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Links to Music, Videos of Abuse, Comedy and Science Are Below this Foreword:. I, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, called myself an investigative journalist in banking and warfare. I and others were left maimed by war criminal sects in power over the USA governments and other nations.

Beware of all federal government and state government health care in the USA. A travel advisory is issued on the South Western USA where radiation is on the coasts from undisclosed nuclear blasts in 1983 and also forced injections of chemicals and maiming of this government crimes investigator in 2001 and 2004.

This site was designed with Microsoft products and often Internet Explorer works best on latest Love Line and Quatrains pages. Due to size of the pages you must use Compatibility View or refresh the page if on a slower internet connection.

I look at the Betz Equation and and Mind Control using nuclear blasts on page Love Line 12. Also see the Zhendong weapon theory illustrations online and here by myself, Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone.

When I was forcibly injected repeatedly by those who take orders from the government officials, I realized that there is no "Liberty and Justice For All"

I will accept payment in damages in the event the factions of the regime are forced to pay for their war crimes against me, Kurt Brown investigative journalist in banking oversight and medical crimes in healthcare and USN Quartermaster, witness to a nuclear blast and the banking deregulation wars.

As one veteran told me in 2001 about the holocaust camp in Los Angeles, LA VA Westwood hospital, that did forced medical procedures and forced medical experiments killing some veterans and maiming myself, "Remember, they drew first blood."

I and other veterans have been forced medical procedures and experiments and forcibly injected with chemicals, see this LA Times Article on forced heart experiments. You can also (See more proof at the Continuing Problems section near the bottom of this link.) I suffered a stroke and partial blindness after abduction. High level banking regulatory and banking judicial officials have been killed. I ran the tests to detect murderers . Possible delusion in microcosm for the multitudes due to discovery listed on Love Line 12 page of this site.

Also see Saintrambone's collection of videos on Youtube.

The Contact for Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone is I urge young people not to drink alcoholic beverages and to avoid gambling and drug dealers and war for profit and to utilize the internet for education. See page Love Line 12 and Quatrains 12 of this site for my most recent work since stroke and memory recovery. Compatability View in Windows is needed to view some web pages.

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Daily Foreword November 18, 2014: As I have gotten older I see that many of us in the USA were deliberately maimed before birth and as a result we are in the lower caste of the USA, and we are not alone. Trapped in our genetic imperfections like a cage we can not escape. In addition many of us are maimed further and cast out at a later age from employment and security and healthcare. I have none of that after being tortured and maimed with government approval.

I am attempting to buy a home. Here is a joke. A realtor told me that a home required cash and that a VA loan would not work even though it was a VA held property. He said if the veteran and a non-veteran have cash, the veteran gets the home. The joke is that most veterans do not have cash. We have experience in war. Therefore I welcome a war in the USA so that we can have health care and homes. The USA has become a degraded place with hostility and war on many levels. I welcome the end of time and global war if necessary. I always hope that this entire life is nothing but a dream, a very bad dream that has its finale. All things come out the same in the end. We can not fight them. We can only hope the upper caste kill each other and start a war to give us a mercy killing. There is always hope for vengeance among them on our behalf, the mercy killing of the centuries. To fear death is to be a blind coward. That is why I sought out World War III in 1983, which fizzled in a loss for someone and me in particular. Then I was put in the middle of the banking wars during banking deregulation in 1999. Then I sought out government criminals and was persecuted. I do not care if those who persecuted me and profited from it are killed or tortured or maimed. It is Newtonian physics that states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Have you ever considered the world as the illusion with each component in their own space. Warfare is like that in mind control. The human ape as I see it does not qualify in the cosmos of higher beings except as a tree dwelling ape. Who is in power on the Earth? What is the truth? Where can we flee? Much of the Earth is a liar. The 10 commandments are a joke for most. Many of us are born maimed and can not overcome it enough to see the truth in that. I suppose I am a lucky one, but I would prefer it the other way, in a seasoned finale of warfare to end the pain or a new beginning without torture and being maimed when seeking healthcare. Many of those at the top are enemies. They would kill each other for the price of a slave.

Daily Foreword November 18, 2014: Recently I read of the details surrounding the alleged suicide of journalist Hunter S Thompson in February 2005. I had almost been hit with a falling object near Blackwell Oklahoma in December of 2004. A true investigative journalist who investigates "materially significant" matters in truth and honesty does not stand a chance in the USA. Thompson was murdered. He was on the phone with a relative and had two in the room next to him. The little assassin can slide in and out of a home and there are many ways to do so. I told Thompson of FDIC matters and torture at VA Hospitals and State Hospitals and I told him of the blast. Thompson had a chat room online.

Avoid journalistic work. Prepare for extreme change. The use of soldiers and sailors to be exposed to radiation has taken its toll on many Americans. The food we eat is more contaminated also. Seafood is suspect in the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific and the Atlantic seaboard in some ports. Cows are not to be eaten after five years old due to Bovine Spongiform disease, mad cow. I made a horrific error going into the USA military. After the nuclear voyage in 1983, I was likely going to be executed. I can not stand those who are squeamish and can not carry out necessary tasks. I have changed since I recovered my mind from stroke due to medical torture. I also remember a nuclear war. One event and I am not sure if it occurred, was a sailor who was burned on his face. badly. He had been carrying out a task and was upset knowing he would die. The government official who told him to come with him was not really kind. He was likely to be executed or euthanized. He was already half cooked. Or was it fact? I was hurt and now the tumors have taken their toll. I even stopped having kids. They should have shot me like they intended.

Daily Foreword November 14, 2014: In Southern California recently I was told I was spreading fear by talking about the nuclear BS from 1983 out of Los Angeles Harbor. Then they said something about my comments about predatory capitalism. Productive versus predatory capitalism, it is almost clear cut capitalism.

I will not argue about radiation. It is the greatest experiment in history, so take your own risks in food and employment and warfare and recreational locales. I would take a good paying predatory capitalism job in the lighter stuff, such as casinos, but I would not want to be in the drug or booze business such as many millionaires are. I would like to create a spearhead on the radiation claims from 1983. I was told my tumor on my thigh was from X rays. There are other horror stories. I might applaud predatory capitalism in getting our government healthcare back so we and I are not tortured and maimed. A stupid strike hit the USA. We were hit as children. i do not care if the predatory capitalists are decapitated if we are maimed when seeking healthcare. Perhaps it is better this way, brittle bitter war. The obscene should have children before they die.

In 1983, a dentist took out a tooth, a molar, and put in a huge chunk of metal, a bridge. The extraction was not necessary. I am having memory recall of a nuclear incident from 1983. Some parts are uncertain and I wonder if it is possible to kill someone and have them resurface as seeming alive. I tend to remember being burned into unconsciousness after i was hit with a nuclear bubble. One man mocked me saying I was hit an ostrich egg. It was more like a bus. If he thinks it is funny, I would pray that he be burned alive in radiation. We in the USA were hit. Our government abandoned us or they were killed. Any splinter group would need more advanced tools for true modern warfare and evasion and discernment.

Daily Foreword November 11, 2014: For this Veterans Day I suggest I be paid 10 million dollars of the stolen and retrieved currency I will explain and why that amount. It involves lies around officials from the Bank of China and control from the USA government. We also should look at the Gelibolu F 493 belonging to Turkey. The ship was the USS Reid FFG 30. Prior. A nuclear ship from 1983 in the undisclosed nuclear war in the Pacific Ocean. The USA government or those who control them should pay me Kurt Brown, 10 million dollars. First I was in a nuclear war undisclosed and not paid for it in 1983. Second I was in the banking wars and investigations of corrupt governement officials and was left maimed and tortured and the criminals were compensated even after I revealed corruption and obvious murder and attempted mass murder in banking oversight in 1999 and other years in the 1990's in the FDIC in California.

