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Susanne Ruth GUTTRICH was born in 1952. Parents: Marcus P. GUTTRICH and Jo Ann MAST.

Jean GUYON died on May 3, 1663 in Quebec.

Spouse: Mathurine ROBIN. Children were: Marie GUYON.

Marie GUYON was born about 1622. Parents: Jean GUYON and Mathurine ROBIN.

Spouse: Francois BELANGER. Francois BELANGER and Marie GUYON were married on Jul 12, 1639 in Notre Dame, Quebec City, Quebec. Children were: Marie Madeleine BELANGER.

Catherine HAAS was born in 1615 in Sundt Gallen, Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland. She died in 1699 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She was buried in 1699. Parents: Hans HAAS.

Spouse: Hans HERR. Hans HERR and Catherine HAAS were married about 1637 in Baden, Switzerland. Children were: Hans (Bishop) HERR, Abraham HERR.

Hans HAAS.

Children were: Catherine HAAS.

Francois HABLAIN.

Spouse: Jeanne BARBIER. Francois HABLAIN and Jeanne BARBIER were married on Jan 27, 1680/81 in Contrecoeur, Quebec.

Anna HACKMAN was born about 1714. She died in Conestoga Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It is probable that Frederick Menard's wife Anna was a sister to JohnHackman as Frederick Mennard was guardian in 1764 to his sons, John andHenry Hackman. First Tuesday in June 1764 the Lancaster County OrphansCourt approved Frederick Menard of Conestoga County, guardian of John andHenry Hackman (age not given), children of John Hackman, deceased.

Anna Hackman arrived in Philadelphia 9-1-1736 on the ship "Harle", age22, with her husband, Frederick Menard. She and her husband lived inConestoga Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Hans Jacob HACKMAN.

Spouse: Frederick MENARD. Children were: Barbara MENARD, Jacob MENARD, Gertrude MENARD, Magdalena MENARD, Ann MENARD, daughter MENARD, Elizabeth MENARD, Francis MENARD.

Barbara HACKMAN was born in 1732. Parents: Hans Jacob HACKMAN.

Child HACKMAN was born in 1729. Parents: Hans Jacob HACKMAN.

Christian HACKMAN was born in 1695. He died in 1753. He was buried in 1753. Parents: Hans Jacob HACKMAN and Maria BRUBACHER.

Daughter HACKMAN was born in 1668. Parents: Ulrich HAGMAN and MARIA.

Daughter HACKMAN was born in 1673. Parents: Ulrich HAGMAN and MARIA.

Elizabeth HACKMAN was born in 1711. Parents: Hans Jacob HACKMAN.

Hans Jacob HACKMAN was born about 1661 in Switzerland. In 1685 it was stated in the Mennonite census that they had "kindly taken in" a child. They lived at Rudelsheim, Germany in 1685 which was partof the Ibersheim Mennonite congregation. Parents: Ulrich HAGMAN and MARIA.

Spouse: Maria BRUBACHER. Children were: Hans Jacob HACKMAN, Christian HACKMAN.

Hans Jacob HACKMAN was born in 1686. Hans jacob Hackman was a Mennonite living in Bruchhausen, German in 1717and 1724. He may have been the Hans Jacob Hackman who was a Mennonitedeacon living at Weierhof in 1732. His children are listed with thefollowing explanations:

Elizabeth Hackman, born 1711, Anna Mennard, born 1714, and RudolphHackman born 1716, appear to be siblings because they arrived together in1736. The Barbara (Hckman) Stauffer who wrrived in 1749 appears to be asister of Rudolph Hackman. Barbara's husband, Heinrich Stauffer arrivedwith a number of Stauffers who went directly to Lancaster County, whileRudolph went directly to Bedminster Township, Bucks County where RudolphHackman was living. Also Henry and Barbara (Hackman) Stauffer named a sonRudolph, a name not found in any other Stauffer family.

