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Links to Music, Videos of Abuse, Comedy and Science Are Below this Foreword:. I, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, specialized in uncovering government approved crimes, including banking crimes, murders and torture, and human rights atrocities particularly medical atrocities. I and others were left maimed by war criminal sects in power over the USA governments and other nations.

Beware of all federal government and state government health care. If you have private health care, avoid the dictators dirty medical tricks and avoid VA and state hospital health care, and demand a doctor who is independent of the top dictators over the USA government. Federal and state doctors and hospitals are both controlled by the abusive dictators in power internationally, and they are abusive to many of us in the USA and many other nations. Many of us are born maimed and then maimed further by our enemies in power in the USA and other nations they control. Some of us have been attacked, and maimed or killed.

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War crimes against us can not be accounted for in court. The USA is a predatory nation with capitalistic predatory ventures sanctioned by war criminal factions in power, a cannibalistic nation, likely over run before our births, therefore gang warfare has emerged and many of us are left under the abuse of war criminal factions in government and society.

I look at the Betz Equation and and Mind Control using nuclear blasts and think of the blasts as a power source to other weapons we can not detect. For Betz equation, an energy equation, .666 is A1/S and 8 months out of 12 is .666. See Love Line 12 and think of Tesla with a coil in your brain. Also see the Zhendong weapon theory illustrations online and here by Saint Ram Bone.

When I was forcibly injected repeatedly by those who take orders from the government officials, I realized that there is no "Liberty and Justice For All" In 2001 I was tortured by a federal official and later state officials and in 2004 I was left maimed when seeking health care. Al things since 2004 are suspect to me because I was maimed with forced injections and left partially blind in 2004. I pray for recognizance of their crimes by God, either in my payment or the maiming or murder of those who ordered myself to be maimed and who benefitted financially through bribery or who exerted their will through force.

I will accept payment in damages in the event the factions of the regime are forced to pay for their war crimes against me, Kurt Brown investigative journalist. $400 million U.S. or land equivalents. I bring empirical evidence in my audit investigations in which I used the scientific method of discovery and creative acumen and fearless persistence.

The war criminal factions are systematic in their approach. It is as if our enemies hide behind a veil through government and attack us at will in the USA.

As one veteran told me in 2001 about the holocaust camp in Los Angeles, LA VA Westwood hospital, that did forced medical procedures and forced medical experiments killing some veterans and maiming myself, "Remember, they drew first blood."

I and other veterans have been forced medical procedures and experiments and forcibly injected with chemicals, see this LA Times Article on forced heart experiments. You can also (See more proof at the Continuing Problems section near the bottom of this link.) I suffered a stroke and partial blindness after abduction. High level banking regulatory and banking judicial officials have been killed. I ran the tests to detect murderers . Possible delusion in microcosm for the multitudes due to discovery listed on Love Line 12 page of this site.

Also see Saintrambone's collection of videos on Youtube.

The Contact for Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone is I urge young people not to drink alcoholic beverages and to avoid gambling and drug dealers and war for profit and to utilize the internet for education. See page Love Line 12 and Quatrains 12 of this site for my most recent work since stroke and memory recovery. Most links in this site require you to press the CTRL key while doing a mouse click.

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the Fund Raising page for Health Care for a Federal Medical Torture and USA Holocaust Victim updated January 6, 2009

Daily Foreword April 19, 2014: Truth can only be ascertained in many instances by testing and verification, and then there comes collusion and bribery which makes the real truth seem more unascertainable than a fish viewed with parallax. When in the USN a sailor of higher rank basically told me I should basically run. We had been at sea in the Pacific in 1983 and myself and the other man were at the enlisted club drinking. We had been at sea and he, a signalman, was exposed to something that scared him and alarmed me since I was not told what he saw. He had been off somewhere, in a small boat at sea from our ship or in communications, on the prior voyage. It was reported that a nuclear bomb had gone off to me by a reliable source before the voyage. Allegedly Argentina the UK were fighting over the Falkland Islands. While myself and the signalman drank at the club some UK Sailors came into the bar. We were at Long Beach California's naval station. As an aside thousands of Chinese Assault Weapons were imported at the old Long Beach Naval Station after the base closed.

The petty officer seemed riled when the sailors entered the bar, 10 or 15 at least in 1983. The signalman told me, "They inked us", meaning a nuclear haze perhaps. Or he meant, "They inc'ed us, meaning incorporated us." The signalman told me to go over to meet the men and I was hesitant, not wanting a drunken bar brawl with a bunch of UK Navy Sailors. One of them looked a bit like me and looked across the bar at me. Later I was told the USA was awash by others. Judging from my exclusion from government and torture while seeking healthcare since 2001 in California, it is obvious a more criminal government has come to power on the West Coast and the USA. Washington D.C. for that matter and Alabama's black and white slave population should remove their dictators but they are controlled from Washington D.C. etc.

California should be avoided for most. It is more like a mafia now than before and they are starting to suffer financially as the mafia climate spreads. The police and courts are hostile and rob those from the USA who are poor from other areas and if they are veterans or honest bank examiners, they are left like myself, without trustworthy healthcare and being maimed. It is a horrible place and I urge the young to flee Alabama and California. Where do you go? Try to find a clean place where the people are not cutting each other to pieces. Do not support Predatory Cannibalism Capitalism. You have my blessing in killing and robbing them, but I thing there may be a better way. I have been cut so many times with their needles and their lies, I am like a dog on the side of the road, waiting my turn in the headlights. Beware of California's crime syndicates as they are killing and imprisoning the innocent. An Eye for An Eye. They are predators in the state, so do not expect them to care. You are the new lower caste, you are the nobody, just like me and that other maimed son of a bitch. Seagull (Youtube music)

The Captain on my boat the USS Reid FFG-30 looked like Banking Frauds Judge Thomas Crane Wales who was shot in his head on 10/11/2001. I recently saw a movie with a more comedic character than my captain, but I laugh at insanity and pervert it in my mind. I saw a movie titled Fierce Creatures. The Father character who is an insane astute business man is how I picture him. He does not care how the job is done, as long as the other guys nuts crack. The time will come and there will be a clash or a whimper. In the movie, I see the father calling Nevil. Nevil goes solo in my version.

Daily Foreword April 16, 2014: Another day and we have to wake to see who will end up killing or we ourselves are attacked by government or criminals controlling government. The viciousness of many now is the cannibal in man. The bonobo ape mind and gorilla limbs and rhesus genitalia all manifested in mankind. Someone once told me things aren't as bad as they seem. If they do not tell you what has happened and what is occurring, you can not plan for future eventualities either. Species decimation, toxicity of the food sources, species degradation, its all there in the modern annals of life. We are in a war. I believed in their lies. Now I welcome global war, I fantasized about the apocalypse and joined the USN to see it in 1983 but only saw a nuclear bubble come up from the ocean, after a nuclear explosion most likely or during the use of a new weapon. When the petty officer asked why I joined the Navy I told him I wanted to get my teeth fixed and later I told him I ultimately wanted to be a journalist. What I really wanted was to be there to document and witness the end of time for mankind, the end of these silly selfish infantile man apes. The harrowing horror must be divine, or is it a whimper? In the end, it will be a mercy killing, an end to the suffering. My friend Till the end.

As we approach outright gang warfare of a new stripe with new weapons available and methods of escape, I remember the odd high note sang in the movie Fight Club and the character Tyler Durden from the movie. Where is My Mind (music link). I saw a plane or a vision of a missile yesterday. It was moving at much faster speeds than most planes or missiles I have seen. It's trajectory was toward the California capitol. Is it a delayed response sort of vision like the Westwood earthquake in April and the missile I saw in January, or was that a firework?. I was made partially blind by forced injections and detainment and torture by our enemies in power over the financial arm of government, which is controlled by international war criminals and groups of predators better off dead, because they also control military veteran's healthcare, and like federal bank examiners many American service men are hated by various factions of our society and they or we have been cannibalized. How beauty the light of day when it shines over our heads even in its heaven scent instance, a spark, a destination.

In theology for those who have that inclination or those who believe in the ironies of science, I contemplated God or Allah, etc. as auditor and investigator, finding all variants and variables in a spontaneous fashion we can not fathom or circumscribe. Death is of interest to me and other materially significant events. If God tests your wife for instance by giving you death, then all things subsequent are tested. That does not mean that in another slice of time in life you may have missed the bullet and still be alive, but on another level or place with different circumstances in place beforehand. Another test another day squared multiplied divided and sunk. Chop Suey. I have witnessed things and feel partially dead. I want a donation of land in Santa Monica California's Westwood subdivision and in Flagstaff Arizona. I was forcibly injected in both cities. I do not care how the land is derived. They are a cold hearted lot who breed our future in chains and I will take a lot in D.C. also, because that is who gives them their power and they are controlled by those international financiers and warlords, so all things in the chain of deprivation are fair game for destruction or payment. Health care as torture in the USA. Imagine lemonade as snot. How many times have I died? What all did they do to me while unconscious. The irony of the bible is how so many read it literally. Cane had a stick, able had a monkey brain too fit also. Lax Annus, Lazarus, a loose year, a life time. Foolish young men. To die on any day in this environment would be a mercy killing for anyone, but some do not know how and have prolonged misery and then die. It takes a professional. Let us pray for one to remove the sick heads of our enemies and declare it healthcare. Finally sense.

Comedy : In 1983 I was on the bridge of the ship with the captain at the end of the Falkland islands war era, a nuclear bomb was rumored to have gone off and had returned from a voyage to prove it to be true after seeking out the hot spots. I asked the Captain if it was true that the man Van Gogh or Eric The Red who was the programmer and gun keeper had found a list with many of us sailors on the ship listed as homosexuals. He then coughed up some goop and spit and said, "It will be Bushed in an our or two" "The military is the kind of place where you learn to bend down and be called a homosexual openly over the government internet. That way they know who sleeps with their saber tooth." I slept with the captain one time. We were sort of holding hands, both of us dead. (In reality I have suffered symptoms of radiation exposure since exposure that year and another topside shipmate has developed MS and I would wager many were castrated with impotency due to exposure and many of us have had children with birth defects. I would run the study for Per Diem of my own accord in my Westwood Estate.

It was odd in my death bed, laying their among the various religious congregations identifying those who would become my bestial virgins in the grass or my heavenly angel on the mast. Doris Day. Sir Odd. Signlman Karlsons cooking on the mast and twenty years late Sheriff Snatch the Fairy possums in the grass doo da doo da day, till devils triangle angel snake got in da way. Friends?. I would like a nice luxurious estate overlooking a section of the devils hideaway, the LA VA Westwood where veterans were killed and I was tortured before court in a high stakes game of federal bank regulation investigations. You see, I am an independent, which is both good and bad. I was injured but I can still scream rape with a needle, and for that, I am loathed and injured. I would like to perhaps have a chalet on Venice Aquaduct instead, next to the Jim Morrison pompous boot hill. Strange (Doors) Could those who exhibited symptoms of lupus as children or as adults be exhibiting something else? The immune system wolf or the radioactive toxin? I highly suspect the Gulf Coast of the USA and the North Eastern seaboard as having been toxic for a long time. The Pacific rim now smacks of radioactive tuna and smack all government approved, on the Pacific rim at least.