The amount of money the trio Xu Chaofan Xu Guojun and Yu Zhendong had allegedly taken was 483 Million. Ironically and suspiciously the former USS Reid FFG 30 was named and numbered the Gelibolu F 493 in Turkey. The number difference is 10 million. I suspect that the Xu Xu and Yu money was 493 million and 10 million should be recovered for my bounty in these matters since I was almost hit by a falling spacecraft or plane on December 7, 2004 in Oklahoma near Blackwell while I was traveling at 60 mph on the interstate going North toward Kansas.

The the number is odd, 493, but the name Gelibolu turned backwards is a dire prediction I will lose one leg. U Lob I Leg. I will likely lose a leg or my life. The Gelibolu F 493 recently stopped at a West African Continent nation. The West African Continent's navy officials allegedly came onboard and drank sweet tea from the water holding tanks on the ship. Those tanks held radioactive water in 1983 and an officer was likely killed over letting me know. Many were likely killed from the USA on that vessel and others and at Long Beach Naval Station in Terminal Islands. Bones and teeth of our men were found in the incinerators according to Haz Mat at the Naval Shipyard in 1991. I was made to be a sort of siren and I should have reported the nuclear blasts to a newspaper in 1983. They are likely silenced by government regardless. Could it have led to a global war? It is better to be sacrificed than to be imprisoned into a living Hell of sorts.

Because I will lose a leg, I will feed it to those negros who like that radioactive sweet tea. Dier Fag Leg of Lamb soup, Sacrifical Lamb of the silenced war. They published a list of homosexuals, or the guinea pigs. The guinea pig who found the list threw the computers overboard. I once saw a chicken with a broken neck trying to make sense of it all. That reminds me of the USA and the human race in many cases. Sacrificial lamb broken neck. I would rather be square head square hat and go AWOL, like a Parc Glowa than to be subjected to nuclear war. I would prefer outright death in it. The ultimate test of mankind was nuclear power. The next weapon of war will dwarf this in ferocity. Currently I see nuclear weapons as a sort of engine or power component for other weapons of war. The spring effect could be used to counteract blasts, in other words directed blasts. I like to imagine in a nuclear war now after having recovered my memory from being in it. Beware of the Yellow Fin Tuna. They say it likes to swim in deep radioactivity. The claw chowder does not bloom like it used to either. Hot Dog.?

I once envisioned a new weapon of how people could be made to forget events and such. Because the brain is two lobed in humans, the brain waves in a sense can be turned back onto themselves. The reason I may be able to remember even after stroke is that I am really entirely right brained, one lobe, even having had to envision the mechanics of a human right brain, Brocha's and Wernicke's areas in speech. It is sad to see the human reduced in a nuclear waste dump. It was a test that will conclude in the end like all failed organisms. Mal is Rad.

For today's comedy, I want to put myself and my friends to work. I envision a reunion of past and present on the radioactive Gelibolu formerly the USS Reid. We are having a large dinner of stew and sweet tea that came from the radioactive tanks. The stew does not have me the Quartermaster. It has Slim, in the stew. Slim was my African American shipmate and friend who was discharged for marijuana use but he was tortured before discharge. He was put in the Brig and fed large green balls of something before he left the brig. He was skinny before he went in but when he came out he looked like a starved Ethiopian. Slim in this comedy is dead and I am about to die from cancer from a radiation blast which may be the truth. Slim's hand is in one of the mens stew and his foot is in the other. At the end of the table is a shrunken head on my plate. I ask him in Beetle Juice effect, "Slim who would you like to hear play on this Dier Fag Ship the U Lob I Leg". Slim replies, Akindele Bankole of the Yoruba of Nigeria" I reply, "Very nice choice, I love his live performances." Slim either made it to the nuclear voyage or he did not. I do not recall. If he was discharged for the marijuana before the nuclear voyage, it was a blessing in disguise.

Daily Foreword November 9, 2014: Today I released a video on the USS Reid FFG 30 and the fact that I may be soon to lose a leg or my life from radiation in an undisclosed nuclear war or deliberate nuclear incident against USA servicemen in 1983. The radioactive ship was sold to Turkey in the year of banking deregulation 1999. The ship was renamed the Gelibolu. Spelled backwards, U Lob I Leg. Misery loves company. (Youtube video describing the events) Lets all have mine like a pork chop in Gelibolu stew so we can chew on each other later.

Obviously the USA has changed. In California, the third world effect has already hit. The Prison Population is often fed by those who are being targeted by war criminal profiteers. When I am in California, I see a modern day war criminal horde. First the Mexicans have a large population and many are in law enforcement. If you are to be taken hostage, you are better to fight to the death or kill yourself. The old gestapo, pure white, crew is waiting in the courts to take your money in many cases. The Asian population has a sort of Gehghis Khan effect with a flower in their hair. You are at the mercy of the enemy in California if you are taken hostage.

Their public schools teach all to accept their fate in our poisoned society. Their government teaches us to trust them and then they maim us. I hope to regain this earth even if we all die. The best we can do now is to retreat and hope their enemies can destroy them. If you feel you have no choice but to go in the USA military or to work for government, you should put a gun to your mouth and pull the trigger. They are our enemy and they have harmed us. We are better off dead if are captive to them.

Beware of their government healthcare because at the top of the healthcare is our enemy in government who has control from international locales. It is a technological war and guns are useless. The word is retreat, regroup, and if necessary, attack, but not with traditional weaponries. The enemy in power sells you those lesser weapons so they can kill you and persecute you for ownership.

We have no true rights in the USA. I will be advocating and supporting the rise of a new military president to overthrow the foreign dictators in power. If we are killed, it is a mercy killing. Many of us USA natives were born maimed, deliberately harmed by our enemies on American soil before birth and then as adults. I was put in a nuclear blast area deliberately in 1983 in the USN. I have not been paid and I do not have healthcare and tumors are spreading and growing.

I welcome global war and the end of the USA as a nation under one flag of a foreign controlled dictatorship. Due to technology you may not be seeing what you think you see. They have been at war against us in the USA long before World War II. Let us Welcome World War IV if we have proper technology to defend ourselves. We are the maimed, the lower caste, the out caste. In the past we have swung our fists and hit nothing. We need better technology for discernment and execution.

Daily Foreword November 8, 2014: What is the truth? Many of us are treated like criminals in the USA or the insane while the insane and the criminal get wealthy torturing and maiming their victims. I see much of the USA native population as cross eyed with their bottom or top lip stuck out. Many of us are born maimed due to toxins so I can not expect much. I urge the young I know to seek out clean places to live and clean food. That removes seafood and the coasts of the USA. We were hit repeatedly and still are being hit with toxins radiation and targeting by those who kill and maim us.

I hope to do some Meet Ups with people who are victims of toxins or carry birth defects and whose children are having problems. The leaders in power have abandoned us long ago. We do not have health care and we do not have the truth told to us about the world around us and the toxins and our DNA. I was born maimed and maimed further. I do not care if those who have harmed me are killed in cold blood. But then again, where can I flee? Beware of traps online and attempted murders and defamation. The government and the criminals in the USA often share the plate and we are on it. Out of all of the sailors who were on the USS Reid FFG 30 during the nuclear voyage of 1983, I have been told I may be one of the few in the know who are still alive. I welcome my death. It is likely time for me to leave. Never count on the government for work. Never count on the propaganda lie that the USA is a safe place for us. We have been placed into the lower caste through genetic manipulation. I would pray for global suicide if this is our fate till the end of time. I have not been paid for the radiation I was exposed to in 1983. I would likely not get a response. Do Unto Others as They Do Unto You. I was tortured and maimed when seeking healthcare. I was made undesirable as an employee when seeking employment. I applaud a rendition from Hell of the finale, a finale hoorah in the big heat. Now that's entertainment, a mercy killing at the tip of the instantaneous Torch. I probably should check out of their mouth load of lies.

