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Thought I'd better add some disclaimers:
* All of the tales I'm spinning are based upon facts of some sort.
* Most of the tales will be at least 50% factual.

     Surf Report - April 3, 2003

What sez:

Comments - (my comments are in bold italics)

Mixed up and sloppy also but waves have some formation on the bigger sets.

Mushy lefts and rights, with wind bumps breaking mostly on the inside and when the bigger sets come it breaks on the outside.

Still poor conditions but probably your best err worst option today.

Waves size: Waist high

Sets size: Chest high with occasional (what happened here)?

Sets Interval: 7 to 8 min

Surfers Out: 4 guys - there's a reason for only 4 surfers out - the waves suck, the water's polluted, and the locals are hostile!

Wind: Moderate onshore

Weather: Cloudy


An unnamed La Jolla Reef - April 3, 2003 - Photo by =========================================================================

What I say:

Surf was pumping yesterday afternoon - south swell heaven - but lots of onshore wind.

The wind blew all night, and today, the surf is way mixed-up, still a bit of south swell, but totally crossed-up with a north west wind swell.

This week's weather reminds me of the Easter Vacation Periods I experienced my first couple of years after high school.

I went to college in Albuquerque, NM right after high school graduation, and I used to bring classmates back to The Shores for Easter Break.

I wanted to show them how cool I was 'cause I was a great surfer - in my opinion - and I lived in La Jolla - way cool.

It never failed, the wind blew, the surf sucked, and everyone of them wished they had gone to Palm Springs instead of La Jolla with me.

I wonder how many of them actually came back to So Cal - forty years later?

Maybe tomorrow for some surf?

Bet Malibu is good again today!


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