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2/5/03 Well this is my home page. This site is for two things;Cowboy Bebop and ART.Im kinda just a beginner at this web building thing as i'm just learning from my aunt that is sharing stuff with me as she learns in college, but I'm a verry fast learner so expect to get a few versions of this site with in a year or so period of time. Ill probably even have my own .com web site by the end of the year, but enough wishfull thinking for know lol.For those of you that are anime/manga junkies,like me, this will have a crap load of it in here. Such as Cowboy Bebop,Trigun,Yu-Yu hakusho,Inuasha,lupon the Third,lain,beterman,Gundam,dirty pair,love hina, outlaw star,tenchi,etc.. and even though I dont really care for it ill still have Dragon ball,dbz and dbgt because I know ill get allot of requests for it. Plus ill be sticking some game picks in there for you little gamers you.

6/10/03 Hey, if youve got a site or know of a really good site thats not already in my links section then e-mail me and give me the address. Thanks, Nevin

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