The Winner of the Harry Brat Shining Knight Award 2010

*The Harry Brat Shining Knight Award*

In Loving Memory of Harry Brat

This award was presented for the first time at the BMDCV Speciality in 2010.

The Shining Knight Award has been a labour of love and a work in progress for the past 2 years. The Award is for a Bernese who would otherwise never be recognised doing something both important and significant for his family and magnificent Bernese Mountain Dogs.

The nominations are open to all BMDCV members and I encourage everyone think about nominating a special dog for 2011. Any BMDCV member's dog can be nominated for anything special they have done, whether it is obedience, showing, rescuing someone or maybe as a therapy dog , visiting hospitals or giving blood.

This year the committee could not decide between two nominees and left final decision to me. Even now the committee does not know who the winner is.

I will read the nomination and if the author of the nomination recognizing the words they wrote would like to come forward. The winning dog is a bitch. She is described by her owner as a loving companion, loyal and friendly. She has offered sound guidance to several Bernese pups that have lived at her home and has tried her hardest to impart Berner traits to other breeds who lived with her. She is described as a proficient guard dog, but tolerant of many human inconsistencies and never bears a grudge. (Describes many of our Berner girls doesn't it).

Now where this dog becomes the worthy winner of the Shining Knight Award: she was the first BMD to donate to and regularly gave give blood to the canine blood bank. At the time of writing she had given 450 ml every three months to the blood bank from the age of 5.5 years at the time of writing that was 12 donations. The Canine Blood Bank processes blood for use in clinics and emergency centres wherever needed in Australia. Hopefully, her blood helped many sick dogs to return to health.

Unfortunately this girl crossed over the Bridge before the Specialty aged 9 years and 2 months.

It is with great pleasure that I'd like to announce the inaugural winner of the Shining Knight Award is -

Australian Champion Neuchatel Irish Cream (Chris Heyes' Heidi).

Heidi giving blood.

Heidi, winner of the 2010 Award

Murphy, winner of the 2011 Award

Bosley, winner of the 2012 Award

Kai, winner of the 2013 Award

Archie, winner of the 2014 Award

Humphrey, winner of the 2015 Award

*The Harry Brat Shining Knight Award*

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