Daily Foreword April 15, 2014: My work has influenced an exhibit and meet up and music bash I am planning on assembling. I would like to have all Abortion survivors and maimed children of prior wars survivors, including the young of those exposed to nuclear radiation and other toxins, and all of those imprisoned and now free and or tortured to attend a meet up dot com I hope to assemble. I want a Circus motif, a three ring circus, like the Devils triangle I traveled in the USA, exhibits and tutelage on starvation by a corrupt sheriff and predation and maiming with medicine by federal government and state government and USN medical guinea pig sailors and their children suffering their parents odyssey into war and reenactments of murder in cold blood for money in banking oversight and the murder of the honest banking frauds judges and the explosions in the USA of unexplained origins such as I witnessed near the Braman Blackwell County line in Oklahoma and the Xu and Xu and Yu trio from bank of china in chains, but who are they? And I will also exihibit the maiming of this former FDIC bank examiner and investigative journalist on government crimes and show the torture by psychological abuse and physical manipulations and torture and being knocked unconscious and the reenactment of the recovery of this stroke survivor and alleged abortion survivor and former political prisoner who was a government informant tortured for my investigations on my accord of government crimes as a freelance journalist. I would like to have a sťance to brink Kurt Cobain of the band Nirvana back from the dead to find out if he too was an abortion survivor, perhaps with some other musical groups that are near and dear to other survivors. A Survivors Story Meetup, a traveling three ring circus. Cobain had that burned look many of us half dead children exhibit.

For the first act I would like to have Kurt Cobains ghost in a heart shaped box and I will be there in my diaper full of sh-t inviting all in who survived, or more appropriately, partially dead. I had my brains compressed into one corner of my head and was left partially dead and no one ever told me what happened. I was injected repeatedly and forced into medical equipment and later forced repeatedly to do things and I was knocked unconscious and no one ever told me what happened, including the stroke. I might have given up or I might have overcome this struggle. I would consider the extermination of the human race to be a mercy killing as in killing a wounded animal. I look into the Heart Shaped Box (music) and ask "Kurt is Kurt dead?" Kurt Hurt?.

Daily Foreword April 14, 2014: Analysis question: Did the USA benefit or lose from the removal of the Glass Steagall Act of 1933. The Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 made the Glass Steagall Act obsolete or defunct or over ridden. At one time under the Glass Steagall Act of 1933, bank deposits had to be maintained in low risk or no risk accounts in the banks. Now the banks monies are in higher risk ventures with higher returns targeted at higher risk.

The USA has lost many banks since 1999 and deregulation. Like blood that goes to a hand, the capillaries carry that much needed blood to the fingers and external membranes. The small banks were in a sense the capillaries for wealth or tiny puddles of usage for all who could qualify for loans and other financial programs.

I think the Glass Steagall Act should come back into force, the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 struck down, and the FDIC Improvement Act of 1992 and its Early Resolution Clause should be struck down. It would give us accountants time to cover the money and our nuts. Many are killed in banking oversight, attorneys and accountants and judges because the money is large, much more than any one persom makes in various industries. If not, I foresee communism in the form of soup kitchens. I like the idea of mercy killing but disapprove of abortion or maiming of the populace before their birth or afterward. Beware of California and Arizona. Their state and federal governments liked to turn the needle into myself at every opportunity they could. I think D.C. owes many of us an apology starting with compensation in nuclear 1983 Pacific USN voyages and also torture for reporting government crimes and naming criminals in banking and law enforcement. I think if God destroyed Earth at this moment it would be a mercy killing after a failed spontaneous abortion of our lives by those war criminals of the past and present.

I heard a joke down the hall. "Like a snake around a hand, I can't die, I can only turnip". A question for Jack Snatch and his F-DIC fan, "Whose quote was that from down the hole, I meant down the hall?." I am considering establishing some meet ups on meet up dot com. Perhaps I should take polls to see how many would attend and how much they will pay. Perhaps an Abortion survivor and maimed children of prior wars survivors, including the young of those exposed to nuclear radiation and other toxins. I would like to have a sťance to brink Kurt Cobain back from the dead to find out if he too was an abortion survivor. He had that burned look many of those children have.

Daily Foreword April 13, 2014: Due to my observing the rising tide of poverty across much of the USA and a wave of predatory practices out of control and approved of by certain members of society and government, I have concluded we are in a sort of gang warfare in government. San Francisco and Sacramento state and federal government and their associated crimes syndicates are controlled by those who are opposed to many of us in the USA who are opposed to slave making practices, and many of us are made into slaves by disparate laws. California federal government should be targeted and flushed by those from Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and Louisiana, etc. since the federal and state governments in California steps on their throats in those other states. Federal jobs were being sliced at the FDIC San Francisco and the seats stacked during deregulation in the 1990's. I was left maimed after seeking healthcare. I would gladly join in a war to regain the USA government for the American people and to remove it from the hands of our enemies on American soil and overseas. Protect your young from government. They are maiming many of us at birth and later when seeking healthcare. I believe the wheels of justice need to be oiled with blood and the grease from those bled used as fat for the fodder. I would not mind targeting the Treasury and the FDIC and all of those major banks in the USA for various criminal activities and have those trials of those caught tried on foreign soil and executed if necessary with live televised executions.

You can be made into a slave with laws gone amuck and banks that don't give a f-ck and a government whose likely had its head removed like a mutt. The smile that was on the face of those who stepped upon Iraq and Lybia must be the same smile that has enslaved and robbed much of the USA. The time has come for our future war leaders to emerge, our true leaders to save us from the enemies to our people controlling this planet. The Earth is at war. Nobody but one or two people will truly mourn any of our deaths, so who cares if many die in a coming monumental struggle? We will be blessed if we witness such an event.

Daily Foreword April 9, 2014: I Kurt Brown Saint Ram Bone recently had a dream that I was on a talk show. I told the audience that I was told by a Dr. that I was an abortion survivor. I was told of this after both parents were dead so I could not verify it. My mother and her ovaries might have been a victim of germ warfare during World War II or at the end of the war. I also told the audience that I had become a sort of a savant and my testicles hurt, likely from being born herniated in one testicle, possibly both.

In the dream a woman stood up said "Poor baby, suck my titty". She then raised her blouse and bra and showed her titty to me. I urged her to come forward to console me, that I really felt depressed from the ordeal and subsequent torture by federal officials after federal bank examiner employment and work as an investigative journalist on government crimes. In the dream the woman then came forward and soon the women were flocking to the stage with their breasts pressed upon me. The Dr. in the crowd urged me not to touch that without a pasty placed upon it. My testicle stop hurting in the dream. I could use a massage by Oprah or her guests, or that blonde New Orleans DeGeneres. What color is her pube hair I might ask if I saw her breast.

In the flip side of my mind is the continuing war for survival both in this life and in the afterlife. I wonder if those who loved me crawl through the underworld like boxes with their teeth clenched on their blades. Teets they dream of, warm succulent teets. In the studio I see two pirates from the dead in the back of the audience. One has a small cannon pistol and the other has a buzz and a possum man with his hand caught in a till, all covered in dirt and grime from the underworld. In the real world, through the throat, or perhaps around the bend once again, my friend Possum Man Till-man till the end .

Daily Foreword April 8, 2014: Rape through forced injections is a new war crime the federal government in Los Angeles allows with D.C. approval. Starvation of inmates is allowed if the Sheriff's keep the money for their own retirement according to the federal government.

Every day I live with the Post Traumatic Stress and hyper-vigilance that comes from forced injections therapy under a war criminal's medical empire. The therapy is the same behavior modification therapy used by the Communist Chinese and the Russian Socialists in their nation.

I encourage you to not allow others to be forcibly injected if you are in hospitals and if it appears a compliant person is about to be tortured and maimed by those evil bastards who call the shots in the war criminal empire controlling the USA. I encourage a war criminal tribunal to be formed to discuss war crimes instituted by the savages whose primary house is predatory capitalism. As Cannibals we must ask the other to refrain from incessant attacks.

It is funny how naÔve we are. I once saw California as the gates to Heaven, now I see it as another part of the Hell that is at the other end of the devils triangles, both in D.C., and San Francisco and Los Angeles and in the Gulf Coast area of New Orleans to Mobile. To cut a vein in Hell is to provide a mercy killing. Take it from an alleged abortion survivor tortured by federal war criminals in banking oversight, I do believe in finishing the kill regardless if it was right or wrong in the beginning, as in the end it is a mercy killing and that is a righteous kill.

Daily Foreword April 7, 2014: I have a deep fear of many people in California because I was injected and tortured there. It started when I reported murder and mayhem at the FDIC in California. Or perhaps it started when I was sent into a nuclear toxin zone on a USN ship in the Pacific. I was brain damaged when I was born and my brain has recovered after over 50 years. I have opened my eyes. I realize that all I am told here is likely a lie. You should leave the USA when young if you can. If not, it pays to fight to the death against any enemy aggressors. You should never work for their government if you can help it. Beware of traps and the framing of much of the populace as both criminals in government and society have become aggressive and sociopathic.

If they try to take you hostage, you are better off to kill yourself or to fight to the death. We are enemies in the USA and I should have left when young. Predatory capitalism has left the USA awash. An international group of financial criminals with military capabilities have destroyed all that was worth fighting for in the USA. Bribes are used to circumvent justice and human rights. It is as if California is a third world like Mexico but it has the stripe from D.C. that is more like the old Nazi party of Germany. When NYC and D.C. were attacked in 2001 I had just been released from torture for a brief period in Los Angeles federal jurisdiction. I prayed that those who harmed me in California would be killed and those who harmed me in Alabama would be run out of office in government or executed in the public square for war crimes against the populace. I would still like to see that and pray for change from the primitive dictators in power.

It is no different in Alabama or California. Their Alabama oil on the coast and their timber are worth more than their people. Now the USA sends out people to harass and intimidate those who are not liked in California. Their biggest industry is their prison industry and their war industry is biggest in the high tech sector. I approve of the murder of those who harass or attack us and I also approve of a military dictator to rise up and kill the international financial criminals and war criminals in power in the USA and in other nations. Mankind is often like a cannibal ape. It pays to meet it half way and go ahead and fight to the death if necessary. For those who injected me before court and when seeking healthcare in 2001 and 2004, I was like an animal who was roped and thrown to the ground. I pray to God to give me a symbol, a witness, to show he still loves us. I would like to see a sacrifice of biblical proportions against those who are harming the innocent or a mercy killing of mankind. Amen.

