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Wednesday 3-1 9:30pm
Mikey is fighting for his life this evening. He's taken a terrible turn for the worse. The doctor was called in again and Mikey is on total life-support. He has filled with fluid. He's swollen all over. His chest, his face.. his stomache is twice it's normal size. The doctor thinks it is not pneumonia or the lungs, but it is his heart that it is the problem and his heart cannot operate and he cannot breathe on his own. He's been through too much, he's terribly weak and his life is so fragile right now. Mikey has to have a miracle now. We MUST have a miracle now. We must have a miracle. Almighty Father God, please grant us a miracle for Mikey.

Thursday 3-2 11:25am
No change. The doctor says that all we can do at this point is to let the machines support him and watch and wait. The family is all here now. We wait and we pray and we believe in God for a miracle.

Thursday 3-2 5:00pm
No change. The doctor has called for a meeting with the whole family tomorrow morning at 11:30 am.

Thursday 3-2 11:00pm
No change. Mikey needs a miracle and he needs it very soon. Many people are going to pray thru till tomorrow and especially at 11:30am tomorrow. We ask that as many people as possible pray now and in unison at 11:30 tomorrow morning.

Friday 3-3 1:30pm
Good news. We have spoken with Mikey's doctor, and while Mikey will remain on life-support for some time, he has not lost any ground and may have gained a little rest. He opens his eyes once in a while and moves his fingers and toes. The demon we're dealing with is the fluid build-up. We know specifically what to pray for, and it is that the fluid be controlled. Dr. Ranne said that Mikey could be expected to remain on life-support for another 2 to 5 days, depending on how soon the fluid can be contained. Once the fluid is off, Mikey is EXPECTED to recover.

Friday 3-3 8:00pm
Mikey has been opening his eyes and moving his fingers and toes this evening. He seemed to recognize some of us and respond to questions by squeezing our hands or trying to nod his head. These may seem to be small things, but they mean a whole lot to us. He has had a lot of visitors and a lot of prayers and support today. Hopefully I can post another picture of him tomorrow (WITH his eyes open, again)!

Saturday 3-4 noon
It seems like this morning's headlines should read "Heaven Bombarded With Prayer: Mikey Reviving Again!" In this photo taken this morning, I asked Mikey if I could take a picture to send to his friends and he tried his best to manage a smile again (through the ventilator tubes). Yesterday, thousands of prayer warriors from around the world united in prayer for Mikey. Additional e-mail accounts had to be opened to handle the onslaught of e-mail from people who are praying. E-mails have been received from foreign countries who have joined the prayer lists, prayer chains and prayer webrings that Mikey's friends have initiated. As the afternoon grew on, Mikey became alert, opened his eyes and began to move.. and began to respond to questions by pointing and nodding his head. After a good night's rest, he was awake and picking out the cartoon he wanted me to put on the TV for him to watch this morning. He's still on the ventilator and being supported by the machines, but he looks so much better and it's so wonderful to be able to communicate with him again. His big brothers have been taking turns reading to him. He's still having a big problem with fluid build-up and his oxygen saturation has dropped because of the fluid and congestion. They're working on the congestion now and have had to turn the ventilator back up a bit, but it's helping. While we're not always able to respond to everyone personally right now, know that you are SO appreciated and that all of your prayers are working this miracle that we must have for Mikey.

Saturday 3-4 10:30pm
There has been no real change in Mikey's condition tonight. The ventilator had to be turned up a little more. Measuring the swelling of his stomache, it's the exact same size as yesterday. His body is getting a lot of rest as he's still being supported by the machines. He still has periods where is awake and can respond to us... smiling, nodding and squeezing our hands.

Mikey is really fighting to recover, and with God's help, we can defeat this build-up of fluid and he WILL recover. Almighty Father God, we claim victory over this fluid and we claim healing for Mikey.

Sunday 3-5 10:45am
Here's a pic I just took of Mikey. He's watching cartoons with Sissy and holding his arm around "Russ" and trying to mug for the camera as best he can. His little bear, Russ, is a present from his little friends back home, Cole and Connor. Mikey is looking a little better this morning. He's still swollen, but he's dropped from 18.4kg to 17.6kg. His pre-op weight was 16kg. His ventilator is set on 22 and it's also delivering 40% oxygen. His pacemaker is set at 100bpm and his temp is 37.7 (this Arkie sure could use a metric converter 'bout now). Everyone that will, keep praying and believing with us, that Mikey can get this fluid off and begin a rapid recovery.

Sunday 3-5 9:45pm
Little change this evening. A little more fluid has come off. Mikey IS progressing slowly. They are slowly cutting back on his medications, so he is more alert and for longer periods. He watched part of the Lakers ballgame, the "Millionaire" show and parts of some video tapes. His ventilator is set on 20 now. We're getting there; we keep praying..

Monday 3-6 11:50am
The doctors say that Mikey is slowly making progress and they are going to start the process of weaning him from the machines again. We're praying and believing that he will be able to come off of support and stay off this time and begin his recovery.

Monday 3-6 9:05pm
Little change. Mikey has been supported by the machines almost non-stop for 2 weeks now. He is looking a little better and more alert. He's progressing, slowly, but he IS progressing.

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