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Hi! I've taken over the DTigers! My name is Missy so please bare with me if I make a few mistakes!If you find a broken link or picture please hit refersh, if it still doesn't work please e-mail me about the problem and I will get it fixed as soon as possible.

As you are walking down the hallway to leave the school, you hear a cry for help come from the basement door."PLEASE HELP ME!! PLEASE!! I AM STUCK DOWN HERE AND I CAN'T SEEM TO FIND MY WAY OUT!"Woundering who it could be crying for help you open the door. As you look in you notice that the is nobody down there. Just as you start to close the door sumthing reaches out, grabs you and pulls you in. You start falling.....falling.....falling......Than you start to think to yourself *OMG!! I ain't goin to make it. PLASE Lord help me.*Just as you are about to give up you fall softely onto a pile of hay.

Once your body hits the hay completly you quickly get to your feet. Once to your feet, you are amazed by what you see.

"Well hello there young travler. My name is DLight and I am a DTiger. Actually one of the last DTigers. And welcome to Missy's page."Who is Missy you ask wounderly"Missy is the person who has taken over and owner of the DTigers Adoption Center. And also the rescure of the last of the DTigers, including me. But enough with that, let me tell you alittle bit about how the DTigers came and lived with Missy."

"It all sarted a long time ago. About 100 years ago, when thousands of DTigers ruled the eart along side man."DLight began."We all enjoyed playing around the water holez and taning in the sun. We didn't mind the humanz comeing around us one bit. We actually enjoyed them around. That is till oneday when they whent to far." *Sighs*"They started to but up houses around our water holez so that we couldn't get to them no more. They also cut down the bushes and trees that we used for shade and food. It was so horrible. So we decided to have a meeting to see what we could do about this problem. A few of the DTigers suggested that we just move father west to see if we could seek a home in a different place. Many disagreed with that idea but we checked out the western part any ways."

"Once we got to the father west we couldn't help but fall in love with it. It was so beautiful! There where many water holes where we could rest by during the hot days and plenty of trees for shade and bushes for food. But as humans prograssed father west, they than again took over or water holes, and cutted down or trees and bushes."

"So we started or search, again, for a new home. But after searching for many days, and finding no new home, we where about to give up. But just as you where, one of the younger DTigers suggested that we go and vist Missy. When we got to Michelle's humble home, she offered to take us in right away. We where all very happy. But she told us that she couldn't keep us all, but she had a plane. She told us that if we stayed here, she would make sure that all of our little offsprings would find a gret home to live. We weren't to happy about the idea of our offspring going to different places when we first considered it, but after a while we grew to accept what was needed to be done. So now, childern all over the world are able to take home one of our young DTigers."As she finshes the story, she slowly stands up."Well travler, now that you know the story about us, I bet you are wanting to adopt? Well that is great, cause I have just laid a clutch of 5 eggs. Which are all up for adoption. There is also a wild clutch of 6 eggs, which was left behind, up for adoption to. But you had better hurry up, for they do go fast."

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Please DO NOT take any of the DTigers that you see of off this page with out permison. The DTigers where drawn by a special friend of mine-Silverphoenix and they where colored in by me. So PLEASE don't take them with out permison.

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