Daily Foreword November 4, 2014: In the Southwest USA and in the USA in general, all public dissension in our era is considered criminality or labeled insane. I once reported government thievery in Alabama and likely attempted warfare and murder revolving around the California FDIC. I was jailed and had a tooth knocked out and was forced injections. I was called insane and criminal. That is the way the South West USA works and that is the way D.C. works. Make no mistakes, do not say anything to those in power or their followers or their syndicates and if they try to persecute you do not say anything in the courtroom until in front of a jury. Their crimes and allegations against us are often increased due to bribery. Many inmates are used as prostitutes by the guards in California. It is a hated place and most would welcome global suicide, and for good reason. It is a well greased and paid machine. If arrested in LA they will line you up naked on a bench, penis to butt. They laugh at telling people to get together, that sick sort of sadistic laugh that will likely lead to a young woman on the outside losing her child or ovaries.

Eventually the predatory capitalist system will self destruct or they will kill all of us. Either way we will be done with the government and they shall be done with us. Increasingly mass media in the USA is silenced and we are nothing as one. Many of us are harmed before birth. For those, they, or we, should avoid cities like Los Angeles. Factions are at war with each other. A comedy, Don't eat the yellow snow in the mountains or the yellow tuna from the sea, they are both likely radioactive .

Daily Foreword November 2, 2014: If you are young, I urge you to beware of all of those things. A child does like a young wildebeest and runs into danger, often resulting in similar consequences.

When I was of age to join the military in 1982 I was very suicidal from drinking and my miserable life as I saw it, not knowing I would be warned later at age 45 I was an abortion survivor, while I observed I was like the masses of radiation victims, whose impacted sex cells before germination and during gestation and afterward caused problems. I wanted to see a nuclear blast and almost did. I saw a bubble that rocked the ship and burned my leg and nuts. I went to bed that night not knowing if I would be cooked alive. I seem to remember the event, bulging eyes and screaming and the heat and consequent numb. They triggered the nuclear bomb we were over it seemed. I awakened in horrific agony in the groin and thigh area. Psych ops then and torture twenty years later leave you feeling inconsequential and indifferent to murder suicide of the entire planet. So, it ended. I went civilian. I went to work at the FDIC. They whacked the FDIC head in San Francisco during the FDIC Improvement Act of 1992 and I was there to watch the second helping in 1999. Tinctured in to San Francisco via Sacramento at Y2K. Shot out in 2000 on an EEOC complaint with a corrupt government attorney at their side.

If we regain government I would like to be hired to stop bribery and corruption of the US mint and Treasury and Banking oversight at the OCC and FDIC. We are at high risk due to banking deregulation. Not all nations work according to GAAP. Explain GAAP in a nutshell Jack. It is a triangulation method of an accounting system with certain rules that have to be maintained to assure uniformity in determination of an entities financial condition overall.

I have a comedy like the movie Stripes. The year is 1982 and I am discussing with my friend who is joining also the US Navy. As I recollect I remember I wanted to be on what I would later call the Dier FAG, USS Reid FFG 30, at the Quartermaster School's Chief Petty Officers office and my Friend wanted to be on the Starke, the EK Rats. He is not right now and neither am I. I was hit with a nuclear blast in 1983 and I was tortured and maimed with federal and FDIC approval in 2001 and 2004. My friend was on the Starke. He was more astute as a government employee until the missile hit his Starke in the aft. Injured he now is in worse condition than I am but what can I do, we are both better off dead and we may be, I am not really certain. I remember the disappointment of the tiny nuclear blast but remember a greater war, whispers about death and executions at the end of the Falklands war and the end of the hot cold war. We were hit with psych ops at sea in a nuclear voyage at the war's height. My Navy friend and I now have a mutual fantasy of global roulette now which he denies. He lives in Arizona. Picture the grave of the Quartermaster from the Starke being tossed a radio active quarter by myself the USS Reid Quartermaster from 1983. He tells me to pick it up, it is worth too much for me to give away. I need to put it in the hole in my thigh tumor scar.

It is the same quarter I had in my pocket during the nuclear blast I was hit with in 1983. Here we come in tatters is a bible verse. As if it matters is a rolling stone lyric. Triangulate the fix in a quandary to fine tune the solution or derivation of a new method. I feel as if I am in a war in the USA since 1983, starting again at its height in 2000 and 2001. Beware of the false 2000 image of California. The have the largest prison population per capita on Earth, make money from it, and their criminal sects try to fabricate crimes of those who are opposing them. Kind of like D.C. if you think about it. You don't have to go to Mississippi to find ignorance any more dude. Government jobs are a shot to the head, many of us have discovered.

Daily Foreword October 31, 2014: It is strange how I became painfully aware of radiation upon the human genome by observing those around me and myself and my experiences. Imposters in a state of psych ops or warfare could be carried on for infinity and if you cut the mind and implant or take away, your left with a staid state even if in psychoses. Karlson was missing and I thought I saw a skinny Karlson in a curly wig onboard the ship. "Thats not Karlson" I said. The movie Catch 22 has that sickness, the indifferent playfulness of watching others be destroyed like rats. For Halloween I want to have Karlson play Russian Roulette with me and we can bring a third partner if Karlson has not been paid or if Karlson is now dead.

Daily Foreword October 30, 2014: To be painfully aware. It is an interesting concept from many perspectives. First, some have pain when thinking of great things, such as Nikola Tesla and his alternating current machine. Some have pain when thinking of things, memories, possibilities, and much more. Pain in the brain, to be painfully aware. A strange concept.

In curing viruses, I remember the adage, Physician heal thine self. Gestalt methods of totality of the brain could bring advances in curing viruses. I believe that viruses can be eradicated in a body through electrical shock at a pulse that is high enough to kill selected viruses. First, an encompassing membrane of digitized form would have to be placed over the infected person. Next every point would have to be known in medium. At that point directed impulse orchestrated from within the matrix could create electrical polls at the virus and destroy it with a directed pulse of necessary hertz.

Some people are painfully aware of nothing. Some are too aware of the pain. To be painfully aware allows for mercy killing which contradicts the sixth commandment. Some are left maimed deliberately and I think in some ways that is worse than a mercy killing. Beware of California, its at the head of the nation of snakes and all have been bitten. Alabama is at the other fang. It is funny the triangle I traveled and saw the low end as aggressive and corrupt and similar to those at the high end. A new game by Dick is 2000 to make prostitutes while Dick wears gowns and struts with gossip about the boys in gowns. Its a new game. Protect your young from Dick and his friend, the whore maker, dressed in a gown, as they maybe one in the same or the heads of the same snake whose game is prostitution of drugged victims. It does not matter if those at the low end are killed if they target our young and our people but the high end uses them to further their own conquests, to allow the hyenas in to feed after the lions. California should be avoided by us and avoid their drugs and booze. It does not matter if the dealers are killed it does not matter if Dick is killed or his gown. Dick in this instance is a barrage of corrupt low lives in California and other states and does not pertain to Dick Van Dyke or other innocent Dicks. No name association intended however close to the factual stalker and predator(s).

For me, the rape occurred when I was held and forcibly injected in 2001 and again in 2004. I had a stroke which is worse than rape. I would have preferred death thereby negating the 6th commandment in God's law and to be negated until the ground is saturated with the blood of my enemies. I have considered they were trying to make me regain my memory after the Psych Ops against us on the USS Reid FFG 30. I was unconscious on one occasion I know in 2004. My pain brought them money. I want them in wrought iron of prison or wrought dead is my prayer for those who benefitted from my torture and being maimed.

