therapist tomorrow. Everything else looked fine, including his xrays. He will see his cardiologist Friday and return to see the surgeon again in 3 weeks. So far, so good.. we have him home with us.. Thank you, Lord.

Thursday 5-25 11:00am

Boy, has "Mikey & Family" been busy. Doctor's visits, daily nursing visits, physical therapy, breathing treatments, multiple medicine-dosing, heart rate and oxygen monitoring.. Then, there's the bills, the lawn, the... etc. But.. Mikey is doing wonderful.

Mikey does have a weak voice, as one vocal chord is still paralyzed. And he walks stiffly and with a limp, probably from the weakness of laying in the hospital for so long, but Mikey really is doing great. His energy is still increasing. He's more active, but still takes NO naps. His color is good and his oxygen saturation is rock-solid at 97-99% (that's better than mine!). We worked on the lawn yesterday, before Mikey's nurse arrived. Later, we helped Rhonda (sissy) get her car repaired, went out to eat with Ed, Rhonda and Tammy, and back to Tammy's new house afterwards. Later that evening we had "ice-cream cake" on the patio (one of Mikey's gifts from his buddies next door, Cole & Conner). Mikey is getting up around 8am and keeping busy all day till bedtime around 10-10:30pm without tiring. We're trying to take things slow with him, but he just seems to have a lot of energy and wants to keep going! Thank you, Lord!

Mikey returns to see his cardiologist tomorrow (Friday) and we'll post the results tomorrow evening. Now, dad's gotta get back to figuring out just HOW to pay all our bills.. hehe.

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