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South East Asia

Angkor Wat - Cambodia
This is the most famous surviving icon of the the Khmer race of Cambodia. God-kings who reigned
around the turn of the last millenium, they identified themselves with the lords of the Hindu pantheon. These mausoleums,
similar in function to the Egyptian pyramids, are absolutely awesome architecture...

Grace - Cambodia
I kept this photo next to my light switch for quite a while.
I guess this guy lost his sight to one of the millions of landmines in Cambodia.
His song was calm and genuine.

Hmong - north Vietnam
The tribe to which these girls belong stretches through Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. I heard they once had a war
to create their own nation. It was a beautiful area with very friendly people living a largely traditional life.
It must be hard to maintain this kind of lifestyle when the convenience of the modern world comes knocking.
Perhaps the most convenient lifestyle isn't always the best. Story time?

Betelnut - Vietnam
Cultural differences make the world go round...In Vietnam it's mainly the women who chew betelnut.
Older women often have teeth that are completely black because they chew all day every day.
In India chewing betelnut mixed with tobacco and other spices is mostly a male activity.

Girl - Cambodia
There are some beautiful girls in Cambodia. There are also a hell of a lot of people missing legs,
arms, hands and eyes. It's really hard hanging out with a guy about your own age (I was 24 when I was there)
who's missing an eye and an arm. It's hard to think of what to say. Story time?

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