After having served in the USA military in a undisclosed nuclear incident in 1983, in which the USA seems to have lost, and after having worked at the FDIC in 1999 and 2000 in what I call the bloody 2nd phase of banking deregulation which really started around 1992 with the FDIC Improvement Act early resolution clause and murder of FDIC officials. Or perhaps Phase I of banking deregulation was when God's banker, the Pope's banker, was hung under Blackfriar Bridge in London with the correct quarter amount in his pocket. I was the Quartermaster in Aft steering in 1982 and 1983 and had nothing to do with it.

Daily Foreword October 29, 2014: Recently I was in touch with some international religious groups and military. If anyone knows where the nuclear bomb or bombs were that the USS Reid FFG 30 was in during the end of the Falklands War in 1983, please let me know at I hope to do a video or documentary with swimsuit edition models in a radiation fallout zone. Pt. Fermin Park California in San Pedro at Los Angeles Harbor California. Her kids might be retarded from radiation but man what a tan. I hope to schedule various meetups of radiation victims and those with children born disabled or uncharacteristically dumb or handicapped or disfigured mentally or physically in the area. I am a medical technologist and a statistician and journalist and video producer as well as a former federal FDIC Bank Examiner in 1999 and the USN as a Quartermaster in 1983. We are in a race with a silent killer. Those who put the American people in bombs way without telling the American people. Los Angeles may have been hit with psych ops including our ship in the Pacific, if not the Eastern seaboard as well, the big pearls, D.C. and New York.

Scientifically we may ask why would one of the warring factions place ships in harms way of known and coming test nuclear blasts or during warfare when the area was known contaminated. First, hidden submarines and sub surface craft and personnel. Second, to exponiate or direct nuclear blasts or their effects to effectively create a machine of sorts, or power a collective of components, including mind control and excruciating pain for those who are needed unconscious. Armegeddon has a smell of tar in a way. Los Angeles tar pits, LA Courts and the Federal money launderers split me in two in 2001. They got hit and we got hit and they got hit and we got hit, and on with the shoe, big big shoe. What many do not understand is the true nature of the ongoing war. We had our brains knocked out, some of us came out with three radioactive nuts.

The exit hole. You should prepare if you are young. The flags of the Earth mean nothing. Who is in control is a matter of opinion. I would have died in the Vietnam Draft when young because I was impaired from birth mentally due to warfare against me. I do not care how many people are killed any longer. We live like rats most of us. As long as the pain is not too great. Many of us are attacked at birth or before. You should prepare for your future, however compromised.

Daily Foreword October 28, 2014: I have heard the sound of war and stood in the clouds and blasts of radiation in 1983. I have witnessed internal silent wars of somewhat interesting and covert operations in the USA government FDIC banking regulatory system or those next to them in 1999 and 2000. I have seen their sultans wealth and I have seen my mere table scraps for myself and my life ripped to ruins. I have seen what I thought was public health care turn into public torture mutilation and murder. I have seen what they call public school turn into something that is archaic and not preparing the children for the war in medicine they will have to wage to save their lives in our 2000 sea of decadent spillage of nuclear and toxic contents into the Earth deep and shallow. I have seen much more including impairment of our people in the future at an accelerated rate. Changes will have to be made, but I predict a cantaloupe head war genius who has come to power. Genetic engineering will move them leaps ahead while the 10 commandments will be considered to be the utterings of a mad man. I pledge allegiance to the 10 commandments. Perhaps that will fit on a flag on the decadent and ill Earth.

I often think of my life as segments of music borne of that era. For example the song Words by Missing Persons was being played often in 1983. I had an idea we would soon be missing persons in the USN. We were missing Karlson at sea for a respite, a signalman of no consequence who mysteriously developed MS. It was that night or that sequence of nights if I remember correctly that we were in the nuclear haze and likely true psych ops, meaning confusion comes in and amnesia. Like the movie Catch 22 my memory is coming back and I can't run from California fast enough or Alabama or any other coastal radiation landscape. I was tortured in Flagstaff so count that out. Perhaps Turkey. I can find and sail the Gelibolu. I told them it was the radio-active USS Reid FFG 30. I told them to Log One Leg, Log I Leg, in roman numerals. They mothballed the ship. I would like to serve a dinner to the FDIC Board of Directors and the Treasury and the President and Vice President with water brought from the drinking tanks onboard the ship. The coffee smacks of Plutonium but it stays hot. The half life has not been touched yet.

Ironically I might have to Lob One Leg. I had a huge tumor removed from my thigh in 1989 or 1990. I might lose the leg or I might die first. The tumors are increasing and I sweat a bit. Every time I see someone profusely sweating these days, I wonder if they have the same thyroid condition as mine, from radiation, and drinking radioactive fluids. I would suicide bomb those who put us in radiation and who have not paid us if I thought it would do any good. Does God forgive suicide bombers? Out lights, on espionage, that is the nature of the turn coat government officials. If I lob one leg or start to die, I wonder what I should do? We are without a voice and I am without a plane or is that a plain I am without, both. Ulobileg. Was the boat named for me? Gelibolu or U lob I leg. The doctor who removed the tumor might have had a part in the naming of the vessel when it was sold to Turkey. The captain was with me when I was hit and I soon starting having physical problems and the VA trie 2000 d to say the tumor was from X rays. I have always wanted to die deep down or Have I?

Daily Foreword October 25, 2014: A flag that one salutes is a graven image placed above God. I see no nations, only victims and predators. One of the 10 commandments said we should not view images above him yet we put the flag on high and salute till the day we die, unless we figure out we are staring at a graven image.

Much of the USA is hostile territory. You are attacked by higher level officials in government and you are attacked by the lowest level street thugs in an sundry barrage of new tactics and old methods. California is a place that should be avoided, just as D.C. Inland USA may be the answer but you should those who harm us deliberately as apes who are in control and whose control when lost will be warranted and humbling to those of the ape faction. We as citizens may cease to exist. Citizens or is it a prison planet? Someone asked me if I had been to prison. I have not officially been but on Earth I am in a greater prison, one without health care and only torture by an inhumane populace. 4-3-2-1, perhaps it is time call higher powers into place, Jack. I have a comedy for you. First I want to say that I find humor in people calling me a Jew and viciously attacking me. It makes me want to wear a star of David. Perhaps I should put King of Persia on the other side of my prison Earth shirt and say I Heart Iran as the Logo on that side..

Maybe I went about it the wrong way. Maybe. Where do you go when young? Financially now Switzerland is King in the West with their lead in Biotech as well. But for health you have to avoid technology manufacturing. The world is a violent cesspool and those in power seem to hate each other and each of us. This is predatory capitalisms finest day. You should view their dictator as a liar in the USA, or two faced, one face toward us and one face toward his. Remember the day when marijuana sold for $400 an ounce in California and carried a three prison sentence in all other federal states for growing.

Daily Foreword October 23, 2014: Distractions or manipulations in true warfare advancement, I see much. Why was OKC building federal hit in the 1990's? Why not Los Angeles? Why not D.C.? Why not the wealthiest of the Earth who control the government in their predatory capitalist design? We do not care who is killed. We are a predator species. I used to care and then I realized for most people, death is a mercy killing. Once you see a mercy killing that is botched, you will see irritation, the irritation of listening to wailing screams of agony.

