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The Winner of the Harry Brat Shining Knight Award 2012

*The Harry Brat Shining Knight Award*

In Loving Memory of Harry Brat

This award was presented for the first time at the BMDCV Speciality in 2010.

Bosley the winner of the 2012 Shining Knight Award

Wendy and Bosley



Bosley was my first Bernese. My big, beautiful, bomb proof dog. What a wonderful welcome to the breed he has been. He is a fantastic pet and a big part of our family. I haven’t come across anything, be it human or animal that has not loved and got along with Bosley.

We’ve done plenty together and loved every second of it. We are members of Berwick Obedience Dog Club, K9IQ Dog Obedience, and of course the BMDCV. Bosley has his CCD and CD Obedience Titles. While we are training and working Bosley is totally focused on me. His desire to please me and be with me is amazing.

Bosley is a Certified Therapy Dog for Dogs Victoria and has worked for the Department of Primary Industries as part of their “Responsible Pet Programme” team. This involves going into Primary Schools and being part of a talk/presentation to children teaching them how to meet and greet dogs properly. Boz loved this job and with his gentle and loving nature he was a natural, even when he had up to 100 children at a presentation and approximately 60 of them patting him.

Bosley and I have also volunteered on numerous occasions to attend Special Needs Schools to give these wonderful children a simple talk on Dog Safety and how to meet and greet a dog in the safest manner. This sort of school environment takes a special dog as some of the behaviours are well out of the ordinary and can be quite unexpected. We also volunteered and did two sessions at a Kinder in Mordialloc to give the dog safety/meet and greet presentation.

Bosley has attended many expo’s on the BMDCV stand showing the general public what great temperament the Bernese have. Lapping up all the attention and pats that come from the hundreds that pass through the day.

Bosley has my heart. He is my best friend, I’ll never have another like him.

Wendy Valencic

PS Sheridan and I nominated Bosley for the Shining Knight Award. He is a great dog! I asked Wendy to list his achievements so that I didn’t miss anything. I left what she wrote as is. Her writing shows the love Wendy has for Bosley. Bos is Wendy’s heart dog. Lynney

The Harry Brat Shining Knight Award was presented at the BMDCV Speciality in 2010 for the first time.

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Bosley, winner of the 2012 Award

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*The Harry Brat Shining Knight Award*

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