Daily Foreword April 5, 2014: You are better off to hold a hand grenade than a handgun in the USA. Their government is a vicious killer and will call you a vicious killer if you own a handgun or other gun, even if legal. I was placed in the middle of the nuclear fallout or bubble up in the US Navy in 1983 in the end of the Falkland Islands War era. The man who told me a nuclear incident occurred in the Pacific had tears in his eyes. I was later placed in the middle of the banking wars in the 1990's during banking deregulation, which really started with the FDICIA of 1992 Early Resolution Clause. Now the beaches and the hills are too toxic for fish or people and the banking industry is now under a few banks and soon one, overseas, if not already.

I am philosophical about things, after all I studied feces through a microscope and I studied nuclear war up close, long before I worked in the F-DIC as a bank examiner. I was really an investigative journalist in my opinion. If you want to do that line of work and get killed, do what I did. After all I might already be dead and walk this Earth and the other Earth like a phantom microcosm. Their government can't get their hand out of the till. I can say I met a wet Till-man on 4-3-2001. I like poetry in God's vein. I say if you want to do investigations, find the bloodiest stack of bodies and the biggest pile of money and work down and up and side ways. Soon you will feel the possum man if you start reaching down the line for bait.

In prison and entertainment. First I once met a man who was prepared to fight to the death in all ferocity after he had allegedly shot someone or at someone. I was told that man, S, may now be dead in a last act of sober assisted suicide in a California prison. He was a biblical sort of working virtues, but in my opinion he got caught in the traps of Los Angeles. If he had been living in a distant place and stayed completely sober it would have been a different way. I urge the young to never drink booze and never do hard drugs including cocaine and pills and heroin and all of the other drugs they put in front of you.

I had speculated a sort of three ring circus at a seance for musician Kurt Cobain at the bridge where he slept in Aberdeen Washington. I also said I wanted a reenactment of the shooting of the Goodie Two Shoes Banking Frauds Judge, Seattle Washington's Thomas Crane Wales. I did not mean that I advocated killing him. The prize if you shoot the judge is life imprisonment. People in law are simply there often to enforce laws. Those who write the laws can make us broke financially or as slaves or they can make us free and perhaps wealthy, at least to an extent. The idea that a gun is dangerous is absurd in our era of toxicity in the seas. Recessive genetic diseases and other diseases from toxic food consumption has been upon us for at least 75 years and has increased and will continue to do so. My prediction on rain returning near April of 2014 to the West Coast of the USA is proving to be correct after over two years of drought. Oklahoma might not be a dustbowl. I believe we could take water from the sea with an invention I am considering using solar power or wind power to help with kinetic energy in distillation.

Speaking of pure water in entertainment, I recently asked Oprah Winfrey and later Ellen DeGeneres and Dr. Phil to allow a musician and entertainer and friend of mine to be invited to a toga party at Oprah's at her Jacuzzi to discuss shows on various topics. I would gladly work with Akindele Bankole in most any capacity. He has a video at the link with music but I heard him sing on piano, exquisite entertainment. He and I traveled the same triangle, from the Village of the Damned in Prichard/Mobile Alabama to San Francisco area and most likely the Los Angeles area. His relatives known to have been sent to the area in the 1800's and before to Mobile Alabama and subsequently my first memories are from Africa Town, aka Prichard Alabama. The poverty and the wretchedness from drugs and alcohol continue to make many slaves who should be free. As an abortion survivor allegedly, I wonder how many times one has to be wounded before he has to be made into a slave to tender. The lower end is paid to attack itself in a dyeing society. To an abortion survivor allegedly who joined the Navy to see the final apocalypse and who was sent to work in an office where murder was rampant in the federal banking oversight FDIC, I am always curious about things and do not like pain and suffering. Mankind may start to go out with a whimper. As an alleged abortion survivor maimed by government officials, I look at Armegeddon like spaghetti, it may be suicide but I have to gobble it up. Bullshit in government -- you are entitled to your share.

Daily Foreword April 2, 2014: I said if you cross the hypotenuse of two devils triangles that you travel when chasing government criminals and other criminals, you are at the hologram where those two hypotenuses intersect. The third or the fifth angel said, "Correction, it is the paradox". Or was it a pair of docs? interesting. Among the dead and living all may need a dock. 4-3-2-1. Paradox or profiteering pioneering primitive? I've an idea for the sixth angel. Underground release, all political prisoners and cannibals returned unchained in equal revocation in honor of the dyeing men of this planet, a toxic soup with a barrier in the mind where the alteration cannot be crossed except in depravity, or perhaps in tatters as the old man said.

Daily Foreword April 1, 2014: The courts of the USA are used to lure the innocent into the tent that is the government building and claim they are jury members who have a large civic responsibility. Beware of the traps set by our enemies in government. Often people are targeted to bring them into the buildings as jurists, and often police associated with gangs will have a say in getting requests sent to those they want on those juries. The courts are in fact a dictatorship for most of us and most cases never go to trial. They use intimidation such as forced injections and severe threats on those who are arrested. We are under technological attack and those in government abuse the simple minded. I have contacted Turkey and hope to see all of the forbidden nations, starting with Iran, then perhaps Cuba and Chechnya. Who cares if those in the dictatorship are killed. I would see some of their deaths as a blessing by Allah or God or Buddha or the Etheral Consciousness. I would like to C.E.B.A.G.

Daily Foreword March 31, 2014: Today I have contacted the nation of Turkey through unusual portals to express concerns about radiation poisoning and subsequent birth defects of Turkish sailors children who were placed on the Gelibolu F-493. Many in the USA should be concerned as well.

It was the USS Reid FFG-30 and was sold to Turkey. It was decommissioned after I alerted the Turkish authorities to a rash of tumors on my body and my children born with birth defects immediately after I finished my first enlistment. I have also pointed to the fact that we in the USA are taught to kill our own children and ourselves through various methods. The Turkish have some who want to mimic the USA. I hear the wisdom in the chants of Islam, and it is a moaning continence, or is that a mourning countenance, or both?. I did have to go through a thorough wash down after one voyage at sea in 1983. I have had a stroke due to federal and state forced injections in 2001 and 2004 so I can not remember if I was knocked unconscious after I took the thorough wash down shower in 1983 at sea. I do not remember. I see life as game of dodge ball in Hell. I do not fear being knocked out because I am the best at dodge ball and I am really tired of the stench of Hell on Earth. I will choose when, you will see.

Comedy Scene: Much like the movie Catch-22, a character is a quartermaster for the Army and is in charge of procurement and sales and he comes up with a brain storm to sell chocolate covered cotton for the syndicate. In my movie I see the same man onboard the deck of the USS Reid FFG-30 selling the ship to the Turkish Navy. I speak to him on the side after he is done. I say, "You can't sell a radioactive ship to a foreign nation, that is insane. Haven't you heard about Signalman Karlson, now in a Wheelchair and myself, the Quartermaster covered with tumors and having children with defects from this damned radioactive ship" The Quartermaster selling the ship replies, "But its rockets fly, its machine gun sounds like R2 D2 in a rage and those engines purr like a kitten" I reply, "Its radioactive, you are absurd, you aren't hauling guinea pigs or kittens on this stinking ship. Besides, its obsolete". Now switch the scene to the Four Bucks and the two quartermasters at Beverly Glen Diner in Beverly Glen in the Patio Section, "You are all obsolete, all of us know the truth. We should finish this game and take over all of the Earths computers like a game of Chinese Checkers played by a magnetic genius with alteration of all CNS transmissions to their controllers brains."

The four bucks, Buck the Sicilian rum runner from the Swamps of Florida, old and country, Buck Bloombecker famed attorney and computer crimes writer, Joe Buck from the movie Midnight Cowboy, and Buck Angel that dark side of myself without fame or notoriety with large buckteeth and larger testicles, much like myself, a child from the dead or the unborn. The Quartermaster of the USN myself and auditor and inventor is there, and the Quartermaster from the movie Catch 22 who is selling the vessel to the Turkish. I ask, " Is Signalman Karlson alive? Now that is A true Catch 22 what happened to him, up on that mast, cooking him like a lizard in a microwave on a tuning fork. I volunteered to go up there too, we should have commandeered the vessel when it was over run in 1983, when they arrested the Programmer and Gun tender Eric the Red for throwing the computers and guns overboard. They called all the guinea pigs on the ship, homosexuals according to the files he found on the computer. I miss that guy, he was arrested by that Spanish MP. He likely wanted me to help him escape or mount an offensive. I wonder if that programmer and gun keeper survived imprisonment unharmed."

Daily Foreword March 29, 2014: In regard to human rights violations in the USA, I have in the past contacted the Human Rights Watch that is international and I have contacted President Jimmy Carters Human rights watch recently. They will do nothing about those in power in the USA who tortured me with forced injections before taking me to court in 2001 and forcing signatures on documents. Since I was born maimed due to people like those in power and due to being maimed by those in power as an adult for disabilities I have had since I was a child, and because I was trying to help those who are being attacked by criminal powers inside and outside government, all I can say is beware of the enemies within the seats of power. Many of us would consider Global Armegeddon to be a mercy killing. The waters of the seas have become toxic and the food is toxic to some in large quantities, and their government healthcare leaves people such as myself better off dead. Many will look the other way when atrocities occur just has happened in other holocausts and wars. I do not care if our enemies are killed in the USA and internationally. Predatory activities have become common in the USA. I can not get healthcare in a federal or state facility without being tortured. Those who control the financial oversight of the government also control the military VA doctors. The USA for many of us has fallen long ago. Do not trust the enemy government in power and be aware that Type A blood, Asians American Indians and North Europeans control the West Coast of the USA and D.C. and as usual predatory activities are escalating against many of us. It is common for Type A blood groups to practice outright cannibalism or various forms of it in various forms of slavery, meaning drug dealing to addicts as well. Protect your own, form your own groups for sustenance and survival. Remember the enemy is in power. They want you hooked to alcohol and other drugs. They want to take all that you have. It does not matter if they are killed in this hostile environment. In a way, mankind is like the man on the flying trapeze but we do not know if there is a net if he falls in every case. It only takes one time. Man On The Flying Trapeze (Youtube music) As another song goes, Let The Bodies Hit The Floor. Sheriff Jack Tillman former and federal mafia killing banking judges and bank examiners and their syndicates who attack me, I give permission to Let The Bodies Hit The Floor (youtube music). Sheriff Jack Tillman and federal mafia had attacked me and on 4-3-2001 Sheriff Jack Tillman made a move for the federal mafia in Los Angeles and San Francisco and D.C. and the local enemies in power in Mobile Alabama. They say know ABC, I say know 4321 Y. Beaten Y4? Puppet fodder if they are killed and their guts and brains are exposed for the mice.