Timothy McVeigh was hastily executed in Indiana if I am not mistaken or someone nearby. Someone told me the lights flickered in Detroit when he was executed. I was made privy to the information that something was askew on December 7 , 2004. An explosion near Braman and Blackwell Oklahoma. A falling object that almost blew me off of the highway, had it been any closer. I maintain course in warfare now. I no longer talk to the government or hospitals or media or government. They tortured me and maimed me in 2001 and 2004. No one cares. I do not care if they are killed either. After research I discovered Xu Chaofan and Xu Guojun of Bank of CHina allegedly and 483 Million USA dollars had been found. Money alleged from China. Regardless McVeigh is an oddity. Why was he killed so quickly? Why was my nuclear ship the USS Reid FFG 30 sold to Turkey in 1999 and why was it decommissioned soon after? Were the welds radioactive and the water tanks? I have written much about my equation Xu Guojun and Xu Chaofan. I see a nuclear device on the fly, if you place Yu Zhendong in the sky. I want to be paid for the torture and torment. I no longer care. The egg is dropped to the gun and is shot to the fan and it is returned and accelerated until another egg is dropped and then the collision, no yoke, just a big bang.

Daily Foreword October 22, 2014: Someone told me recently that it was likely Jews who were killed on our ship the USS Reid FFG 30 right before the nuclear voyage and during the nuclear voyage of 1983 in which I was topside until I was hit with a nuclear bubble from below the ship. The captain made sure my name was heard and announced that I and he had been hit with radiation. He said so into his microphone. I was relieved from duty and told to shower and turn in for the night. I did not know if I would awaken. I do not think they were all Jews who were killed. They were men who may have had insight and impact on the decision about missiles fired by our ship the week before the nuclear voyage. One was a cross over Marine who they likely held down in a hole in the boat for such intervention. The man had an unusual odor, and he told me it was an inherited disease or I remember reading about odors that are part of heredity in cell dysfunction. Of course he was truly, "The man in the hole". As the English sailors said when they left our ship after a Captain's mast regarding a bar brawl, beware of imposters. How many survived is a good question. Did George Bush Sr. survive when he was in office? Reagan? Reagan was allegedly shot once. Likely not but they were trying to point out the connection to Bush's 2000 arm perhaps, injured in war and some undecided on which one, perhaps George imposter himself.

I was told not to file a claim in the 1980's and not to worry about filing a claim on the tumor in my leg, that it was likely from too many X-rays. I would welcome global nuclear war as a mercy killing but it is too uncertain. You have to detonate the Earth at its core or it becomes a limping planet. Where to go to find the American dream? I consider the extreme interior to be free from Klinefelters disease and to a large extent CF and autism and downs. Radiation smacks its teeth in our DNA and only the blind can not see it. Some are too dumb to learn about it and it is not their fault. The VA has not paid a radiation claim I filed in 2014 after I recovered from the forced injections stroke in 2001 after FDIC employment and witnessing deregulation and the strong armed robbery of the American capital system during phase II of banking deregulation in 1999. 1992 was phase one and they killed the top FDIC man on the west coast claiming suicide. It was a continuation of the war in 1983. You can not expect a society like the USA to survive in present day like it did in its past. At what point does one pull back from the front in warfare? When one is losing. You can not win with radiation.

Their government seems to be having trouble remembering a nuclear blast or blasts in 1983 in the Pacific. I saw the bubble one night and the next night was a cloud of radiation on the water. They took me off the radar because I was taken from my duties and I mentioned I could see on radar the radiation cloud we were traveling past. The funny thing about a keen imagination is that you can dream of physical things like being burned alive in radiation. Or was it a dream, a pressing of the hypothalamus and the pituitary and sphincter. The horror is not so bad. The heat, the numb, the unconscious. I believe gases from rocks could be accumulated at center to create a detonation, a dream similar to the one Tesla had. He said he could split the earth.

Daily Foreword July 21, 2014: Someone told me recently that a person was not what they seemed at a distance and then said, "ghosts". I laughed at first and then thought of mind control. To be knocked delirious or to have an expected person walk up and actually have someone else has puzzled me also. I was offered the chance to go to the Falkland Islands near Argentina after the nuclear breakout in the Pacific Ocean in 1983. I thought they were going to have me killed in transit.

Fast forward to the year 2010. I am trying to recover fro 2000 m a coma and memory loss and am on the road to recovery. I meet a therapist specializing in trauma cases. I have bad PTSD and have suffered a stroke that I am trying to recover from, along with memory loss, and a stroke due to forced injections allowed by government officials in 2001 and 2004, and likely brain damage along with radiation damage from psych ops and nuclear warfare during the height of the cold war and the alleged end of the Falklands War in 1983. I soon go to a Reform Jewish Temple with the therapist, and the Rabbi said to me, "Why are you here". I thought about this over and over many times and bend it in my mind some times. I hear in distorted tones in my imagination today, a statement that is a dichotomy, a translation of his voice to become, "Yahweh are you here?" or perhaps, "Yahweh, you are here." I should have replied, yes, I certainly hope so, or perhaps I should have replied, with a Dier Fag (radiation victim USS Reig FFG 30) sigh, I am seeking him also.

In closing, a comedy. Because I am being painted among the serial killer set by those associated with sociopaths and serial killers, I hold up but one more reflection. That of Marlon Brando in his shaved head and old fame. I say to the germ that approaches me in 2014, the one to encroach on my safety and well being while bearing false witness, "Why are you here? Are you an assassin? In practicing for death, we all soon learn to forget and forgive. I remember during the height of the war, someone had an odd handle on the bridge, time shifter. The ghosts shadow us because they have nowhere left to feed. If men know of medicine and radiation, then nuclear war would not start nor a nuclear power plant. So if it must end, it must begin. As a nuclear war survivor I am not g against genetics engineering but I miss the meadows. Oh by the way Jack, here's Johnny."

Daily Foreword October 20, 2014: I was once told the Chinese might control the USA government by my father. He had been made almost blind at birth by some contaminant likely of a radioactive nature in Alabama and he later developed a tumor on his arm from handling munitions in the national guard. He told me that many of us from the USS Reid FFG 30 would get sick later in life. The year was 1984, one year after the nuclear cloud I witnessed on radar and a nuclear bubble I was hit with on the bridge wing in 1983 with the captain making note of my name and the bubble we were hit with.

The half life of radiation is usually 200 thousand years and more. I have a joke. The wealthy Avila California coast town near the Hearst mansion bought a nuclear power plant and put it into operation because they could afford to do so. Now the nuclear bubbles I witnessed and clouds and blasts. The "Curly Q" my Italian girlfriend witnessed exploding from San Pedro has been alleged to me to have been a US or UK submarine that had a nuclear hand grenade placed in the aft. I saw the flash from the couch but not the submarine whirling through the air.

Marilyn Manson will be assisting in demonstrations of the assault rifles imported from China to the closed Long Beach Naval Station in California in the 1980's after the base closed. SLO Motion. Avila is insane to be sweet, Avila es locura ser dulce, at the Diabla Valley Nuclear Plant. A bit hot in the valley silly sally sam suzy q.. Bush was not himself they say. Who pounced anyway? Snappers?

Daily Foreword October 19, 2014: As I study the true war, I realize that the USA as many knew it was lost likely before bombing Japan in 1945. The nuclear degradation of the genome, or DNA of individuals, in the USA can not be under estimated in its impact. I have been made a victim twice to radiation, before I was born and after. The question to me is, were both of my parents hit with radiation or one of them? How much radiation is on the coasts. A concerned person finds shelter at higher altitude in shelter of mountains far from the coasts.

Recently I saw a strange thing in the ocean, perhaps an air show, perhaps a squelching of a nuclear cloud. It was out by the Channel Islands toward LA and Oxnard. I was in a nuclear war from there once. A new weapon I have considered is not only mind control, but the placement of images in three dimensional space in three places at once a permutated image from the in to the out or a slight deflection of the original. The hologram in 3-d.

