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Quirky stuff

Persepolis - Iran
I've heard it said that cultures are judged by how much carved stone they leave behind them.
Up till now stone has certainly been one of the most enduring sources
of information about previous civilisations. I hope our society is not judged by how much
PVC and radioactive waste we leave...

Sunrise - Australia
I travelled for fifteen months through Korea, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand,
India, Nepal, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy and France before getting to England.
I flew back to Sydney and hitched to my hometown, Brisbane. This is the
first sunrise I saw after sleeping on a beach between Brisbane and Sydney.

Beautiful Graffitti - Australia
Took this picture while visiting my cousin in Sydney.

Persepolis - Iran
More from the deserts of Iran...incredible stonework.
I read The Peleponnesian War by Thucydides while I was in Turkey. The history of the region
is fascinating. The complexities of the politics involved in
the Greek colonization of Persia and the Mediterannean are pretty wild.

Morning dew - Nepal
The Himalayas are very big. I didn't really think about what I was getting into when I decided to walk
around them for a few days. Honestly, they're really big. The rivers are so clean
and the whole atmoshphere is incredible. These plants were everywhere.

Isphahan - Iran
Between Islamabad and Istanbul there are a lot of mosques. Sometimes in the middle of the desert
there are little kids waving flags who collect donations from passing motorists to build a new mosque.
They are the spiritual and physical heart of virtually every town for thousands and thousands of kilometres.

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