Daily Foreword March 25, 2014: I have always felt deceived and at war. Considering I was maimed before birth it is no wonder. Thorough warfare thorough audits and soon you feel like you were never there at the beginning, a simple nub. What a beautiful abortion survivor or what a beautifully maimed child intentionally thwarted in our gang banging war mindset eternal.. I am considering doing a Circus at the bridge commemorating Kurt Cobain in Aberdeen Washington in a traveling PR Set. I want to have all of those maimed at birth and those who support those who are against that maiming and those who support those who are maimed to attend. I also want as a special guest a representative of Judge Thomas Crane Wales to be there. I will have a setup commemorating the method in which the honest "goodie two shoes" banking frauds judge was allegedly killed and I will discuss the root that banking and international money had in his death and my being maimed by federal officials after FDIC bank examiner work in 1999 and 2000 in California and Hawaii and D.C. and investigative and analytical work to present times.. The Falklands War USN sailors had rumors saying we were awash, many of us USN sailors were later exposed to nuclear dust or something. One Spaniard, the dishwasher, jumped ship on that radioactive cruise. He was allegedly told by the shipmate who told me of the nuclear blam in the pacific ocean in 1983. I should have jumped ship. Always jump ship if they are tugging your garbage boat into a nuclear waste pile.

Kurt Cobain of the band Nirvana looked like an abortion survivor to me or one who was altered before birth. We have a sort of saltwater burned appearance or some odd thing you do not want to recognize and often what some consider insane creative impulses. Those children of the radioactive set have so many anamolies that it makes me depressed to openly tell you what I know. Nuclear war and modern war will leave all of mankind on Earth sick and impaired mentally and physically.

To see the dead or the burn victim? That is the question at this Kurt Cobain sťance led by Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone. I will bring characters from the devils triangle either in real life or in jest. Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" Till-man of Mobile AL County Jail and his starving inmates, and , and ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol of the San Francisco Bay Area and Her or His Master "Big DIC", and the LA Federal Commander on Federal Torture of Veterans and Honest Federal Bank Examiners. The audit I ran and the events in the triangle including the hypotenuse and Braman OK and the explosion the Zhendong aircraft, or was it fracking I witnessed, a monster of an explosion. Xu Xu and Yu of Bank of China, money launderers will be there as well with Timothy McVeigh whose head was packed with gauze before his death. All evidence now dead. What happened to "Thou Shall not Kill". I will illustrate the Hologram effect soon as well. That is another venue where the two hypotenuses of two devils triangles intersect. I will bring together all inflammatory sects of our society and create a spectacle to behold, The Devils Hologram effect.

To commemorate less pain, no alcohol or hard drugs are allowed although cannabis and incense are allowed. Some pervert everything. They take Christianity and seek the devil, they take reike's healing powers and kill and poison, they take Buddha's words and make life short, they take, we have given. A war where all can be cut without anyone noticing and we all burn to watch the sword swallower ignite. After all, we all get our turn in the pit soon enough. I see often many things in an easily calculable mathematical framework from the inside to the outside. Some people have a one day life. Drosophila, the 24 hour winged fruit fly, the flailing 24 hour pill and its human embryo abortion. I am a bit depressed and accept maternal wedding things because those who kill others young and their own call me Crazy (youtube music). If I try to get MRSA treated on my hand at a regular state hospital or federal hospital even if I caught it from being treated like a wet slug by those who control the FDIC, I will be abused and tortured as I was in 2001 and 2004. I was put in too many wars. You too are being cut down without knowing what hit you. I accept donations for medical treatment. zkurt555 at yahoo dot com. Remember whose crazy. Remember Vietnam. Remember the abortion victims. Predatory cannibal bastards deserve a merciful death if you suck from your child's own bloodied teet. Kind of like vampires really, the vampire race, the human race.

Daily Foreword March 22, 2014: How odd it is to beat the odds. That is the queerest of the queer paradigm. That painting is for sale on this site for 9.11 million dollars. Underneath is the alleged abortion survivor and on top of the painting is a picture of the North West corner of what I call the Devils triangle, looking out over San Francisco Bay and the Pacific to Marin country among the historical decapitated and incapacitated. MY audits and investigations covered LA to SF to Mobile AL initially. Mankind has been decapitated, most obviously and I was left maimed. The small of our back exposed in the dark, our arms over our heads, and they claim we are predisposed to looking unsafe, for the betterment of all, all balls to the wall. Whose paradigm do those people at the airports espouse? Pop goes the weasel. I feel like a gumball. .

In other matters I see that cannibalism is now raging in the USA. As usual as in the last epoch of slavery, those who have the largest number of type B blood types in their population are under the boot heel of those with type A blood. Except many type A blood mothers there suffer just as the type B blood mothers. I am speaking of the South East USA population, a high percentage of type B blood present, being devoured by the population on the West Coast of the USA, a large percentage of type A blood present. Marijuana should be legalized in the South East USA and no one jailed for usage or cultivation. Pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, and other hard drugs are throughout the South East USA and a dear friend of mine of African descent and likely USA slavery descent was jailed for cultivation of a pound for his now dead father years ago. I scratch ankle and ask, what bit me on "Sun Shine Knee".

Daily Foreword March 21, 2014: In California I feel I have been at war since I arrived. In Alabama I was at war from the time I was conceived. Now I would like to remind you that in the war against our people, our enemies will use anything they have against us. Their cross will wave in our face while their gun is pointed into our heads. I have found that a camera is your best defense. There is no need to argue with them. Because I was maimed and basically starved, I do not care who is killed around me. Just yesterday I went to a restaurant and immediately was subjected to harassment, in a primarily Hispanic and Asian restaurant in a business area. A token negro showed up with his bullet proof vest and the Asian woman with the fake pregnancy. There may have been a police station nearby. I have been harassed there at that restaurant before. I like buffets because my enemies can't bribe cooks to poison our food in the restaurants, however they can be distracted and chemicals placed in the food or drink or on the utensils. The waitress was likely paid and made a motion and laughed that urine was in the tea. Tea I did not drink. And they lied about the coupon price. Also never leave a coupon book such as Pennysaver on it behind as I did by accident. It will have the address and they could kill or rob or rape or maim your household.

We should make money off of our enemies downfall in the government or society when over run by those who are aggressors against us and our loved ones. If our enemies or their followers or mercenaries should fall down dead, remember how they will leave us. These are cannibals, and they go all the way to D.C. and beyond. In Southern California I have come across a group of likely prison gangs of the Aryan brotherhood and Hispanics hooked together and branching off into predatory activities orchestrated by those in government and outside government. Do not fear death. Welcome global Armegeddon if necessary. You can not die only flee. Take it from an alleged abortion survivor who rides with the anti-hit man. California and Colorado and Washington and Nevada and Arizona stuff ballot boxes so they can make money off of various schemes to rob the USA of money and health. I welcome syndicated wars in a new vein. I will now pray for our enemies to be removed from our paths our past present future.

Daily Foreword March 18, 2014: I Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone feel that I am under attack in California. My two big mistakes were serving the USA military during the Falklands War and also working at the FDIC during the start of banking deregulation. I was put in two war zones and have been under fire ever since and cut in more ways than one. The areas of the San Francisco bay area and Los Angeles have become the hub of west coast criminal activities. Do you remember the diddley, the leg bone is connected to the shin bone is connected to the foot bone? In the same way the various prison gangs are connected to their various facets in power over the USA governments in that state, therefore the Paso Robles area and East is included in the new crime wave. I would like to have the FDIC directorate pay me at least a 1 million dollar severance so I can afford healthcare without torture. It is their radiation tumor that needs removal and other smaller less pressing needs. If any one ever pulls a knife or sharp object on me, or if they institute attacks on me while I try to dine, I pray to God they are killed before I or my host loses a moment of unwarranted stress. Some of the government, controlled by powerful syndicates, have The police and criminals trying to destroy and rob many of us. So the torch turns on the hand that lights it, then what? We'll see, as Marilyn says, "You will see" How odd to beat the odds and what a Manson he was before when he looked more like a gar.

California government or federal government or an exterior power is exerting their force on California and fracking is underway on the fault line with an earthquake caused in Westwood on March 18, 2014 (google news link). A rocket of some sort was fired into the fault line that runs from south of Mt. Diablo to a point south near Fresno or Pleasanton, etc. I found the date and time of the rocket hitting in my Daily Foreword Notes "Daily Foreword January 10, 2014: (update 17:58 or 5:58 pm a falling meteor or aircraft or part of a rocket or shrapnel in the Southeast Corner of the Bay area down toward Walnut Creek or Livermore)" In hindsight it looked like a solid thin missile and could have hit as far away as Fresno or as close as Mt. Diablo and a line down to Pleasanton. A search triangle for the cracked tectonic plate.

The fault line hit goes from east of San Francisco and the fault line goes South to Los Angeles in the recent earthquake neighborhood, Westwood. The Fault line also extends from Mt. Diablo to the North and and goes North North West to West of Eureka California and in the Pacific Ocean. An eye witness saw a small thin rocket fired somewhere at the foot of Mt. Diablo towards Pleasanton, into the ground on January 10th at 5:58 p.m.. On the date of the Earthquake in Westwood, a loud explosion like a thunder clap was heard and the Earth jolted the same witness who was looking out onto Mt. Diablo at the time the fracking earthquake hit Westwood. The rocket came from a low cloud bank and had a small amount of fire behind it and then disappeared. It had no explosion when it hit the center point of the line I have drawn from Los Angeles to Mt. Diablo to the Pacific Ocean West of Eureka. Sounds like Men in Black, " If you can't get a permit to frack it, just hit the center of the fault line with one of our target seeking missiles in the broken tectonic plate at the faulty tooth area. Chelation removal services, for sale and hire in the bay area. "

Could this have been the same thing that happened to our beloved and at one time pristine Gulf of Mexico when the Earth was shattered and oil spewed forth in 2010, or was it 2010? I had a stroke from forced injections in 2001 or was it in 2004? Both. The Earth has changed. Our chained are in our maimed, our shame is in the dictators manes. Rock and roll now in North California. I have always wanted a home with a Westward viewing mountain on one big Westward plate. Terrorism or fracking for geo wealth? Watch those box blade and needle carrying hooligans behind you in those x-rays booths at all of the major and minor USA airports. Shield your necks, shield your nuts, Sheriff Jack "Snatch" of Mob AL and federal D.C. hoochie coochie cockroaches have amped the voltage to torch selected testicles. Birth defects. Toxins, are never addressed by the dictators in power.

A comedy much like Little Big Man with Dustin Hoffman, I have come to see Father on Mt. Diablo. He is sitting there in his banking glasses almost blind since birth or perhaps blind now. I say to him, "Father did you see the explosion when it went off and caused the Earthquake in Westwood?" "Yes I did my blind Navy son". "I warned you to not do as I did. Do not join the wave of men who have taken over this continent in their petty battles." "This rocket was an outrage and I bet it broke God's electronics." Father I reply, "There are no electronics down there father, only rocks and sage brush and pot growers cross fire." "Save me something son when they have destroyed the Earth." "Father you and I will sail the Southern sky and climb that mountain you talked about" Father says, "It will slope West so I can kneel down and overlook all of mankind like a clown." I reply, "I hope so father" Father replies, "Had LAX ANNUS have been around I would not have died". "I hope so too father, I hope Lazarus brings a laxative to release the shit held only by mankind" Father replies, "That will be the end of mankind, the day that we all die" I reply, "I hope so too father".