I was told by a Vietnam Veteran that there was a question as to if George Bush Sr. was himself after an injury in the military. Confusion as to which arm had the injury was there. It as the late 1990's and I was soon placed in the warfare hub of the new reich's financial arm in San Francisco FDIC. It was a spin off of past wars and the Regional Director of the FDIC had his own head cut off according to the assassins who owned his gun. I was placed there after I forgot the nuclear war details in the Pacific Ocean in 1983. So could it be an entire family could be wiped out and another group or person in control put in their place. Those special children who are radiation victims should be put in special schools. I am a creative savant and let the wheels spin when needed. From the dark comes s 2000 acrifice and rebellion and tumult and change and revelation.

Daily Foreword October 16, 2014: Yesterday a large spiral of smoke was over the channel islands outside of Oxnard or Santa Barbara California or perhaps it was a cloud. Another set of smoke trails like large jets met the top of the smoke clouds and then disappeared. Was something happening? I was told our JET had been shot down according to the Dier Fag in the shadow of shit. Perhaps they are marking something out there or this is WW IV. IV means four in roman numerals and intravenous in medical terms. Was it a radioactive sunset, another dier holiday? And was a jet flying upside down and looking back. Grona dier fag, two mitts me.

Daily Foreword October 14, 2014: I would estimate three, perhaps four men I knew of and worked with were executed in 1983 and they were crewmen on the USS Reid FFG 30 at some time during the time of the nuclear voyage as I call it. I was one of the USS Reid FFG 30 Quartermasters and witness to a nuclear bubble from below the ocean and our vessel and fall in the form of a viewable radiation cloud on the ocean by radar at night at the end of the Falklands War and the height of the cold war. The USA is too factionalized. They are sacrificing and killing our people in the military and they have wrenched our heads off from all indications. I welcome global suicide but I am just one well wisher to be a witness to a mercy killing.

Daily Foreword October 13, 2014: The South East USA is suffering under a cocaine and heroin and pill and alcohol dealing empire. Their government in power is not in the room if you want to blow their heads off. They hit like a war criminal and attack at will. Because many people are born with radiation defects which is a direct result of the enemy in power, I recommend you grow your marijuana if you want it. I recommend the young not to use it because the government will allow your enemies to sell it to you but for you not to grow it. We are all victims here. I am what they call a super male, three testicles from radiation. In addition I am completely right brained and some say I live in left field. Some times I like to come to the mound and I do not care if those who attack us are killed and splayed on light posts. Lichten Dick hung up dare near the Sour Patch in ole Louisiana Alabama and Mississippi, and Florida, well that is a New Jerseyians dope empire. Let us welcome World War III if it frees us from the enemies to mankind and our own stupidities. Supe 2000 r males should form a club, Murder Inc. or something like that. First order of business, who wants to kill the Presiden 2000 t of the Club?.

Daily Foreword October 12, 2014: The USA government or those in power left me a cripple at birth. I overcame the deformity and then I was maimed by those in power even further as an adult at age 40. In addition, to further their crimes in banking and the military and government financing they labeled me erroneously, just as the prosecuted scientists and altruistic members of past societies.

I have contacted many companies internationally to assist in producing a film about the crippling radiation of the Earth. I have also contacted several Turkish and Syrian and Lebanese officials about factionalized war in the USA that was occurring in 1983 while I was in the USN. Many men were killed and likely burned in the incinerators at Long Beach Naval Station. I was working at the Long Beach California Shipyard Haz Mat office in 1991 or 1992 as a civilian and someone told me I should check the findings about the teeth out, that many of us were likely killed and manipulated in 1983 at the base and on ships leaving the base. My memory was wiped out due to psych ops against me about the nuclear war we were in in the Pacific Ocean in 1983. My tumor did not forget. I had had it removed one year earlier at Humana Hospital in Tampa Florida in 1989 or 1990.

It was stated by media that two nuclear bombs went down undetonated in North Carolina in 1961. I believe nuclear bombs or contamination was spread around Alabama from all indications in population charts on genetic birth defect populations. I have three regular testicles and am a Prichard Alabama native in my earlier years. My father handled munitions in Alabama in the National Guard around 1959. Of course my brain is twisted but what the hell. I stood next to the Captain to watch World War III on the USS Reid FFG 30. The Dier FAG WW 03 in WW III as I thought of the s hip at the moment. I triangulated the fix, and do not mind if we see world war 3 because our enemies torture and maim us our entire lives, calling it healthcare very often. Abortion clinics are good for their head honchos according to those in our persuasion, abortion clinics and butcher shops.

I like comedy because life is Hell. There is no comedian like a comedian laying in his bunk in a thermonuclear bomb shell. Imagine the ability to touch the brain to make the body sense heat. I was injected and tortured and no one cared. I have a memory of being burned from the inside until unconscious. It may have been real because I also have a memory of awakening to the sound of a nuclear blast and chatter about the blast being close, as if a fireworks display was going on after I had been exposed to radiation in the nuclear voyage of 1983. I imagine not being able to die. A comedy of ludicrousness. The deluded mind can float in a sine wave effect of conscious and unconsciousness perpetuated by torture in perpetuity. The true human being reminds me of the Psycho cross dresser in the movie Silence of the Lambs. If I was allowed special effects in a mass execution of my enemies as in a nuclear melt down which I seemed to have experienced, I would want my hair let down in the form of Ram Horns so I wouldn't burn my locks.

Daily Foreword October 11, 2014: Today I realized that many people who served in the USA military have been exposed to radiation and their children have barely survived or came out with Down's or Klinefelters syndrome or other genetic maladies. Today a man sat across from me in a restaurant in a California military town and his child had Downs syndrome. The man was Italian looking and an obvious lower end peasant who worked for the USA government for quite some time. He did not know what caused his chil d's malady. He is ignorant of the mechanics and effects of radiation. I will be assembling a series of meetups across the USA to form a consortium to ap proach those in government we need to make sure this does not happen to other service men and to assure the young are given proper treatment and that we are given proper treatment and not torture and degradation in the healthcare of the internationally and financially controlled g 2000 overnment in power. Many men think they are lions and they are pissants. We are pissants as one. As a group, if They say piss on us, I say piss on them and burn them alive if they cross us again. This is the end of the final year of their lie of supremacy. Give us liberty from them and their poisons or give us all our deaths.

Many of us have been persecuted in the USA if we worked for the USA governments or came in contact with them. Many USA servicemen were deliberately doused in radiation, including myself. I should have been p aid a radiation claim without asking in 1983. Now I am asking and I have not gotten a r esponse. Considering I was injected and tortured before court after catching a Sheriff who was a food funds thief and having worked in the corrupted federal banking regulatory industry, I realized our enemies are in power in the USA if not the entire Earth.

It appears that radiation is much more rampant on USA coasts than has been reported. Even I have a touch of radiation poisoning since birth and the side effects. In addition I was hit with a large dose of radiation as an adult. After more government service, this time in banking oversight at the FDIC and later journalistic work reporting government crimes, I was forcibly injected and knocked unconscious and maimed.


Daily Foreword October 9, 2014: Recently I deduced a new mathematical conclusion with proofs of the futility of nuclear war and the use of nuclear energy. Many nuclear explosions have not been reported to American servicemen or the USA public. Even on a USN vessel some people from D.C. or beyond were controlling our officers on the USS Reid FFG 30. The D.C. official had allowed radioactive water into the drinking tanks. An officer who knew of it was having words with the D.C. official about it being toxic. The D.C. official said, "Let's talk privately so the shrimp can't hear.". I am the shrimp he spoke of. I did not have the "Need to know" according to him. I would not douse my worse enemy with radiation as I see it as an abomination to God. I would cut my worst enemies head off and tell the others around me that no one else has the "Need to know".

The birth defects of children whose parents were exposed to radiation is carried down to all future grandchildren in that lineage in varying percentage expression of radiation alteration of the DNA chain. Some may say it is good, but it is very bad. Recessive genetic diseases are being expressed at a rate that they are no longer recessive but dominant traits. Cystic Fibrosis, Blooms Disease, Marfans Syndrome, Klinefelters syndrome, and many more diseases such as autism and Down's syndrome are now much more common as a percentage and those disea 2000 se are increasingly being fully expressed in victims of the diseases.

