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Hadrian York

Hadrian York is a man who carries himself gently but confidently. His clothes are modest, and his manner polite. He is fond of blues, browns, and black, and often wears a waist-length, collarless jacket over a loose shirt. The jacket has light silver threadwork, somewhat like a spider's web, on the cuffs and around the neck. His light brown hair is kept short, and his appearance is clean and neat. His face is more round than angular, and his nose, slightly longer than average, sits in good proportion under his calm brown eyes. Although there are no other visible distinguishing marks, a handshake from Hadrian will reveal to a careful observer a series of small scars scattered over his hands. He enjoys the company of others, often seeking out social interaction in bars, pubs, and society clubs. His attempts at wit often meet with success, but he tends to discuss abstract topics, and is reluctant to share anything personal about himself.

Hadrian is the master of The Penniless Prospector, a Company in the Foreign Quarter of Greyhawke.

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