The John Hackman who died by 1764, late of Germany and Henry Hackman ofConestoga Township, Lancaster County, probably were brothers of AnnaMennard. It is believed that Rudolph was also the brother of JacobHackman of Franconia. While Anna Menard went to Lancaster, Rudolph wentto Franconia. He was single so he would have had no relatives from hiswife's side to go to, only to his own side of the family. Rudolph wasliving next to or with Jacob Hackman at Franconia in 1744 and in ahistory book of the area it states that some believe that Rudolph mayhave been the father of Jacob Hckman as Rudoph is not found in therecords in Montgomery, Philadelphia County after 1744. However, shiplists show that Rudolph was too oung to be his father and he disappearsfrom Franconia because he relocated to Bucks County.

Both Anna Menard and Rudolph Hackman named their only son Jacob, whileJacob named his only son, John. If these are the children of Hans JacobHackman of Bruchhausen/Weierhof, it would appear that Hans Jacob had nochildren who remained in Germany. Parents: Hans Jacob HACKMAN and Maria BRUBACHER.

Children were: Jacob HACKMAN, Elizabeth HACKMAN, Anna HACKMAN, Rudolph HACKMAN, John (Johannes) HACKMAN, Henrich HACKMAN, child HACKMAN, Barbara HACKMAN.

Henrich HACKMAN was born in 1724. He died in 1776. He was buried in 1776. Parents: Hans Jacob HACKMAN.

Henry HACKMAN. Parents: John (Johannes) HACKMAN.

Jacob HACKMAN was born in 1709. He died in 1778. He was buried in 1778. Parents: Hans Jacob HACKMAN.

Johannes HACKMAN was born in 1663. He died in 1685. He was buried in 1685. Parents: Ulrich HAGMAN and MARIA.

John HACKMAN. Parents: John (Johannes) HACKMAN.

John (Johannes) HACKMAN was born in 1720. Parents: Hans Jacob HACKMAN.

Children were: John HACKMAN, Henry HACKMAN.

Peter HACKMAN was born in 1670. He died in 1727. He was buried in 1727. Parents: Ulrich HAGMAN and MARIA.

Rudolph HACKMAN was born in 1716. He died in 1786. He was buried in 1786. Parents: Hans Jacob HACKMAN.

Ulrich HACKMAN was born in 1666. He died in 1738. He was buried in 1738. Parents: Ulrich HAGMAN and MARIA.

Dorothy W. HADFIELD was born in 1925.

Spouse: Howard Cleatus GILLILAND. Howard Cleatus GILLILAND and Dorothy W. HADFIELD were divorced. Children were: Katherine Marie GILLILAND, Elizabeth A. GILLILAND.

Anna Elisabeth HAERRMANN was born in 1883.

Spouse: Johann Georg ROTHENBERGER. Johann Georg ROTHENBERGER and Anna Elisabeth HAERRMANN were married on Jan 14, 1904.

Anna HAGMAN was born in 1641. She died in 1659. She was buried in 1659. Parents: Matthias HAGMAN and Anna NUSSLI.

Barbara HAGMAN was born in 1657. Parents: Matthias HAGMAN and Anna NUSSLI.

Elsbeth HAGMAN was born in 1647. She died in 1666. She was buried in 1666. Parents: Matthias HAGMAN and Anna NUSSLI.

Hans HAGMAN was born in 1585. He was buried in Apr 1655. He died on Apr 16, 1655 in Eidberg, Switzerland. Hans was living at Eidberg in 1634, 1637, 1640, 1643, and 1649 with hiswife and son Mathas and Mathias' family. Parents: .

Spouse: Susanna KAUFFMANN. Children were: Matthias HAGMAN.

Hans Jacob HAGMAN was born in 1636. Parents: Matthias HAGMAN and Anna NUSSLI.

Hans Jagli HAGMAN was born in 1654. He died in 1676. He was buried in 1676. Parents: Matthias HAGMAN and Anna NUSSLI.

Jacob HAGMAN. Parents: .

Jacob HAGMAN was born in 1649. Parents: Matthias HAGMAN and Anna NUSSLI.

Margreth HAGMAN was born in 1644. Parents: Matthias HAGMAN and Anna NUSSLI.

Maria HAGMAN was born in 1656. Parents: Matthias HAGMAN and Anna NUSSLI.