Mathematically it has a logarithmic quality with a steep slope very early on if you graph the number of incidences of birth defects as a percentage of the total population. The reason is that first, all descendants of a radiation victim will be impacted genetically in their individual genomes, what I will call X^, a sort of exponential growth of defects after contact. Secondly the toxins are still in the environment for consumption and contact by the human population at a given rate, what I will call R. Therefore X^ times R equals a logarithmic growth of defects. In addition defects already manifested can be amplified in severity with repeated contact to toxins or with rep 2000 roduction of similarly impacted individuals.

It appears someone is trying to sink mother ship Earth and the human species along with it. The government called me insane when I called them criminal. I laugh at death now. The human species is like a half aborted baby. What would the baby say at the exit hole, thumbs up or thumbs down, give me life? or Give me death?

Daily Foreword October 6, 2014: Sometimes I feel like the character "Haa" from the movie Raisi ng Arizona. I had a dream last night and it was after thinking of a memory of passing through the risky war criminal empire of Arizona where I was tortured with federal approval in 2004 with forced injections and had a stroke. Naturally I am a bit tense there, much like when I am within 50 miles of Los Angeles, where I was tortured in 2001 and put in a series of modern American holocaust camps, and in addition I left on a voyage from the LA Harbor area in 1983 that led to a nuclear war that was never disclosed to the American public in common knowledge and mass desimination.

In the dream last night after passing through Arizona a man approached me, and he said, "You remind me a lot of Lot. Lot is me. Yahweh sent me. Turn to page Thanh." I awakened and realized in the darkness that I needed to take a look at the other Lotts in Vietnam or the Ni gerians in Yoruba country, they lost a King to another time of slavery another time of drawing Lots. The Lot family. Lots of us Lots in God's locks, some still in their scabs below in their lesser existence, often simply drugs and alcohol. Many of us were maimed at birth or before.

In 1961 two nuclear bombs went down that never exploded in North Carolina. Were they experimenting on ways to control and contain the nuclear blast?

I pictured those blasts in 1961 as an unannounced release of energy in a test to overcome the enemy, us, the common of Earth. Or they were trying to contain a nuclear blast at the point of origin. I see spinning alternating current poles or a new weapon harnessing the energy within for a new method of conquest. The curly Q design of the explosion my girlfriend witnessed in 1983 in the ocean from San Pedro at LA Harbor was very likely a similar effect, perhaps. I saw the flash of energy but not the direct explosion as I was watching her loveliness from the couch while staring up at her and the sky beyond. I saw a flash like high energy light in the noon day sun. She was a lovely woman then, and now I am sure. It was her native city but she wanted to relocate t o Humboldt County California. I should have taken her and fled, AWOL, to Humboldt County. I was put in a sort of witness extortion program in 2001 by the federal government. They forced me out of Alabama and to Los Angeles California, but I told them I would accept nothing less than Indian country, Humboldt County, because I knew they had killed veterans negligently where I had been tortured with forced injections before court. PARC GLOWA would be my new name if I would have seen the future in 1983. AWOL G C RAP. My Humboldt County Indian friend would say in 2004 that I was like a spirit who traveled with the spirit wind. Then I left.

Daily Foreword October 5, 2014: Finding enigma , perplexi ng paradox, seeker of absolute truths, indifference of the grave bound, I seek to solve my own sorrow. I am considering leaving th e USA fo r a spite or just going on a long ride. Someone seemed to be offering me a boat today, free I think. I was on the highway and they were indicating the title to me and seemed to point to the fix triangulation on a sheet. I did not stop. I have been hurt in the USA and the stroke symptoms indicate it is time to go away, if I do not die f irst. I am very ill and may have cancer. Give abortion and war survivors and the poor a ride in your boat. Thanks if it was free, but no thanks. I was in the USN. That water is radioactive and the fish sti nk and not only is the water radioactive but it tastes salty, even if treated for salt.

I Kurt Brown ..Saint Ram Bone have released a new video on the undisclosed nuclear war in the Pacific Ocean in 1983 while I was in the USN on the USS Reid FFG 30. The nuclear contamination I suffered and others suffered is being felt in the USA. The insanity of murdering an innocent is labeled as collateral damage in the killing vernacular. Are Psych Ops being used all over the earth? I pictured a double eye lid effect, with a primary and secondary blast in the Pacific with psych ops used in the energy of the architecture of the second wave. I have never feared death but I felt I must have been in a war before I was born. Ceasar? Archimedes tossed his salad. Youtube video Psych ops nuclear war pacific ocean uss reid ffg 30, FDIC war san Francisco early banking deregulation issues FDICIA 1992, regional director FDIC San Francisco head blown off with his own gun, an antique weapon useless in banking wars. Banking deregulation with phase II in conquest in 1999. The military tribunal of 1983 was worse. I rememb 2000 er burning to death. I remember sleep deprivation and actually getting radiation burn. I have not been compensated for it. I am awaiting a return answer. I like private jets as collateral or ships or trains or fancy limousines. Any transportation and habitation conveyance. I get relief from stroke and PTSD by staying in motion.

Those beings giving me inspiration, her jagged teeth in the San Francisco salt air. She pointed to my double eye lid, so I see in return the same shape, the first a blast, then into a shield of projection and motion triggering the second blast in amplification of form from the first, the first in front of LA Harbor toward the Pacific Rim, the second from the Pacific Ocean several days later from all indications. For timing, we had fired missiles on one week and had carried a heavy payload for several weeks. Theefore in week one there are blast or blasts somewhere and on that Saturday there is a blast at LA Harbor. Then we go out on week two on the nuclear USS Reid FFG 30 voyage. A factionalized war had erupted in the USA and uncle sam was getting 2000 my nuts cooked and there were arguments onboard by an officer over the water radiation drinking fountain on the ship. My fellow officers final words to him were, "OK, I see what is happening. They are going to poison everybody on the ship." Then the D.C. visitor told him to not let the shrimp hear the conversation. He was speaking of me.

Run Betz timing on explosions. I picture a lunar month but over a week timespan to cover the Earth may be based on speed of controlled energy. Of course the shield of some machines in the USSR were alleged to create gold, radioactive gold.

As I study the lives of Buddha and the Prophets of Judaism and Hinduism, I realize that life is fragile, and the mind is as well and the human genome. We are often born maimed in many ways or at disadvantage. Families are being destroyed by various means and suicide to som e extent or stupidit y, but what came first, the stupidity or the toxin?

Daily Foreword October 3, 2014: Was all of the West Coast of the USA or the Earth under Psych ops in 1983? Or was the news of the bomb silenced, or perhaps a larger war? I have in the following paragraphs discussed the events in the Pacific Ocean that resembled the start of a global nuclear war. I am awaiting a verdict from the VA on a radiation claim. My mind was knocked out of memories with forced injections after banking regulatory work. Deregulation signaled a change, a collection modus operandi procession. A silent war or struggle in 1999, nothing like 1983. I w 2000 as knocked unconscious at Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004. Were they helping me to recover my memories of the war by giving me a stroke? Or was it LA VA Westwood in 2001 who was doing the same thing? It was a string of horrors. N ow I see humans as simple children often. I would have rather been left for dead in 2004 after I was tortured and knocked unconscious. Have you ever tried to speak with God or a divine being? Death is the ultimate answer sadly enough. This world is being strangled.

