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Tuesday 3-21 7:10am
"Weaning" from the ventilator resumed through the night. Mikey's blood gasses continue to look good and MIKEY looks good! He's been awake since 4am and watching cartoons since 5am. His morning chest xray looked good, too. We're praying and believing and expecting good news soon.. maybe yet today!

[picture] Tuesday 3-21 11:10am

Although he's still on the ventilator, Mikey got to sit up in a special chair for a while today. He sat up and watched TV with dad and big Bubba.

He's still doing well and if he continues to improve, he'll be in line to come off of the vent soon.

Tuesday 3-21 7:10pm
Mikey is still doing fine. He's sitting up in his "special chair" and watching the "Rugrats" on TV with me right now... next comes "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire".. one of his favorites.

Wednesday 3-22 9:00am
This morning, we're still showing slow improvement. Mikey's fluid is still decreasing.. his lungs are clearing. Although the ventilator is turned down very low, they are still decreasing the pressure very slowly to make sure that when he comes off support this time, that he'll be able to stay off and function on his own. So far, he is doing great on the lower settings.

[picture] Wednesday 3-22 5:35pm

Mikey sat up all day in his special chair. He used the WebTV to play games, color pictures and "connect-the-dots". He had a visit from physical therapy and did some exercises to help him build his strength back up. Thank God, he is still slowly improving every day.

Thursday 3-23 8:20am
Mikey slept through the night. I saw his early morning xrays and they really look good. His lungs have really cleared a lot. He's just on minimal support, but his oxygen saturation has been staying at, or near, 100%. His blood gasses look better than ever and his weight is right where it was before the surgery. His temperature is normal and there's no sign of infection. He looks great.. he's just very ANXIOUS! Anxious to get the tubes out.. anxious to get out of bed.. anxious to talk.. anxious to EAT and DRINK! When he comes off the vent this time, he may be on "IV only" (to prevent aspiration) for up to a week before he'll be allowed to eat and drink.. He ain't gonna like that! But, it'll be worth it in the long run to be sure and get him well and get him back home. Thank God.. although it's slow, he IS recuperating.

Thursday 3-23 7:30pm

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Mikey's doing so well, there's talk of removing him from the ventilator tomorrow. After the first surgeries last month, Mikey suffered CHB.. a medical acronym for "complete heart block". The central nerve was dead, requiring a pacemaker to be implanted. Well, the pacemaker has been pacing Mikey's heart for three and half weeks now.. It's set on 90 bpm, but his heart started beating faster than that and it's been beating at 100 to 120 bpm all day. The pacemaker has automatically shut off, because Mikey's heart has started beating on it's own. How 'bout that! This is good.. Thank you, Lord.

[picture] Friday 3-24 9:45am
Mikey had a little stomach upset last night, but he's doing just great this morning. He's more active and sitting up in his chair and playing with Sissy right now. His heart is still beating on it's own and the plan is to remove him from the respirator today.

Friday 3-24 6:30pm

Mikey came OFF the ventilator at 4pm today! The first thing he did when they popped the tube out of his throat was whisper to the nurse "I love you!".. he didn't waste a second. Then he told mom and dad that he loved us and kissed us both and then he kissed a nurse or two. Shortly afterward, he got to go for a ride in a wagon.. all around the hospital, outside for a while, and then through the pediatrics ward before returning to his room. As of 6:30pm, he's only receiving 1 liter per minute of supplemental oxygen via nasal cannula and his saturation is consistently near 100% and his blood gasses are better than ever. Thank you, Lord.

Saturday 3-25 6:45am

Mikey is still doing well off the vent. He should be very tired from a second night without sleep.. Last night's culprit was a beeping machine that kept him awake. He was asking for Sissy a little after 5am, so I had someone wake her in the waiting room... he wanted to blow bubbles with Sissy before dawn, so-o-o... THAT'S what we did! Thank you, Lord.

Saturday 3-25 9:00pm

Mikey likes to help the respiratory therapists when they give him his breathing treatments. After having a lot of company today, Mikey finally gave in to sleep, and slept for nearly 5 hours this afternoon and early evening. They removed his nasal cannula early this morning and he has been breathing on his own all day. His oxygen count is as good as mine now. Mikey is doing great.. Thank you, Lord!

Sunday 3-26 9:00am

Mikey is up watching cartoons and squirting water from a homemade squirt gun that one of his nurses fashioned out of a syringe. He still can't eat or drink and doesn't have any voice. He can only speak in whispers. He still has some fluid in his lungs, but it isn't getting any worse, and hopefully, that will soon be under control, too. He weighs only 14.9kg now. We're praying for Mikey's voice to return and his recuperation to continue. Thank you, Father.

