Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Bull Valley's Modern Legend

March 9th 1997 to March 12th 2007

Owned, loved and so very sadly missed by Nell and John Ward

Pilgrim died last night - just 3 days after his 10th birthday.

On Friday, we drove 4 hours to have his pictures made. On Saturday we went on more fun for dogs adventures - short trips to the beach, to the maritime forest, to a a picnic area/dock. On Sunday we went to the celebration of the anniversary of the Civil War Battle of New Bern. Pilgrim liked the attention and his deafness was an advantage during the musket and cannon shooting. Sunday evening we visited our friend Nancy and her dog, Grace. We noticed Pilly drooling. He ate his supper fine.

Sunday night he was out many times and basically spent the night outside. He was alert but not interested in eating on Monday. In the afternoon, he passed a sock and later red liquid. We have years of experience with this dog and usually he is better after the sock passes, but this time he got progressively worse. We gathered our stuff and went to the ER in Cary, about 2 hours away. He may have been breathing when he got to the parking lot but wasn't when they rushed out to him. It was about 10:45.

We will have necropsy results in 5 days and they will mail the ashes later. I imagine the autopsy will show that there was another sock, the first one caused damage in an old dog, or perhaps something totally unexpected. John, I, and CJ visited with his empty body for a while. They took a paw print.

Already the changes. John put away Sunny's styrofoam steps that Pilgrim has increasingly needed and realized he was saying good-bye to Pilgrim's chapter in our lives. We can now pick up all the extra mats all over the house.

So many things we remember. Until a few weeks ago, every time the peanut butter jar opened he was there. The shuffling, skittering sound he made when he walked. The "tickets" in the van and all over the house to reward or bribe him for doing what we wanted. We are used to walking around him and to having him come visit.

So many people commented on the tribute I wrote for his birthday. Who would have guessed that it was an eulogy. I had not even finished sending out the birthday story.

Pilgrim 3/9/97 - 3/12/07

So empty here today. We get so many reminders.

"Pilgrim came to us November 98 as a biter named Tiger. We immediately gave him a new name - Pilgrim or later Pilly Graham. Many friends helped us modify his behavior. On his 2nd birthday, we told him we were no longer fostering him but that he was home. He has been such a wonderful addition to our family.

Today we celebrated his 10th birthday. He has come a long way and is now a wise old man. He is our first to reach 10. We have learned so much from him. He learned from Sunny and now he is sharing with CJ.

He is grey and declining. Adequan and thyroid are helping him. His hearing has gotten selective and his walks are shorter, but his still has a zest for adventure "

These beautiful photos were taken on Pilgrim's 10th birthday by
Carolyn Fite of Pet Portrait Express, Yorktown VA


Pilgrim's 10th Birthday!
"It's my birthday today, can you tell? I'm 10 yrs young!"

Pilgrim 2
"I am having so much fun, bring on the treats!"

Pilgrim Hat
"Here I am wearing my Pilgrim Hat!:-))"

Pilgrim and CJ
Pilgrim and CJ

Pilgrim and Nell
"My Mom loves me!"

The whole family
The whole family!

For more pics of Pilgrim, CJ, John and Nell on the Friends Gallery
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In Loving Memory of

(Memories I Can Only Imagine)
August 5th 2002 to
October 26th 2009
B-G Dog ID =23893


(Casmor's Storm Chaser v VonEngel)
April 24th 2001 to
July 6th 2011
B-G Dog ID =37733

Life goes on!

Nell and John's current girl, Summer, on the Friends Gallery

Born July 10th 2009

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