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Sub-continental drift

Washing wool - Nepal
Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries I know. The people, the mountains, the rivers.
This photo was taken around Annapurna near Pokhara. There are no roads and you have to
walk for days to get where you wanna go.

Cutie - Nepal
This girl`s family let my friend and I stay a night in their house coz it was raining.
The next morning I asked if I could photograph this girl - they went and
woke the poor lass up just so I could take her picture! She`s a sweetie, huh?

Natural mystic - Nepal
In Nepal the most common food is dahl baht - white rice with a thin lentil soup.
I've seen guys virtually running up very steep hills carrying 20 litres of kerosene
and a big sack of rice on their back. I think the power must come from their hearts.

Stoicism - Pakistan
People live in the desert in Pakistan. It was amazing to see kids
with herds of goats hunderds of kilometres from the nearest villiage on the highway.
Once we were stopped by two guys in a car (one carrying a Kalashnikov)
so they could offer us a meal and a smoke!! Story time?

Happy kids - India
One of the things that struck me while I was travelling is how similar kids are everywhere.
Sure there are differences, but I think more now about the way our cultures shape our personalities.

Babaji - India
This old dude was very cool. Crinkly and slidy like some kind of ancient reptile he smiled and writhed.
Even without words we got along just fine - smoking and smiling ;-)
Story time?

Enfield - India
This is the first bike I bought in India. I rode it from Varanasi, where this picture was taken,
up through Nepal for five weeks, then into Manali in the north of India's Himachal Pradesh.
There's some really beautiful camping in these areas.
Story time?

Beauty - India
I take a lot of pictures of kids. I wanna do more portraits and shots of people
to capture the curves of their bodies as they move and rest. Story time?

Sadhu - India
I took 36 photos in about and hour between 5:30am and 6:30am. The light was just beautiful and the
Hindu devotees bathing in the Ganges were incredible to see. When I think of the serenity some of these people
spend their lives cultivating, the example is inspiring.
Story time?

Grandmother - Nepal
There must be something about mountains that makes people beautiful. Maybe it's the clean water and the clean air.
This photo was taken in the Himalayas, in the national park around Machapuchure near Pokhara.

Piggyback - Nepal
Seeing some unindustrialised nations makes me think of how modernisation has altered our society.
A lot of young girls in Asia seem to look after younger siblings as part of their daily life.

Banks of the Ganga - India
This picture was taken on the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi, India. The river is one of the holiest places
in the Hindu world. Each morning at dawn hundreds of people bathe in the river.
It's like an artery flowing from the heart of the faith. Story time?

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