Sunday 3-26 Noon

Mikey got to go on another wagon ride, just before noon. He's been up all day, coloring, painting pictures, watching TV and playing games. He's doing fine, although he gets upset about not being able to have anything to eat or drink. He asks every staff member he sees if he can have some water or grapejuice.. I guess he thinks he just hasn't asked the right person yet, but only the doctor can say yes.

Sunday 3-26 8:15pm

Mikey was given permission to have a small amount of liquids. Given his choice of juice, pop, or popsicle, he opted for the popsicle. I told him "that would have been my choice, too", so he asked the nurse if she had two popsicles.. "one for me and one for my dad", so I had one with him. He's doing pretty well this evening, but he still has a lot of congestion in his lungs. Fluid can build up really fast, which would put Mikey right back on the ventilator, so he is still very much in need of prayer. Mikey has been off of the respirator for 52 hours this time... The longest he has been able to remain off so far, has been 55 hours. Let's all pray and believe that Mikey will get rid of this fluid for good and never have to go back on the vent again.. so he can finally come home with us where he belongs. Thank you Lord, for what you have done for Mikey already, and for Mikey's continued healing.

Monday 3-27 7:00am

Praise God! 63 hours off the ventilator and no problems. The sun is up and he's still snorin' like a little buzz saw. If he can keep the fluid off and keep improving, he'll be moving from the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) out to the children's ward before long. Thank you, Lord.

Monday 3-27 6:00pm

It's a lot easier for Mikey to smile now, without all that "hardware" in his nose and throat. And he has a lot more to smile about, too. He's still steadily improving. His chest sounds better and he's more active. Mikey says, "Hello everybody.. I love you.. guys!". Turn up the volume, listen closely and click here for audio. His voice is just a whisper, but he's been gabbin' all day... now THAT'S the Mikey we know!

[picture] Tuesday 3-28 9:45am

4 days off the ventilator and doing great. Mikey had a good night. His xrays look good now and he's getting stronger. He used WebTV for a while this morning and then got a little physical therapy.. actually trying to stand and take a few steps, now. Thank you, Lord.

Tuesday 3-28 9:30pm

Mikey is still quite weak from being in bed for over 5 weeks, but he's slowly regaining his strength. We can see an increase in Mikey's activity level every day. The physical therapists will be working with him twice a day now. He should be leaving the ICU and going to a regular room in the children's ward soon. Thank you, Lord.

[picture] Wednesday 3-29 10:30am

Mikey is getting a little steadier on his feet and taking a few more steps now. His lungs are sounding better and he hasn't had to be suctioned out for several days now. This is his fifth day off the ventilator, and he's doing fine on his own, without any support.. not even supplemental oxygen. His heart is pacing itself pretty well this morning.. I guess Mikey's trying to save on the batteries in his pacemaker!

Wednesday 3-29 1:30pm

The "pediatric intensivist" doctors were around and were pleased with Mikey's progress. Word is.. Mikey MAY get out of PICU as early as TOMORROW and get into a regular room in the children's ward... WHICH puts him very close to coming home.

Wednesday 3-29 8:15pm

The lack of "volume" has not prevented Mikey from gabbing today. He's had a lot to say and he'll entertain anyone he can get an audience with. Many trips have been made to the little chapel here in the hospital to pray for Mikey's healing.. tonight's trip will be for praise and thanks for answered prayers for Mikey's sustained healing. Thank you, Lord.

[picture] Thursday 3-30 10:00am

Mikey is still progressing. His xrays looked good this morning and his lungs sound pretty clear now. He's still getting liquids only, but he enjoys the juice and the popsicles and hasn't complained about not getting any food yet. This may be the day that he moves out of PICU and into a room, but if so, it will be late in the day. Thanks for your continued prayers, and .. thank you, Lord.

[picture] Thursday 3-30 2:30pm

Mikey is walking a little more everyday. This time he walked down the hall and back to his room. They're going to start giving him a little food now, too. He ate a little ice cream this afternoon.

[picture] Thursday 3-30 7:30pm

One of Mikey's nurses caught him in his little tub with a Polaroid.. how embarassing! Mikey has been ordering food AND eating. Besides the ice cream and cookie this afternoon, he's now also had pizza, a grilled cheese sandwich, potato chips, french fries and MORE cookies. And he's talking about more popsicles. He's definitely getting his appetite back. 6 days off the ventilator and no problems. Thank you, Lord.

