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Remembering Pilgrim and Celebrating Summer

March 12th 2012 was 5 years since Pilgrim died.

Here he is on his 10th birthday, 3 days before he died.

From him we learned to remember the dogs that had gone but to celebrate with adventures the dog that was here. We took a break from the Rescue Gallery and Berner Beach Weekend and took Summer on an adventure. Pilgrim was the inspiration for the Rescue Gallery. He attended only once. He went with us to 5 specialties (a record for our dogs so far) and to 3 Berner Beach Weekends.

We remembered him on an adventure with Summer - 1 hr+ in the woods. She loves to run.
You just have to trust me that she was the only Berner with us that day.

This is her other favorite woods activity. She can be off lead and sniff, race, explore as we walk along.

In this case, she and John went on a different path than I did. Can you see her? She would not move forward and was really struggling whether to come cross-country to me. When I started in the right direction, she zoomed to John and then around the corner to me.

Some wildflowers we saw.

Last weekend we changed time zones, today we changed to shorts.
In this part of the world, once you switch you can't go back to longs.

A happy girl at the end of the walk - leashed to go back to the van

And then home to do the other thing she loves doing with her Daddy

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In Loving Memory of Nell and John's


(Casmor's Storm Chaser v VonEngel)
April 24th 2001 to
July 6th 2011
B-G Dog ID =37733
(Memories I Can Only Imagine)
August 5th 2002 to
October 26th 2009
B-G Dog ID =23893

(Bull Valley's Modern Legend)
March 9th 1997 to
March 12th 2007
B-G Dog ID =14951

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