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Wednesday 3-15 5:25pm
An afternoon xray shows that Mikey is building up even more fluid in his lungs and they have increased his diuretics again. This can be a very serious situation with dire consequences if not controlled. We all continue to pray for Mikey's healing and recouperation.

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Wednesday 3-15 7:10pm

Mikey has taken another terrible turn. He's back on life support. His right lung filled completely with fluid and we don't know why. He is very, very ill and he's in the fight of his life again. He's been through so much and he's so tired and so weak and fragile. He can't take anymore without a miracle. He's got to have a miracle from God.

Mikey has to have a miracle tonight. Please, everyone pray with us tonight.

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Thursday 3-16 11:15am
The machines are supporting Mikey again now and hopefully giving his body needed rest. There was no change through the night or this morning. We know that the fluid build-up is pneumonia, now. The doctor has shown us the xrays, where the lung is completely "whited-out". He says that Mikey has a "serious pneumonia that involves the entire lung". We can hear the rumble in Mikey's chest from where we sit, several feet away.

Mikey needs a miracle healing today.

Thursday 3-16 6:00pm
No change. Mikey is still very ill. They are running a test to try and determine the amount of internal bleeding and possibly the source of the bleeding. Another test is planned for tomorrow morning.. a bronchoscopy to go down the bronchial tube and see inside the lung to see exactlty where the fluid is, from the inside. Mikey is so swollen with fluid again, that it makes it difficult for the internal organs to function. We're about at the same point we were at last night.. We haven't gained any ground and we haven't lost any ground. Please.. those that can and will, don't give up now.. If you keep praying and believing with us, WE will make the difference.

Thursday 3-16 10:40pm
Mikey is stable. He hasn't brought up any more blood this evening. He's still filled with fluid. The "chest rattle" is so loud now, that you can hear it across the room with each breath. His sister is going to spend some time at his bedside tonight and let mom and dad get a little rest. This is a battle, and he has to have his miracle.. we can't give up.. this is a battle we MUST win.

Friday 3-17 11:30am
Little change. Powerful new antibiotics are being tried. This pneumonia and fluid are like a demon, trying to claim our child. Xrays show his lungs still filled with fluid and his stomach is swollen and hard with fluid and pressure and he's running a fever now. Almighty Father God, increase the effectiveness of these antibiotics and defeat this pneumonia and let Mikey claim his healing.

Friday 3-17 7:30pm
Mikey's latest chest xrays show that his lungs are still full, but they didn't look any worse. He is also no longer running a fever. It may be little progress, but it is progress. We wait and we pray and we continue to believe God for Mikey's healing.

Saturday 3-18 9:25am
Mikey is showing some improvement. They came in the room a little after 5 this morning and did another chest xray, although I haven't seen it yet. He slept mostly all night. His doctor spoke with me early this morning and told me they believe that the rapid build-up of fluid that caused the pneumonia and put him back on the ventilator was caused by "aspiration"... the stomach contents entered the lungs. If I understood right, they won't give him any more "feeds" until he comes off the ventilator again, to prevent this from happening a second time.

Saturday 3-18 6:00pm
Mikey was only awake for a short time today. He's very weak, and after sleeping all night, he also slept for almost the entire day. He's still very swollen and the xrays confirm that his lungs are still filled with fluid. The "bronchoscopy" hasn't been done yet, but if he has not improved any by tomorrow, they say they will do it then. One word to describe Mikey this evening: Weak. Very weak. Waiting and praying.

Sunday 3-19 11:50am
Mikey waves "Hi Y'all" with both hands. The swelling has went down a little and his stomach isn't as hard. His morning xrays still show the fluid, but it's not as solid and it looks like it's breaking up. His doctor believes he may have "turned the corner" and headed in the right direction again, as far as getting the fluid off. If so, the process of weaning Mikey from the machines can begin again. Mikey looks good this morning, as you can see in this picture I just took. We're claiming this as a victory and expecting continued improvement.

Sunday 3-19 7:30pm
Mikey has had a GOOD day. He's still very weak, but he was awake most of the day and unless I miss my guess, his lungs are getting a little clearer.. his next xray will tell for sure. The weaning process is beginning again and the ventilator is gradually being turned down. Thank you, Lord!

Monday 3-20 7:15am
Mikey had a good night and he's awake now. His early morning xray still shows the lung "whited out" with fluid, but not really worse than yesterday, so he hasn't lost any ground.. they just won't be able to continue weaning today, not at least until he starts improving again. So.. he's holding steady. Hope to have good news by this evening's update. We continue praying.

Monday 3-20 5:30pm
I think Mikey is still holding his own.. His blood gasses were actually good enough to turn down the ventilator another notch at 5 this afternoon.

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