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I met this girl in Harajuku and asked if I could take her photo
I'm planning a series of portraits over the next few weeks...
Thoughts on Japanese society?

These kids are geared up for the national Coming of Age Day
Young people often wear traditional clothing to celebrate this day.

I have this theory that cultures (as well as living organisms)
go through a kind of natural selection. There are some beautiful, strong traditions in Japan...

I photographed these maiko (geisha in training) in Kyoto. It's a very old-school image of Japan,
but what the heck...I live in Tokyo now and dig a whole bunch of things about life here.
More on traditional Japan?

Porcelain Dolls
Slender young things! I think these girls may be fashion design aspirants.
A lot of young people vamp it up in Harajuku on Sundays.
I think exploration of style can be really interesting, be the design industrial or fashionable.

tech tech tech tech

This is my friend Tomoko!
She'll be very happy that her photo is on my home page - NOT!!!

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