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Welcome to the Graveyard

So far, no one is dead yet!

Those of you who've played with me before know I tend to like player's characters, particularly the cool ones. Death is rare in my games, but Greyhawke is a dangerous world ... Even should your character be killed, though, all is not lost! There are powerfull magiks which can be called on to return some to life ... though the price to pay is often high.

If a character is killed dead and NOT brought back through magical means, though, that does not mean you are now kicked out of our game. Players may create a second character starting with HALF of the previous character's experience points. New characters may be of ANY race, class, or alignment -- connections to the previous character (avenging brother, good friend, whatever) are certainly acceptable, but not required. Together with me, we'll hash out a new background, get new equiptment, and somehow plausibly fit them into the current storyline. It could be something as simple as, "the party meets so-and-so one evening in The Adventurer's Inn (BEST damn tavern in the whole damn world!!)," or as complicated as you'd like to make up.

If a player has role-played their character particularly well, I may be inclined to be a bit more generous regarding new starting exp's and magic items. Think of it as Good Karma. This is gonna be a tough call, though, because EVERYONE is playing their characters so well ...

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