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Querlas the Elder

Querlas (KER-lahs) is a handsome older gentleman. His hair is dark brown and trimmed short, with grey streaks at the temples. He wears his facial hair as a goatee, which is also peppered with grey. His eyes are the darkest black, and speak of a razor wit, and wisdom gained through experience. His face, though lined and weathered with age, is still quite comely. His jaw is square, and his mouth wide. His nose is a little on the large side, and his ears lie flat against his head.

Querlas may once have been physically fit, but years of a sedentary lifestyle have turned much of his muscle to fat. His pot-belly belies his affection for fine foods and alcoholic beverages. His fingertips are permanently stained black with soot from his alchemy lab.

He almost always wears black or blue clothing. His favorite outfit is a pair of black breeches, rugged black boots, a pale blue tunic, and a dark blue cloak. He often wears a heavy, brown falconry gauntlet on his left arm. In his right hand, he carries an iron-shod oak staff. On close inspection, the staff is carved and branded with arcane symbols all along its length.

Character Traits

Querlas cares little for laws and authority, so long as they do not deny freedom to the common man. He will not deal with anyone he knows to be evil.

He has read much on the concept of chivalry, and will try to live up to those ideals, although not to the point where he will sacrifice himself for them. He is almost always polite, and expects others to be so, also. He fancies himself to be a minor noble, though his blood is strictly plebeian. His false nobility often leads to incidents where Querlas puts on a haughty air, especially when his superior intelligence comes into question. He will still be polite, but will veil insults behind his civility.

Querlas LOVES women, and is a sucker for a pretty face. He flirts with nearly all members of the opposite sex.

He is in the process of becoming an alcoholic. He will rarely, if ever, refuse a drink, although he Still understands when the alcohol is beginning to impair his senses. He also thoroughly enjoys fine food and drink. When possible, he will eat and drink fare of the best quality.

Querlas is prone to exclaim oaths and various blasphemies when he gets excited. While he is not a religious man, he is vaguely aware that this may get him into trouble some day.

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