[picture] Friday 3-31 9:30am

Mikey is feeling fat and happy after polishing off a good breakfast.. (this after having popsicles for "pre-breakfast"). He's headed out for a wagon ride right now, and the word just came down... Mikey IS going to leave ICU for a regular room in the pediatric ward very soon!

[picture] Friday 3-31 8:25pm

Mikey got a visit from "Mama Bear" this afternoon. Now we KNOW that he's getting back to normal.. After passing gas (quite loudly), Mikey says, "That doggone pacemaker!". Hmmmm... didn't know pacemakers could make any noise. That's Mikey! We're pretty confident that Mikey will be going home soon. He's eating VERY well and he's not just riding around the hospital in the wagon now.. he's actually walking pretty well. He doesn't sit still for long. We can tell that he's getting very anxious... We are, too. Thank you, Lord.

[picture] Saturday 4-1 9:15am

Mikey is just finishing a good breakfast in bed this morning. He wants to go for a walk down the hall afterwards, so that's what we're gonna do. He's hoping to get out of these hospital duds and get into some "regular" clothes later today. Mikey is doing great. Thank you, Lord.

[picture] Saturday 4-1 5:15pm

Mikey is making unsupported excursions down the hallways of the pediatric ward.. There's no stopping him now! He's out of PICU and has his own private room on the children's ward. Big Bubba is here playing games with him now and Sissy is on her way to see him. He's going to be observed here for a few days, and then Lord willing, he's on his way home! Thank you, Father.

[picture] Sunday 4-2 10:00am

Mikey is enjoying his freedom out on the kid's ward. He gets to walk around as much as he wants now. He's been keeping busy playing with Sissy, Bubba, and soon-to-be-brother-in-law Eddie. Mikey is good. Life is good. God is good.

[picture] Sunday 4-2 6:00pm

Mikey is packing his bags. This may be our last update from Tulsa. Mikey may be going home tomorrow! It doesn't seem possible, he was so ill just days ago. Mikey doesn't have his voice back, and they say it may not return for months, but he can communicate in a raspy whisper and we're still praying for his vocal chords to return to normal soon.

Monday 4-3 10:00am

We're still at the hospital. We'll be in "school" today.. learning how to administer Mikey's medicines.. how to check and maintain his pacemaker.. etc. etc... Then we'll be leaving for Arkansas, late this afternoon. We will try to do a quick update once daily for a while when we return home and get settled.

[picture] Monday 4-3 11:00pm

Mikey got home at about dusk this evening. Greeting him was a "Welcome Home Mikey!" banner on the front lawn with balloons and presents from Mikey's friends and neighbors next door.. He thought that was pretty cool. They had also mowed our lawn.. DAD thought THAT was pretty cool! We left Tulsa kinda late.. with NINE bottles of medicines for Mikey.. whew! In our mailbox was the first (of many) medical bills to arrive. It was in SIX figures.. ARGH!!!! Maybe y'all should start praying for Mikey's parents now?

Well, Mikey returned home without his voice. His vocal chord is apparently paralyzed, but we're SO very happy to have him home with us.. voice, or not. We're told that IF his voice returns, it would be months, or... longer. But we believe in miracles, and NOW we will begin to ask God to heal Mikey's vocal chord. Thank you, Lord.

Tuesday 4-4 10:50pm

Mikey has spent his first full day back home now. We ALL got to sleep in a "real" bed for the first time in over 6 weeks. Mikey is still pretty weak, but he was so happy to be back home that he refused to rest and I think he really wore himself out today. He was a tired little dude at bedtime tonight.

Wednesday 4-5 10:45am

Mikey slept soundly and got up late. He's up now, playing with his pet.. a Giant Tanzanian Millipede and "Sneezin' Louie".. one of the toys he got in the hospital. With the temperature expected to be 85 in Ft. Smith today, he can get outside some and maybe we'll barbecue for dinner. Praying for complete healing for Mikey's paralyzed vocal chord. Thank you, Father.

Friday 4-7 7:30am

Mikey is still very weak, but his recovery is continuing. He can have company for a few hours at a time, but he wears out easily and he's taking long naps in the afternoon. His oxygen saturation drops sometimes, but coughing and breathing exercises brings it back up, so he obviously still has some congestion and we're watching him closely for fluid build-up. There is no sign of his voice returning yet, but we're still praying and believing that God will work this next miracle and heal Mikey's paralyzed vocal chord. Mikey will return to Tulsa Tuesday to see his doctor. It's wonderful having him home with us. Thank you, Lord!