Matthias HAGMAN was born on Jun 21, 1612. Matthias and Anna lived at Eidberg in 1634 with his parents and his oneson. They lived at Eidberg near Seen in Oberwinterthur area in 1643,1646, and 1649. They lived next door to Heinrich Nussli and his wife,Anna Hagman in 1634. Matthias left Eidberg sometime between 1654 and1671. His children were born at Eidberg and baptized at Oberwinterthur.Matthias married secondly Regula Bosshart and had two children. Parents: Hans HAGMAN and Susanna KAUFFMANN.

Spouse: Anna NUSSLI. Matthias HAGMAN and Anna NUSSLI were married on May 8, 1632. Children were: Ulrich HAGMAN, Hans Jacob HAGMAN, Rudolph HAGMAN, Anna HAGMAN, Margreth HAGMAN, Elsbeth HAGMAN, Jacob HAGMAN, Hans Jagli HAGMAN, Maria HAGMAN, Barbara HAGMAN.


Spouse: Earl White DEAN. Children were: Gilbert White DEAN, Gerald Lee DEAN, Sharon DEAN, Shane DEAN.

Rudolph HAGMAN was born in 1639. Parents: Matthias HAGMAN and Anna NUSSLI.

Ulrich HAGMAN was born on Oct 12, 1634 in Eidberg, Switzerland. He died in 1683 in Ibersheim, Germany. He was buried in 1683. Ulrich Hagman was in the 1637 census, age 3 years, and age 12 in 1643. Hewas listed as age 20 (sic) in 1646. He was listed in the 1649 census asbeing born in 1634. He left Eidberg between 1649 and 1671. It wasreported at Ober Winterthur in 1663 that Ulrich was living in Wied,Alsace with his wife, child and his brother Hans Jagli Hackman. He wascalled an Anabaptist in 1663 at the baptis of his son Johannes atMutterholtz, Alsace. His widow was listed as a Mennonite living inIbersheim, Germany in 1683. Parents: Matthias HAGMAN and Anna NUSSLI.

Spouse: MARIA. Ulrich HAGMAN and MARIA were married about 1659. Children were: Hans Jacob HACKMAN, Johannes HACKMAN, Ulrich HACKMAN, daughter HACKMAN, Peter HACKMAN, daughter HACKMAN.

Herbert HALCOMB.

Spouse: JoAnn Carol MINER.


Spouse: Diana Haub STEINMETZ.

Albert HALL.

Spouse: Shirley Ann SERVANT. Children were: Christine HALL, Kimberley HALL, Denise HALL, Andrea HALL.

Andrea HALL. Parents: Albert HALL and Shirley Ann SERVANT.

Christine HALL. Parents: Albert HALL and Shirley Ann SERVANT.

Denise HALL. Parents: Albert HALL and Shirley Ann SERVANT.

Kimberley HALL. Parents: Albert HALL and Shirley Ann SERVANT.

Sara HALL.

Spouse: Jean RAIZENNE. Jean RAIZENNE and Sara HALL were married in 1684. Children were: Ignace RAIZENNE.

Ambrose Janke HALPIN was born about 1870 in Lowville, Columbia, Wisconsin. He died on Dec 28, 1953 in Andover, Day, South Dakota. Parents: John Bartholomew HALPIN and Mercilla Margaret TIMMONS.

Spouse: Mary Ellen FERRELL. Children were: Vincent John HALPIN.

Bartholomew F HALPIN was born in Feb 1872 in Lowville, Columbia, Wisconsin. He died on Feb 1, 1947 in Seattle, King, Washington. 1872/1873 - born in February
1880 - Lowville, Columbia, Wisconsin with parents
1890 - Fire Damage
1900 - Waubay, Day, South Dakota under the name Bar?? Halpin as a Boarder
1910 - Andover, Day, South Dakota
1920 - Seattle, King, Washingtn states the Bartholomew was born in Wisconsin (B.F Halpin)
1930 - Seattle, King, Washington states that Bartholomew was born in Mississippii (incorrect) Parents: John Bartholomew HALPIN and Mercilla Margaret TIMMONS.

Spouse: Winnifred. Bartholomew F HALPIN and Winnifred were married about 1905 in Andover, Day, South Dakota. Children were: Francis B HALPIN, Gertude M HALPIN, Maxine HALPIN, Winnifred Jr HALPIN, Lucille HALPIN, John Leo HALPIN, Eugene HALPIN.

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