The Winner of the Harry Brat Shining Knight Award 2011

*The Harry Brat Shining Knight Award*

In Loving Memory of Harry Brat

This award was presented for the first time at the BMDCV Speciality in 2010.

Murphy the winner of the 2011 Shining Knight Award

My name is Murphy. I am a really big laid back Bernese, with one blue eye. I have been minding my Mum, Vicki for nearly 2 years now since she was diagnosed with Leukaemia. The doctors were having trouble finding out what was wrong.However I knew something wasn't right because, I kept pawingMum to wake up, if she fell asleep on the couch. Now I wait for Mum to lie on the couch and give her hugs and kissesthen wait till she goes to sleep and then I go and sleep on my mat which is much more comfortable if one is going to become comatose for our afternoon nap.

Everyone else in the house goes off to work or to do stuff, while I stay home and look after Mum. She spent 3 months in hospital at St Vincents. Lucky for Mum, John Hayman took my sister Bailey to visit Mum otherwise she would have gone crazy, all those people and no dogs in sight. Then later on 6 weeks in Royal Melbourne Hospital. She wasn't allowed out of the house for about 6 months for risk of infection from people. So we have been able to have quite a bonding session, since she's been home. If Mum goes anywhere near a pet shop she brings me home toys, treats or a new bed. Mum got me a squeaky kebab toy, so I use it to run around the backyard and squeak it until I wake up the two dishmops (oops, I mean little white ankle biters next door) then I go and sit down and listen to them go nuts. On other days, I sit waiting for them at the fence then when they come over and start barking I walk away. It's very entertaining but them I'm not doing much.

The other kids in the house call me the spoilt one. Mum always says take a number but the dog is first.Because of the excessive chemo from the Bone Marrow Transplant, Mum has become osteoporotic and has fallen over three times, 2 broken ankles and a broken elbow. She still comes on my walksaccompanied by another family member but now she walks behind me in case she falls over. Something about using me to break her next fall. Not sure about that one!

Here is my 3rd birthday photo.

Murphy O'Connor
Enjoying a charmed life at the O'Connor household!!

Vicki explaining the Shining Knight award to Murphy

With much sadness

Vicki O'Connor shown on this webpage telling Murphy about his award passed, away in late June 2012. She had leukaemia. She will be sorely missed by her family Mick, Sam, Kelly, Ben and of course Murphy.

The Harry Brat Shining Knight Award was presented at the BMDCV Speciality in 2010 for the first time.

Heidi, winner of the 2010 Award

Murphy, winner of the 2011 Award

Bosley, winner of the 2012 Award

Kai, winner of the 2013 Award

Archie, winner of the 2014 Award

Humphrey, winner of the 2015 Award

*The Harry Brat Shining Knight Award*

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