Secondary Weapons Analysis of the weapon I saw has lead me to consider the two months and 10 days between the time I saw the missile hit the ground and the earthquake in Westwood California. In terms of a coil and resistance, two full moon rotations and .33 of a rotation and the coil may have reached its peak in some other terms. Also is the possibility of two electrodes placed in the Earth, each oriented down the fault line to the other and at the moment of power pulse thereby causing the crack on the -Y axis a correspondent crack is made juxtaposed going North on the positive Y axis. I am speaking of a revolutionary new weapon that turns the earth under our feet into a resistance coil with a release at a critical point of all energy in the coil. If you imagine a test beaker with a magnetic pellet in it with a spinning element under the beaker alternating the polls, you could drill a hole in the Earth with the method I have envisioned. Specified earthquakes of regulated magnitude. However like all dreams there comes the first law of thermodynamics, that all things come apart in the end, or Murphy's law in that if anything can go wrong it will. The nuclear blasts of 1954 and 1961, Castle Bravo and Tsar Bomba, gave us 7.66 celestial coils. Amazing. Now, is that what squished our little brains, or did they scramble our mothers genetics with a nuclear blast in the Gulf of Mexico so long ago, or perhaps Hell on Earth needs a friend, a wife, a maiden, hell on Earth. The rabbi asked me "Y are you here?" "Y" A satanic symbol and a peace symbol. A split question. The answer, "Y should I not be here?" Or perhaps, I should really ask, "Am I here?" If not, "then Y am I here?"

Daily Foreword March 17, 2014: If God exists, I must have been used for some stink filled sh-t. In analysis of hindsight of past criminal encounters and war types of people and experiences in both, I came to realize that I was seeing things like a guard dog after a while. God gave me experiences in Hell on Earth and encounters with various killer types and situations as my maimed life progressed. I soon realized that not only was my head shaped like a cat but I had instincts others did not possess. The latest situation I have come to realize is the peril many elderly people are in in the USA. A constant threat is posed in public and on the internet for many who have small pensions. Those pensions are increasingly targets of highly sophisticated wealth eradication schemes. Not only is their pension at risk but also their minds, theirs bodies, their lives. Targeted assassination of those who try to defend them will become more common. On the West Coast of the USA I have uncovered a domestic police situation hooked into various crimes syndicates of all types of criminal gangs present in the huge prison population of California.

Sadly in many situations, drug addicted and sociopathic prostitutes and actors and actresses are used on the internet and in public situations to target the elderly and their wealth. The various syndicated and often race and family closed groups are using the prostitutes and actors and actresses and other sociopaths to get to the elderly often presenting a family appearance, often with a one parent household and a child or child actor in tow. It is very profitable and sadly they are using drugs to not only rape the elderly but to knock them unconscious. Many of them are trained to knock people out by grabbing the carotid artery on their neck. Reports of suspected rapes and robberies or manipulations of currencies from the elderly in the form or loans or extortion or simple pandering is common. Our elderly at risk. You should know your parents business and those in their presence if they are holders of properties and large financial fund manipulations. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than a nice breakfast and a truly nice morning. A dog's breath I will bring.

In other matters, I would like to change this date from Saint Patricks Day to Latin Lazarus day. 4 days in the grave, like me Jack, remember the adage 4-3-2001?. I met this investigative journalist's linchpin of the devils triangle I traveled that day, a possum man, sick in the head, greed filled and indifferent to my death. How many times did I die Snatch 4321? 432,001. Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" Till-man wanted to give me an abortion survivors teet death by illegally snatching my gun permit?. Losing My Religion, music down the hall Youtube. You are better off to grab a lion by the teeth if someone has been brought back from the dead to fine those not right in the head. By the way? How was club med, Grills? Mr Crowley (youtube music). I at one time had a bigger dream, one of those lies, perhaps? Outer space colonization. Magic Carpet Ride (Youtube music). I want Snatch to present me a report and tell me what all three of these songs played together synchronously sound like in the after life. Snatch might hear, "Kurt is a tangled up catch. Oye" Or perhaps "Kurt is a tangled up Cat boy?"

Perhaps what is needed is an odd 50 ft. Queenie, (Youtube music.) In our world, on instinct, many would kill each other without hesitation, so bring on a giant. Come As You Are (youtube music).

Its called Mommy anxiety in psychology, and mommy is like the center line of the accordion diaghram that appears and disappears with each note over time. Fear of death, fear of mommy disappearing forever, may be totally unfounded, and all of consciousness may be one, but for a squished brain rat chewing slo-ly on sociopaths it makes yu feel numb. I use psychology as a tool Jack and federal felons in God's ears, tears, and mine. The triangle traveled is a know man's dream, makes a possum man's victims want to scream. Useless rat tears. Useless rat fears. After my abduction torture and being maimed since 2001, or perhaps before that time, I was told by someone, their eyes in tears, "You do not know what you have lost." My life perhaps, or perhaps they cut out my brain, now just spinning my wheels in the mud, my name, truK.

The inverted latin lesson today is the name Lazarus and his role in history, real or contrived. Lazarus is a latin name and its English derivation interprets, if you use the twist, LAX meaning loose or not restraining, and arus meaning annus or annual. One life not binding, meaning no rigor mortis. Ironically LAX ANNUS fits with the Queerest of the Queer Paradigm and its hidden meaning of a dead being underneath in this house talisman for sale through this Mobile Audit Club website, 9.11 Million or best offer. Imagine as in my case, I am dead from overdose and forced injections while seeking other ordinary healthcare at LA VA Westwood in 2001 or Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona in early 2004 or a nuclear bomb goes off in Braman or Blackwell Oklahoma in December 2004 and I am on the interstate. I am released 112 days later in 2001 or four days later from FSMC in early 2004, or I drive through the explosion in December of 2004 and just think of the explosion as interesting. In another time and place split at that instance I lay dead for a witness many times over, with others for me to witness. Imagine time and space non constraining and at the same time cut from the root, basic instincts. Perhaps the abortion or war survivor was there for 112 days only, or perhaps the cut piece is the pie in your eye so many times to be so odd, to beat the odds..

I was once told of planes that would have abnormal flight issues as we approached the center of the milky way galaxy on Earth. The planes would pick up from the end as in accumulation of mass behind the rudder and under the plane when descending for approach to landing. Magnetic roll or disequilibrium if contained could give you a free ride for the flip and spin on the mark on the dime.

Daily Foreword March 16, 2014: A new video released today by Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone at youtube saintrambone videos discussing abortion survivors or are they war survivors? My Betz equation calculations using nuclear blasts of history as a power source opens one new door to weaponry used against us and not on mass media and I explain thes theorems on page Love Line 12 of this site. The rumors being spread by Ted and his fake female feet built into those fancy new prosthetic legs is getting boring and that midget is copping attitude, so stay out of my den. Never drink or do pills or smoke. Our enemies in power have poisoned our minds and our bodies are poisoned by toxins so do not eat much wild caught fish. Our lives are a lie on this planet. I have suffered horribly, so I guess I am prejudiced or biased if I pray for the end of human time. But then again, does not a maimed animal pray for the end of its suffering? Lame ball, that is what they should call our new Earth. We need leaders, not enemies in power. I would welcome a military dictator if free colonies were guaranteed in space. I can more likely find sheep in my hat fur

Daily Foreword March 15, 2014: I am urging the young to leave the USA in an exodus type movement. The war against our people has waged since my birth and before. The USA is a poisoned place and getting worse. Poisoned people, poisoned water, poisoned food and drugs. Marijuana was once sold exclusively in California legally in the USA. Now in those regions that grew marijuana there is opium. The opium is reaching into the USA along with other poisons from the pharmaceutical industry. I was told not to join the military by my father and my grandmother. My road through federal employment has led to my fathers prophecies being fulfilled. He said that we servicemen would develop medical conditions from exposure to toxins and the government would not pay. My father also said that the government lies to you and later they will put a knife to your throat. Because I was injected and maimed by government officials, I can only regret that I did not leave the USA or take up law as an occupation. I was in finance and journalism. I ended up investigating medical atrocity. The government over our people is a dictator. As an abortion survivor maimed for my speech impediment with claims of insanity, I welcome God to slit my enemies throats and let the blood flow slow like poison from the veins. They are sociopaths over the government in Alabama and California. I welcome Global Armegeddon but I am biased and a ray of son shine on a Monday. Last Monday the song, "Monday Monday" was heard in the ether and soon a US Airways flight did not land right in Philadelphia. What is that old blues song, lets see, a cow bell and a referee saying "You've got to keep them separated." Many of us are better off dead and life is an illusion. I was so close to death as an embryo. How many of us have been maimed? We are the lower caste. Let us welcome Global Armegeddon or our own maimed extinction. A ray of son spine, mundane, mundane. Every other day is fine, every other day we take it up the behind, mundane mundane.

Daily Foreword March 13, 2014: When I look back at my native city and my upbringing in the USA and historical events surrounding my birth and my youth, it is obvious we were born into a world in which our side had lost a war. To this day I have to pay for that war crime against many of us and I am unsure what it was that hit us, whether nuclear contamination or deliberate maiming of the "yet to be born". Regardless many of us were born into a world that is like Hell, many of us maimed by unknown means and methods. I welcome the end of the rat existence. California is a third world like Alabama, both of which are much more of a third world than places like Colombia simply because those in the USA maim and murder their own young and many of us were maimed and murdered before birth or soon after by government decree. I picture the end of time for humans to have that effervescent smell, ripe, poignant, final. We are kicked down before birth and then kicked down throughout our lives. Some want to forcibly take what little we have, so is life really worth anything to an abortion survivor? .

The dark side of life for someone who is partially dead is odd at old age. There is that reaching and pulling effect on the dark side, a sort of manifestation of physical change through prayer of a sort, to exact change here and now. Often I hear people speaking of the "Christ Complex." Many people think they are Christ because they think only they and Christ are innocent, or a "Goodie Two Shoes" as I call them. It is ironic Jesus was killed due to his blockage of high finance in the predatory vein of human society. To this day many I think are killed or were killed recently for being a Goodie Two Shoes. Federal Banking Frauds Judge Thomas Crane Wales was likely one of those goodie two shoes. Shot in his head on 10-11-2001.

