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The Characters

Tristan Blackwood, Half-Elven Ranger

Adriel Anthrean, Sylvan Figher/Magic-User

Querlas the Elder, Magic-User

Dorum KraKassad, Mountain Dwarf Cleric

Hadrian York, Antiques Dealer

CHOG (shouted), Half-Orc Fighter

Garl the Handsome, Suel Barbarian

Sir Imrazor, Cavalier

Torril, Sir Imrazor's Squire

Stats and technical stuff we'll keep secret, but elements of your background and history are yours to disclose if you wish. Communication between other players is entirely up to you, but cc everything to me so I can keep track of what's going on. We're not all sitting around the same table in Scott's dining room anymore (anyone remember the Tablecloth of Yore?), so do your best to keep in touch with everyone.

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