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Dorum KraKrassad

Dorum is a taller and stockier than your average dwarf. Causing one to believe that he may belong to one of those other more obscure branches of Dwarves that are rarely seen and even more rarely found in populous areas. He dresses in the plan cloths of your average towns-person but he has about his person the unmistakable ornaments of a foreign religion. The strange braids and amulets are unfamiliar to almost anyone who doesn't have extensive knowledge of dwarven culture but he wears them in a way that bespeaks of confidence and firm belief. His salt-and-pepper beard is trimmed short, for a dwarf, which indicates that he is a dwarf of action instead of leisure and contemplation and his hoary hands and the ever-present great hammer at his belt plainly show him to be a dwarf used to hard work or battle (or both).

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