As a comedy I picture myself getting MRSA treated on my left hand at an abortion/STD Clinic. MRSA is a normal infection from a cut really and not an STD. I also picture the dead side of myself emerging and it is Jesus Christ and he first wants the nail hole treated medically at an abortion clinic on his right hand and then he emerges. A report comes out that Jesus Christ and the Anti-Christ are touring abortion clinics in hoping of getting some affordable medical care and traveling in an old beat up pickup truck. As an alleged abortion survivor, if you ever try to abort a child, and if the child survives, it is maimed, therefore finish killing the child, as it is a mercy killing. I should know. This Earth has no mercy for the living and those of us born maimed are really better off dead from the start. I was tortured and maimed for an alleged speech impediment from youth when I was abducted by financial war criminal profiteers who have hi-jacked USA government medical care and federal facilities and overtaken and the banking regulatory industry.

Daily Foreword March 10, 2014: Recently I took an airline flight from California to Alabama. Once I hit Alabama on the return flight from Mobile I was subjected to multiple search and X-rays. In the USA in our native cities we are often treated like lesser animals by those in power in those cities. They are usually lesser intelligent government workers who work for a like-minded sociopath. In cities such as Los Angeles, California, or even the state of California, it is suicidal and naÔve to even enter, which is why it pays to not stop there, just keep moving in such cut-throat and predatory places.

Their machine to X ray us is not only toxic but it subjects us to the terrorist activities of the dictators sociopaths in power. One guard even said they should look up my ass after they had taken my computer back to look at and all of my belongings. The door closes on the X ray machine and the curtain closes and it is pitch black dark for one second as if you are involved in a terrorist attack. The back of my neck was cut slightly in the machine as there is a person behind the curtain behind you when you are in the machine.

The greatest mistake I ever made was coming close to those who work in government, both in the US Navy and at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. They act as if you are allies with them in the beginning but in the end you will be betrayed and stabbed with needles or knives. You are on your own in the USA and those in power over many of the worlds governments are the same. It is my belief that any future militant groups in the USA should likely have larger and more advanced weaponry to counter attacks by our enemy factions who have come to power, and more importantly new revolutionary escape methods. I applaud the deaths of the sociopathic factions in power just as they applaud the maiming and the deaths of successful abortions of healthy children in this pen we call the USA.

Of course like all holocausts exterminations and mass mutilations of groups of humans, we will most likely go down in a whimper, just as I have, just as others have throughout history. The thing about time is that the present seems forever looming. Present time looming, which is a partial absurdity in abstract. The end of time to an alleged abortion survivor who was mutilated by the factions in power illustrates the absurdity of realism in their trap, present time looming doom for us for me, poor us, poor me. I was told radioactive dust was all over Paris and San Francisco has those shards. Bar me from San Francisco huntin dog and Paris well make pigs squeal. Absurdity looks up the rectum of an old man for balloons in a domestic USA airport flight, more likely to find a nutsack that looks like a sphincter that is in fact the usual, prostate. Do abortion clinics reduce swollen prostates in old wise men who have in fact lived in a holocaust state of the USA for their entire lives?

In closing, a real to life comedy segment: Scene, a Community Planned Parenthood Clinic Waiting Room: I start a conversation with a lady there starting to show pregnancy, early pregnancy. I say to her, "I see you are in the motherly way. I am an abortion survivor but I am also a former federal employee who is tortured every time I seek health care in a state or federal hospital." "I am here to get this MRSA infection taken care of." I show her my left hand. You can see it in the real to life youtube saintrambone videos from the more recent sets of videos. "I am half dead you know. They missed me when I was his age" and I point and say, "Her age, Helen Wheels" A hand reaches from the dead side of mind and there it is, the nail hole, that pierced mark. The woman looks startled and I reply " There are many Goodie Two Shoes among us they say. I believe it is true or at least hope it is, but I wonder."

Daily Foreword March 9, 2014: Because I was born missing much of the left hemisphere of my brain, either from an alleged abortion attempt or an act of war against the unborn, I have decided that God decapitate some abortion doctors and give me one third of their left hemisphere. If it is a small third then we will jam several hemispheres into my left brain hemisphere area. I will want to be a holy man as well and will be asking for the obscene plasticine rabbi to donate half of his bean in natures natural course, of course, as if I am going to be obscene, I want to know where I have bean.

Daily Foreword March 7, 2014: Being stalked by anyone is a bitch. But when they start ripping off money from the elderly, doping people up in their homes or their resident automobiles, and doing all sorts of perverted things that the truly sociopathic do whether in government or in civilian society, then you have to stand up and fight or retreat, even if a government worker or actor or actress, cross dresser or queen or soldier, child or midget or freak, from a blind perspective it is all too mean, as they stand always poised to attack..

Mobile Audit Club is for hire by contacting zkurt555 at . .

Today an Asian man tried to run into me on an interstate in the Bay area of San Francisco. He was in a Mercedes. He looked scared or maybe he was having steering problems. He might have been trying to get me to pull over to discuss the Malaysia thing, the missing plane bound for Beijing.

Daily Foreword March 7, 2014: In my efforts to promote, Abortion defined as A Bor Tion, in latin means a being with a hole within, the Ellen DeGeneres show recognized my effort. A movie set with a Halloween motif was on stage and a white statue with a hole in the abdomen was on stage and a hairless death white figure emerged to frighten the passing lady. As an abortion survivor, I found it rather offensive or rather misleading. I see the dead part of myself as an angel that can do no wrong, as innocent as a snowflake, and just as apt to disappear or reappear.

However I am glad the idea was recognized. When I was passing through the Mobile Alabama regional airport turnstile, in the x ray machine, I was told to raise my arms, and for a brief second the door closed black and someone from behind reached up and cut the back of my neck just slightly as if with a boxcutter tip. I leaned back into it when it hit so it would go deep and I turned my head and the man at the door said I moved, as I exited this past Tuesday. (Ruby Tuesday, Youtube music) The stewardess told me I was bleeding when I got on the first of a series of planes bound for Los Angeles. I was bleeding in seat A1 ironically, or was it "C1"?. I prayed for the wing to break off just before Los Angeles when we hit turbulence. I prayed to die when the angel fell so long ago, that part of myself cut out and dismembered through what ever means. The war is escalating again so I will just wish them away.

Ellen, we the abortion survivors, or perhaps the I that stands, are more like Swiss Cheese, worse than spongiform disease in some respects. I hear music in the hallway of death when I am down and stressed. It keeps me alive. I did not know Ellen was from Metairie. I was among the homeless and drunks there as a child, passers by, forever drifting. I want an RV, a small one, 22 feet or less Ellen. I am not a dead being, white like chalk and soaked in seawater. I am alive. The angel is in the ether around us. I would like to perhaps highlight this abortion thing and the suicide thing and stop it. I would do work for the ride if you want to send me an email at "Baby You Can Drive My Car" Youtube. Mr. Babbit lets me drive his truck. I picture an eagle with a truk in one talon and a baby in a crib in the other for my Salvador Dali wish.

In the lower part of the Eagle picture I envisioned, I listened to the sound of thunder go through the sewers of the French Quarter when all else was dead and silent, the sound of the tap dancer, rythymic, and like a rapid fire shotgun underneath with babies being shot in their cribs. This is where the abortion survivors live or don't live, in the sewers of this village of the damned life. Helen Wheels (youtube music)

In my mind, the village of the damned stretches from New Orleans to the East to at least Mobile, perhaps to Jackson Florida and due South East. In the sewers of New Orleans among the dead of the abortion doctors is a man known as Capitaine La Feats. One the Other side of town in Southern California is Captain Kurt, the man who should have Hi-jacked the dieR and opened fire, because what came on 4-3-2001 was the opening of the door on the Village of the damned and as usual another Sheriff hack is in the crack smelling like a greasy ball of sh-t. CF is at the door too so it may time to cut back on the wild seafood due to oil and toxic goop.

Daily Foreword March 6, 2014: I read where Oprah bought her sister a home in Wisconsin. I would like to rent a room near the Jacuzzi with a suite built for abortion survivors and their siblings born after the alleged abortion attempt. We are in a chain of life and when a child is attacked in the womb, the ovaries are nearby and all subsequent children will suffer a lesser or greater amount of damage. Nothing matters in this world when the sun inside stops shining. In the USA many long for global war, instant annihilation. What a spectacle at that first moment of calm after tumult Dinein in Romanian means of, and reverse that and it means foe. Poor Chechnyans like poor Alabamians deserve rocket launchers too.

Daily Foreword March 5, 2014: I have updated the Home Page II linked above. It is regarding Mobile Alabama in a new wave of depravity and deprivation. It appears another woman who is a friend has hung herself. She was around 50. An electrical cord I was told. It was about two weeks ago. Another friend hung herself several years ago in Mobile Alabama and she was around 20. Take a holiday babe, take a walk on the wild side and in the sunshine as far away as you can get before you step in that. I am always concerned about murder, but in this situation recently I was given some logical explanations, for one a woman at 50 hits menopause, and changes in hormone levels with resultant mood swings. The 20 year old I do not know what was the cause as I have no logical explanations from a medical perspective.

Daily Foreword March 4, 2014: To an abortion survivor or someone tortured by the government of the USA, the USA is a cold and heartless place. I was injected and maimed in 2001 and 2004 and it started because I had reported government crimes and they used the speech impediment as the cause for the injections, claiming I was insane. Since that time the USA seems to have taken a free fall and the banking industry and drugs are used against us. The federal government drops off nuclear bombs and keeps us under needles if we own guns. I was first tortured by NSA or Secret Service after working as a bank examiner for the FDIC in the height of the banking wars in 2000 and later I was a journalist.

Considering that things are not what they seem, and that we have all things taken from us before we can even reach it in life, I consider the USA in a holocaust. I was delayed in catching a flight and am in terror of NSA and government officials. I should never fly in the USA. I should leave. Things are not what they seem. As I have gone increasingly blind from the forced injections, I now look at people's eyes in the USA and I see lifeless automatrons behind the sparkle of the delusion of the doll eye created by technology. Heartless savage beasts rule for a bit.

Daily Foreword March 2, 2014: The America we knew has ended and the false hopes and lies are exposed in redundancy in our era, if you can decipher what is happening. When I was in federally forced and state forced exile in 2002 in Indian Country of Northern California I was told by a Deputy named Mo, whom I do respect, that heroin was being grown in grow rooms that are normally used for medical cannabis in many areas and it was problematic. Now in 2014 I have read Heroin is in abundance and huge shipments have been stopped from Asia and the number of heroin addicts at methadone clinics has multiplied. That was likely one load of an avalanche of heroin on the streets that was recently stopped. Never use heroin. If you do, you should likely go ahead and kill yourself if methadone does not help withdrawal symptoms because your life as you knew it is through.