Sunday 4-9 8:30am

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday morning and Mikey is getting ready for church.. his first Sunday home, since leaving the hospital. His oxygen saturation is still a little lower than we'd like it to be, but he seems to be getting stronger. He had a lot of company yesterday, but he'd taken a good nap in the afternoon and he was "up" for it. We're still praying and believing God for Mikey's voice to return.

Monday 4-10 9:20pm

In church yesterday, Mikey's sunday school teacher asked if anyone would like to stand up and sing for the class. Who volunteered? The little guy without a voice, of course.. and he DID sing.. it was just a whisper.. the class may not have heard him, but he sang the whole song anyway and we know God heard him.

Mikey's stomach is upset this evening and he hasn't been able to keep anything down, but he's in good spirits anyhow and he goes to see his doctor tomorrow.

Tuesday 4-11 9:30pm

Mikey needs your prayers. He is back in the hospital in Tulsa. He was having stomach problems. He couldn't keep any food down and his oxygen count was dropping. He became dehydrated and vomitted blood during his doctor visit this morning. He's real tired, and it's very upsetting for him to understand why he has to be back in the hospital again. We really don't know what's happening yet ourselves and it IS frightening. We're all tired and this is very frustrating for us, but we can not, will not give up. We pray and believe God to see Mikey through again.

Wednesday 4-12 7:30am

Back on support in intensive care. Mikey had respiratory distress early this morning and he was placed back on the ventilator in intensive care right now. PLEASE PRAY NOW.

We are not "online" at the hospital right now, but we'll try to make updates available once a day, if possible. Thanks for understanding that it is not possible for us to answer e-mail right now.

Wednesday 4-12 5:15pm

Mikey is in intensive care being supported by the machines again. His heart tried to fail early this morning. This afternoon, they believe he has "aspirated" again and he is trying to develop pneumonia. This is very difficult for all of us. Please continue to pray and believe.

Thursday 4-13 7:00am

Mikey's condition has not changed a lot, during the night. He does have a fever this morning, but.. to my untrained eye, he doesn't look like he's built up much more fluid. He has still showed no response since being put back on the ventilator. His eyes are closed and he doesn't move or respond to our voices. He is not trying to breath on his own and his heart is not trying to beat on it's own.

This is all so hard to understand and so hard to cope with. We CAN thank God that this happened while we were in Tulsa... If this had happened in Ft. Smith, we'd be finalizing funeral plans today, instead of calling for prayer. Please pray and believe God for Mikey to begin to respond and recover.

[picture] Thursday 4-13 1:00pm

Mikey is still unable to respond right now, but we understand that may be because of the powerful drugs he is receiving. His color is better and his pulse is strong now. The doctors are planning to do a heart catheterization Tuesday, to see if they can determine what caused his heart to fail and if anything can be done to prevent this from happening again. Doctors, nurses... we ALL really are thanking God that this happened here, and not at home. Thank you, Father.

Thursday 4-13 9:35pm

No real change. Mikey is still being supported completely by the ventilator. I keep looking for signs of any response from Mikey.. I thought he tried to nod once, when I told him I loved him. ANY response from Mikey, would mean a lot to us right now. This is so very hard. Please don't give up on us now, at this critical time.. keep praying and believing with us.. Almighty Father God.. touch Mikey this evening. Thank you, Father.

Friday 4-14 6:40am

Mikey has begun to stir some. He's still not taking any breaths and his heart isn't beating any on it's own. His eyes are still closed, but he stirred some during the night. His "numbers" still look good. Weary.. Looking for better news. Know that God is still on the throne.

Friday 4-14 2:45pm

At 1:45pm (central time) Mikey responded to my voice by nodding his head. He tried to open his eyes.. He got his eyes open just wide enough to see me and closed them again. He nodded several times in response to me talking to him and then he went back to sleep. Mikey has always been physically weak, due to his heart defect, but his spirit is very, very strong. What he has survived thus far, is astounding. Those who have stuck with us on this roller-coaster ride, and continued to pray, may soon witness, and be a part of, the greatest miracle yet. Praise be to our Almighty Father God.

Friday 4-14 10:15pm

Mikey responded yet a little more this evening... opening his eyes a little and stirring about.. nodding his head. The respirations on the ventilator have been turned down to 18, but he is still not taking any breaths on his own, and his heart is not pacing itself any. As of this evening, his blood gasses look good enough for the vent to be turned down even further tomorrow. Expecting a miracle.. Thank you, Father.

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