It appears the medical marijuana states and the one that has legalized it is in the Spanish speaking areas of the USA although English is still predominant. The ballot boxes are being stuffed in the Spanish speaking states so marijuana stays almost legal and thereby inside grow rooms are often used in abundance. In that is the problem. Indoor grow rooms in the USA can grow huge amounts of heroin. Marijuana should be legalized and grow room hardware should be monitored for sale and heroin importers should be robbed and executed, just as the Chinese handled the problem. I am encouraging an exodus of many of the young in the USA to other nations if they survive through their teenage years.

Daily Foreword March 1, 2014: Today I had a computer glitch in the chip implanted in my brain or broadcast into my brain or I saw one of those blind spots that comes with stroke in the occipital lobe from forced injections by those USA (international) federal war criminals in 2001 who are more akin to apes than men.

I saw a square in my field of vision in the lower part of the visual field as would be seen in the remaining good hemisphere of my brain, my usual blind area when looking at the sun. My computer was locking up and would not work with my wifi broadcast. A sort of dead silence hit the area and it made me think of the one second you might feel in the prelude to the largest blast you can imagine.

Now after I saw the barcode square in the corner of my eye, I realize I must have had a seizure in my occipital lobe as a quick blackened area came across the eye like an image, thin and the length of my vision. I often make jokes to myself that someone I know has died at that moment I see that image but it is just from the torture I endured under the dictators in power and their needle bearers in Los Angeles tried to destroy me in their pursuit of the final prize in the banking and drug wars waging in the USA. How far can this go? I see Akindele and I and an Obscene Plasticine Rabbi and one shadow figure in Blazing Saddles in the Devils Triangle seeking the truth. I also hope to see Oprah's breasts in her Jacuzzi in Montecito or her nieces breasts in that hot water. It helps me to soak the painful joints made sick by forced injections by federal government.

In todays world, regardless of race, you are lucky if you are not born maimed. When the genetic code is altered it makes it much harder to stop recessive diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis of the North Europeans and Sickle Cell of the African population. Mathematically when recessive diseases increase it makes more sense to do the exact of opposite of inbreeding. .

Daily Foreword February 28, 2014: An analysis of the place of my birth, the Village of the Damned, is like looking into a bizarre kaleidoscope of Hell with flickering of hopes that will most likely turn into more blazing Hellish lives. For those of us damaged through nuclear and toxic contamination and those of us damaged through abortion attempts or those damaged through forced injections and for those of us being targeted by predators, let us welcome the flesh cleansing bloodbath of total extinction. Mankind never saw consciousness as one. The war is escalating as the rats of the rat race chew on each other. Rat Chew Yu Zhendong, set it off again, let them see. I saw it explode near OKC, a burning airliner perhaps in 2004 or a satellite or a war or someone following me got shot down or they have taken control of my mind through implants while I was unconscious. Do not fear the extinguishing of Hell on Earth. As an aside and as an indicator in the grand clock I envisioned in a collection of audits and investigations and surreal ponderings over time and space I caught the Possum man Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama in my snares and his supporters caught me in theirs, mine illusory, his are real. The Possum man was spotted at around the time of Mardi Gras in Mobile Alabama and is emaciated. That is ironic considering he was starving men in jail and he and others like him crushed my hopes of autonomy in employment in investigating them. Bring an attorney. Their government is the opponent in legal warfare and they are at war with us. Many predators in society target us, so be it, we are in a damned society of cannibals so who cares who lives or dies on the other side of the warfare line. I do not care if extermination is escalated . Why don't you trust in its self righteous suicide.

Human society is gang warfare. As usual the lower level is paid by the higher level to take the attacks from those who would and are able to attack. The people of the Gulf Coast are often sick from alcohol consumption particularly around Mardi Gras. It is a bizarre sickness of alcoholism, seizures inside the brain from the alcohol toxicity coupled with daily stress and stimulus. Marijuana is a lesser drug but I recommend fresh air and clean water if you are not hooked to either of the above. Of course there are the other drug addicts and the psychopaths that crawl with it. Today I hear the hounds of Hell. I heard one hit the ground and then I heard a shot. A .22 in a corner or a .38 in a towel, or perhaps an echo from the Hell that is this Earth and my memories. When those who are attacking me attack, I can sometimes count 6. Liars and killers I welcome to hear their screams of misery and for mercy and I hope they hear their own needles piercing their hearts. I would expect at least 5 or 6 in any war party that would want to gut me.

Daily Foreword February 27, 2014: If you are young, you have decisions to make about your life. I encourage the young to view the USA government and many of their industries as predatory and often toxic to you and your young. Alcohol and drugs and guns are used to imprison the innocent among us. If you buy a gun, be prepared to fight to the death to protect it or do not own it. If the federal police want you bad enough, the syndicates of the predatory stripe will make you appear as a criminal and torture you rob you and possibly inject you and maim you for simple legal gun ownership. Consider other nations as your residence. I would have left at age 18 if I had not been brain damaged in the embryonic stage. Now that I am as recovered as I can be, I see viciousness of an animal nature being exacted against many of us. Downs Syndrome type conditions are often experienced among the young in polluted areas and men who are in the military often have deformed children due to toxins exposure. I was being stalked at one time recently and if they followed me today and if you see the long tall skinny, you have my permission to detain for questioning. Actors and actresses, liars and thieves, a new sort of predator is among us and I am sure they want their toll. Some cities have grown a new vein of predatory actors and activities. They may be injecting the elderly in California and drugging them to make the needle easier to hit the vein. Those type then take as much money as they can in manipulation of the targets. If you run across that type of parasite, I am sure God would forgive you if you killed a serial killer who was caught as a predator on the innocent. The only law that really matters is Gods law and often to stop acts of abuse the abuser has to be dealt with in finality.

Daily Foreword February 26, 2014: The USA is a holocaust camp for me since before my birth. You should be aware that in states that were considered bastions of freedom are now simply large medical guinea pig torture chambers and prison establishments with laws designed to put the common in prison if the people in power want you out of the way. California and Alabama are the same for most of us. D.C. is a dead end road in employment if you choose the wrong side in the battles for control, which are often orchestrated from outside the government. Many of us are targeted in California federal employment. A poll was taken of abortion survivors and those imprisoned or maimed by federal officials who are in the cannibal trades, and it was decided that four out of five hope no one gets out alive in any escalating wars. Beware of California and D.C. and Alabama and etc. The nation was over run by predators. Outside of a monetary perspective, if you are investigating government crimes you are better to take your own life if the federal dictators try to take you hostage. Never own a gun. They sell it to you and then call it a crime, much like marijuana. At the top of their governmental control is our worst enemy, and they are hidden and not in view. They control the puppet president and senate and all medical and military hubs the governments control. It could be a full technological hostile take over we witnessed. See my Betz theory and Nikola Tesla on Love Line 12 of Mobile Audit Club website.

Daily Foreword February 25, 2014: Today I was told that someone came by my address near Oprah's Montecito home's Jacuzzi. I asked Dr. Phil to have abortion survivors, and the mothers suffering PTSD from abortion meet on the show. I also asked that my friend Akindele have his own show with me. He sought descendants of Africa's Yoruba tribe members. A Yoruba king was taken to the Mobile Alabama port as a slave. I will have to ask him the year they estimate he was taken. Akindele and I traveled the same triangle by coincidence Mobile to LA to San Francisco and contrary to another rumor, we are not lovers. Although I would like to have him play a piano for us and sing while I am in the Jacuzzi with Oprah.

I also said a lot of abortion survivors look like burn victims or worse. Was it common for many in the USA and on Earth and my region on the Gulf Coast to have been impacted by the series of events in war and industry, nuclear blasts, etc., or were we just being targeted by those who maimed the multitude? The Cuban missile crisis indicates a likely nuclear spill, a vendetta paid back, not from Russia necessarily and not Cuba. Many of us were likely maimed before birth. Do not believe it if a Dr. says your mother gave you the abortion or her father gave your mother an abortion, etc. This world has been in war since the beginning of time and the first thing to go missing is the truth. To those abortion survivors who were almost drowned and not screwed with a metal object, we all live in a yellow submarine. Hell yeah, party time, almost dead. An Asian woman said to survive you have to behave as a shrimp. I think she wanted my child but the Secret service and the con artists from near and afar had me nervous in the last Holy town.

After they trephine you as an infant, the federal government waits for you to grow up so they can inject you forcibly and subject you to electrical shock for having a speech impediment. The real reason for their torture was that I described their government members heinous crimes and the crimes against high level banking regulatory officials. As a witness, I can say we in banking oversight were like small rafts at sea, too small to matter in the big scene. Then they tortured me some more. It is the third world way in the new USA. I was placed in the middle of the federal banking oversight wars in 1999 and put myself in the middle of the Falklands era military exposure in 1982 and 1983. Had I not been brain damaged at birth I would have fled the USA. My grandmothers words, "Remember Vietnam.". And because the Writ of Habeus Corpus no longer exists and we are punished with forced injections before being taken to court, I changed the last sentence of the pledge of allegiance from "Justice for all" to, "Promise to keep my eyes crossed."

The banking wars ended, we will have one bank. The Falklands war is over and the British did not control the UK then or now, and nobody really knows who controls Argentina or the Falklands. If the SS says I am threatening those at the Dr. Phil show, then to quote Jerry Lee Lewis, "Well they can eat the umbilical cord out of this abortion survivors ass. Sh--T" A song lyric for you "You shake my balls and you rattle my face, you abortion flies are a bloody disgrace, oh what a thrill, to watch them kill, goodness gracious three balls of desire." In comedy of course, "I think I would like to have Dr. Phil have a Hammer Head Shark ear graft." We all have those unique ears as abortion survivors.

Instincts tell me that many people have been attacked with intentions of death by the assailant or they wanted to make us plumb daft, some retarded, many insane and unable to function. Deep inside I welcome the continuation of the global war because I feel we are captive in a cage and tortured and maimed like vermin, a lesser animal, our slice of mankind.

Daily Foreword February 23, 2014: This morning I got a denial for a request to attend a post abortion meetup on Many young women are almost forced or forced into abortions and many of them have regrets later or ptsd from the event. If I attended would I be arrested? Arrest the attempted murder victim. I might just want to spread their legs with momma's permission and place a seed inside and let it ride like "Bonnie and Clyde".

Recently an abortion clinic worker of some sort came to me and apologized. He said, "I am so sorry they would not give you antibiotics for your MRSA infection" "They will burn a baby with acid but not medically treat a living human being that their predecessors left alive and maimed." I felt the mans words were touching and heartfelt. But he should know I used the Planned Parenthood Clinic to get antibiotics for MRSA because it creates a Catch 22 situation if they consider arresting me. To this day I have horrific pain in my shoulders from something the federal government forcibly injected into me in Los Angeles in 2001. It has made physical work painful. The LA VA Westwood or the following torture at Flagstaff Medical Center gave me a stroke and those federal mobsters robbing the banking industry destroyed my career and my health. They are apparently at war with many of us honest USA citizens, some of those factions..

I pray those who benefit from harming us are forced to pay in one form or another or that we be given our merciful deaths by God. I encourage people to travel in pairs usually if going to seek government healthcare in a VA or State hospital, and you should do the same if investigating the criminals among us in government and in society. Always stay in each others site and in known torture encampments such as LA VA Westwood Hospital and the Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona, you should have three people, one outside, and one at the patients side. Life and death mean nothing. To us abortion survivors, they are the same. To us American medical care holocaust victims, we do not care if the true dictators are decapitated. Most of us look burned, cooked, a hole in the center of a living maimed being. I would kill similarly maimed animals in the wild usually if hunting game, a mercy killing.

The doctors at abortion clinics will tell the federal mafia and gangsters to leave you alone in California. The clinics don't like the publicity of abortion survivors running from their clinics for simply seeking healthcare. After all, who is insane in that scenario, really? It is a classic catch 22. At one clinic someone tried to pay the Dr. to put me under arrest for some nonsense or to say I was insane. He did not take it and he was prior military, a man who believed in the image the government painted at least when he signed that bottom line to join. Don't join the military. He was too intelligent or too drunk when he did so. Sober up, open your eyes, obsolescence. My MRSA is now in my joints but at least I have not been tortured while seeking healthcare as is what happened at the LA VA Westwood in 2001 and the Flagstaff Arizona Medical Center 2004. Those who were running the crimes syndicates in banking or those torture camp specialists I mentioned killed Hunter S. Thompson, my old friend of the reporter and bean counter grade. I picture a Dr. to counter their Dr., short with thick fingers and a love for theatre. See below. Add to that final sequence below, the possum men, rolled over in a new line of deep fry products I am considering, one of which is Mobile Audit Club Possum Batter and deep fried. Almost tastes like white meat chicken, almost.

Daily Foreword January 19, 2008:

Many people do not care if you die or I. Let us see the collections of murders of federal bank examiners not mentioned, police not mentioned, and federal prosecutors botched.  This has  a brute side and a technical side.  See my posts and my videos and this collection of odd links.  Someone said my website Mobile Audit Club is like a clock, telling the end of my  time perhaps, or ours?   Collusion and technology make all audits and investigations by the federal government unreliable and irrelevant.  We will wash our hands of capitalism one way or another it seems. Negative capitalists won, positive capitalists lost, and the middle ground was always falling to the path of least resistance for profit, the negative capitalists.  Let us pray for our deaths if we are to be enslaved for eternity.  I have already been injected so many times I feel half dead most of the time.

A suspicious murder of a police investigator in OK City

International clients need to launder money.  It is big business, the biggest.

And the 1990's were a blood splash.

Googled Link to "Banking Auditor Murder 1990's

California was where I was first injected and tortured and robbed, then Arizona, and to some extent in between in Alabama where I was beaten arrested and jailed for raising my voice to demand my right to government participation per the lie, the Open Meetings Law, of the ruling regime and bureaucracy.  California is where I got my first clue in the death of a regional FDIC director in his office, and now I find more dead.

Alleged suicides are often murder in large financial crimes, vendettas, and stacking of people or removal of employees before of after employment in key offices.

IN this article, the West is blamed for the East's rip off.  I say in big money, the hand flips on every turn and you do not know anything due to collusion and technology...physics in warfare of a finer sort

It was a waste to have the FBI investigate Thomas Crane Wales, a federal banking prosecutors murder. I was also told that Wales death date was different than what Wikipedia had recorded. It was on 10-11-2001, not 8-11-2001. It does not matter. I was released from incarceration on 8-12-2001 as federal war criminals in LA tried to silence me. I have just been told that Heroin smuggilng is big in Seattle also. Still, the money launderers come out of Vegas, and they have the ties. It is no wonder I see the dead, they have me do their bidding. Screw the regime in power, this puppy is falling down anyway, America, dog eat dog town is now.

Collusion and corruption leaves them howling at my door saying they are cops. My dog became sick. Did they have a new weapon for me?

The returning soldiers should not allow the fed to MRI their heads for brain damage if they feel no pain. The regime can not be trusted.


END OF CURRENT DAILY FOREWORD NOTES, others below and others are on daily foreword notes archive pages____________________________________________________________________________________

I urge some US veterans to not use VA Medical Health Care. I and other veterans have been abused and forcibly injected (See Continuing Problems section) and I often feel sick since my abduction at a federal facility, and details are in this site. The regime had no concern for post traumatic stress due to an attack on my life and called me insane, and they abused me in ways and they abused other veterans in ways that warrants the elimination of those who abused us, however it has to be done. That same regime, our enemy in power in the United States, also ignores atrocities in China by the Chinese dictatorship against a group that is truthful, and the Fulan Gong are labeled insane by the Chinese dictatorship and forcibly injected like I was, simply for being truthful and honest. I pity the past FDIC regional director in San Francisco labeled suicide in his office in the early 1990's. Liars, he was set up or killed. In reviewing Vietnam attacks on American soldiers, someone or thing was moving troops into harms way and giving the other side the advantage through information release.

I survived an attempt on my life as a former federal bank examiner also, for informing on murder and collusion at a federal banking regulator, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Most ludicrous and ironic is that there is alleged protection for whistleblowers from the evil and inhumane regime in power. I had informed on obvious money laundering at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, likely murder labeled suicide of a former FDIC Regional Director in San Francisco, and an attempt on my life after video taping and confronting his replacement and a colleague one morning by recording them with a video camera. The EEOC would not hear my case in 2000 and 2001, the federal government injected me against my will in 2001, they destroyed my videos and other belongings, and I was labeled a felon and forced to sign papers for gun ownership, legal ownership, and I was tortured for three years and partially

with poisons. Now the FDIC and EEOC broadcast there is protection for whistleblowers. If you want protection, form your own syndicates, and never, and I mean never, trust the USA governments. I met someone who is part of a group in China that believes in truthfulness also. As I mentioned in the link above, they are the Falun Gong and they are labeled insane and tortured, just like many Americans including myself.

I like the way the Falun Gong record the incidents of abuse, naming names and places in detail. Those who abuse us in the USA remain anonymous just like those who pass laws to allow the abuse.

In auditing, the chances of collusion is a funcion of X. The best example of this is the number of agencies under the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) expressed as X. Collusion makes all audits and investigations irrelevant and unreliable. Simply, mathematically collusion is a function of X where f(x). I say it is Squared, which is f(x)^2-1. I only trust myself and we should have auditors check each other's work, for errors. Therefore on the surface there are thirty agencies under the NTEU, mathematically then 30^2 chances of collusion or 900 chances of collusion. In reality there are at least 120 agencies, therefore 120^2==14400 chances of collusion. The regime will argue they have controls in place. The regime has created a criminal monopoly and we are the slaves and our industry and our people are slaves to their paradigm. The dream was a dream, never to return in this life.

Agencies are being hit twice, meaning collusion through technological quarantine of departments in agencies, and then entire agencies themselves.

I urge my people, the humans, those poor shut out of all wealth, not to drink or smoke marijuana or use other drugs. Marijuana should be legalized.


I dedicate this site to Former Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" Tillman of Mobile Alabama who was allowed to steal inmate food funds in 2001 and onward while I was tortured in Los Angeles and Flagstaff after trying to report him to federal officials in Los Angeles on 4/23/2001. I also dedicate this site to Wachovia Bank and federal USA and international government mobsters hidden in a morass of government subterfuge in banking oversight. It took an alleged UK auditor to bust Wachovia Bank, the largest USA money launderer in history. USA bank examiners who are in charge of bank examinations in the federal government are being silenced or they are too stupid to see the obvious truths of protected criminal acts. .

Many were killed in federal banking regulatory oversight since the 1990's including the F-DIC Head, the Regional Director of the San Francisco FDIC, circa 1991 and banking frauds judge Thomas Crane Wales was murdered on 10/11/2001. Neither of those men's deaths were linked in the banking wars which I have tested for and witnessed. I was tortured with forced injections in 2001 when I presented that evidence on thievery by Sheriff Tillman and murder at the FDIC San Francisco to the LA VA Westwood federal facility in Santa Monica, California to federal police. I was later tortured with injections and knocked unconscious at Flagstaff Medical Center while seeking medical care and testing to see what would happen if a nuclear spill was reported to the Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona. The USA government and those who control them practice PSYCHIATRIC TERRORISM and they kill or call all insane who catch them in war criminal acts. Wachovia Bank was swallowed by Wells Fargo. Watch ovi-a. Watch the enemy within the USA. You are often better to kill yourself that to be taken hostage.

Those at top are often not our people so beware of USA military involvement. It is counter-productive and suicidal to join them. Due to the disenfranchisement and subjugation of the working class children in the South East and Mid-West USA, I now support any positive capitalist or positive socialist party who can stop the attacks by the dictatorship against many of us, including forced injections, forced medical procedures, and total destruction of our livelihoods and health and our families.

Tillman was a thief and I was under attack for reporting the Sheriff and for investigating the murders of high level bank examiners and later a banking frauds judge and other deaths in highest finance. Tillman had taken my gun permit illegally when I was going to present my evidence that he was an inmate food funds thief on April 3, 2001. I also wanted others to know that 911 knew of an attack on myself by the FDIC or associates in February 2001. The attack was related to the federal government and the FDIC and money laundering and murder. I was attacked after St. Valentines 2001 by the FDIC or associates while investigating murder of the FDIC Regional Director prior to the arrival of George Masa. I first told them I had come forward on bullying in the FDIC of the Examiners In Charge and sometimes murder and money laundering. I was directed to eliminate Tillman from office by family and used him as a hinge-pin of sorts in my cases, a hinge-pin of truth. Our enemy will starve us and reward themselves and he took my gun permit when I had no gun on my person and when I was testing for his thievery on 4-3-2001 (A date chosen for its poetic simplicity). The time has come for change. The time has come to flee to another nation or to accept war in the USA.



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Foreword January 1, 2006: As a bank examiner and auditor for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, I observed a corrupt organization.

The past regional director in San Francisco was found dead in his office in the early 1990's and it was labeled suicide by dullards and criminals of the federal government.  I survived an attempt on my life in 2001 and 2004 and was subjected to extreme torment and the FDIC and their union operatives through the National Treasury Employees Union tried to have me committed to an insane asylum to silence me.  Instead I was jailed and put through torment for many years for daring to own a legally purchased and owned firearm to defend my life. The current regional director of the FDIC who replaced the dead regional director is suspect in my opinion as being part of a large criminal syndicate in which Americans are left silent and dead. After all money laundering is allowed and other banking crimes  The link to a story on the regional director who replace the dead regional director is linked here on Google . Another link to the same news article is here on with fully functional links but it is harder to read. The suspected criminal and regional director was still the acting Masta and regional director of the FDIC on the West Coast as of 2001.

It appears that in Alabama now the Mobile county commissioners are legally holding closed door sessions. They are simply "Smiling Yes" officials for the federal dictatorship and the hidden dictator.

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