Daily Foreword September 30, 2014: As I discussed radiation with a radiation victim, I mentioned that the radiation impacts all children and the children's children and so on after a nuclear contamination incident such as when the radiation hits the testicles of men in the military. They broke into tears and said, "My mountain has fallen". As I discussed with another descendant of a radiation victim whose skill was medicine and whose father was exposed to radiation in the military, they said, "Take a look outside. Birth defects are everywhere".

So I try to be thankful for the remnants. The USA and all of mankind was likely taken over long ago. I was in a nuclear blast site and exposed and not paid in 1983 while in the USN out of the Los Angeles California area. I was ignorant of radiation then in 1983. They will use your ignorance against you.

I came out of a coma from starting in 2010 to presen t in 2014. My coma period was after forced injections in the USA at a federal and then a state facility. In 2014 I remembered the silent nuclear war. I was in two or three wars or four. The nuclear incident in 1983. The banking wars of deregulation in the 1990s and the journalistic wars of the 2000's.

Daily Foreword September 28, 2014: As I have gotten older I have learned to see what is "material" in life. The idea that the government would call me insane is ludicrous in 2001. It is no wonder a war broke out against the USA. I was under attack off the California coasts with nuclear weaponry in 1983 while in the USN and I was under attack after working at the bl oody FDIC California in 1999 and 2000 and investigating government crimes in finance and medicine afterward. The US A government or whoever controls them is patently insane. The half life of the radiation they spill upon the earth is far greater than our existence will be on this earth Radiation hits your children in their genetic code and their children in their genetic c 2000 ode and their children for generations to come. In addition, to the original rad ioactive toxin is still in the environment for others to come into contact with. Castle Bravo Shot was the dirtiest nuclear blast in USA history and much of the fallout has a minimum half life of 200 thousand y ears. Many descendants of those impacted by blast are among us in California and I a m sure all over the USA.

Imagine how insane those who ordered those explosions wil l appear if intelligent life exists in 200 thousand years. Imagine a human more stupid than the most s tupid dog, crippled at birth. I hear someone calling the blast I was witness to in 1983, the Godzilla Blast since it was big but very covert and I wit nessed some of the fallout up close after departure in 1983 from Long Beach California. The degaussing alleged at San Pedro's Tood Shipyard at LA Harbor was nothing more than trying to remove radioactive grit after exposure throughout the ship to radiation. It can't be removed. The captain likely wanted the ship scrapped. I was onshore soon after home-bound shore duty and the captain departed to the sea in front of my apartment window once as a sort of farewell. The sorrow I feel now is that I may have been knocked in the head with psych ops. Something weird happened there in 1983. Sweet Carol, am I dead in the head? Sweet Carol is Uncle Sam in drag and with psychoses scratching a hot radioactive teet.

Daily Foreword September 27, 2014: My greatest strength to my own knowledge was my ability to stay in the battle and discover the truth. In addition I learned to do what is known as triangulating the fix. I first learned how it applied to navigation and then I learned to triangulate adverse and diverse adversaries in various fields, finance and medicine and military and science and government within the triangles I traveled. It was suicidal math and the testing actions were as bad but I think I hit the eye of the needle in the triangles that in the end revealed paradox and some very obvious and indisputable truths.

To preface, I was born brain altered, therefore I did not prepare to flee the USA in my teenage years while the Vietnam draft was looming. I would have fled when young if I had been born with a full set of intelligence factors without disabilities in any fashion. I overcame the disabilities but in the process I discovered it is likely that we had nothing to do with the bombing of Japan from the USA with nuclear bombs. We had nothing to do with USN servicemen being exposed to nuclear bombs in the Pacific during alleged USA military tests in the 1950's. We had nothing to do with the nuclear bomb I was placed over or in the vicin 2000 ity of while I was in the USN in 1983 in the Pacific Ocean. I consider all coasts of the USA to be contaminated and have seen numerous birth defects that indicate a nuclear bomb was in the vicinity of Mobile Bay in Alabama. I also suspect that the tasty Boston clam chowder is suspect near Boston Massachusetts. A diet of wild caught seafood will trigger a range of recessive diseases in the children of your young because the government does not always report a nuclear blast or contamination area.

I have seen the lunatic asylum that is the predatorial capitalist empire in Los Angeles and D.C. and San Francisco and Alabama. I h ave seen their courts, and their torture labeled as me dical care, and their government banking and financial oversight. The predators are at top and bottom of American society and the international predatory capitalist factions. They are at war and mainly in it for the usual greed factors. We can not have justice in any fashion anywhere in the triangle under their auspices of absolute predatorily capitalist greed. We can not have safe medical care in federal and st 2000 ate facilities in the USA. While th e whole of the population was under the 10 commandments, the system worked for capitalism. It was a robust and clean arrangement for most. Not now.

Beware of California. They have the largest prison population per capita on Earth. Who controls D.C. and what other nations capitals in conjunction to D.C.?

Cheap tricks on the little guy and avalanches in the financial and technological arena is what occurs due to various factors and factions across the USA. Los Angles is stripped as I see it now, no justice, no money, no virtues, about the same as Lower Alabama. I once guarded LA with my life in 1983 and the war was ignored. A woman saw part of it happen who was with me. She saw the "Curly Q" from San Pedro in 1983. It was an explosion. How close or far away I do not know. I should have fled. AWOL G C RAP. PARC GLOWA. Is P olish language slang for Squ are Head Square Hat. Glowing in the park the Square Head homeless. They allowed radioactive water into the tanks for us to drink on that voyage. When we made it back to San Pedro they scraped radiation off of the ship, subjecting all of San Pedro to radioactive metallic dust. They called it degaussing the ship. There are those who will try to kill you and keep it silent. I let the young Sea Cade ts who came on to the boat lick the ships balls. I told them not to do it and that they were radioactive. Some men washed the boat down but all things in the bridge cabinets were suspected radioactive including 2000 the sextant.

Those USS Reid FFG 30 sailors coming who were onboard in 1983 and after 1983. Tell tale signs are children with birth defects, your own tumors, thyroid conditions, and radiation nightmares if you saw or tast ed something. Karlson signalman has MS they say, but we lost and found him according to the radio. That poor bastard. Not all saw the blast in 1983 but the captain documented it when it hit me and the captain while standing at the rail, the port Bridgewing late at night of the just commissioned modern war vessel the USS Reid FFG 30 in 1983. The blast was from below and he said my name and classification, " Kurt Brown Quartermaster", that I had witnessed the blast. He said it to CIC, combat information control. We had a radiation reading come back over the radio, not good. I have not been paid for the radiation exposure. I awakened in the night with my groin feeling like it was on fire and I forgot it later. I seem to recall being heated to the point of unconscious while on the cot that night on the ship but I was tortured in 2001 and 2004 and had a stroke so I am not certain how many men were killed or cooked alive that night. Odd memory. I would have preferred death. Psychops were alleged in the Pacific in 1983. I want payment in one form or another. I like limousines, jets, marine vessels, and pedicures for a nice horse to trample their ass Dear God, if I am not paid. Pony up sasquatch.

I was ignored in 1983 and did not say much because that is the nature of radiation and military service and psychops. The best is soon to come after exposure. My memories of the silent war in 1983 came to me in 2014 after the coma an d torture in 2001 and 2004. The imagination leaves one wondering who killed the captain, or did the captain exist, did the vessel? Did satan take you for a pony ride and hijack your central nervous system? Philosophical and theological questions. Who runs the USA banking system really now, after deregulation? A truly material question. International corporate investment and denutting the F-DIC with a FDICIA.

I imagined a way to kill men on the ship without others hearing the whimper ing men. I imagined it because I suspect men were killed on the ship and elsewhere, perhaps on base. Give me enough juice and I can diminish matter in a blink of an eye, without a whimper or a clue. Banking oversight was no better. Next up is my medical technology skills. I was considering CDC? Atlanta? Ebola? Obama? Both five letter 2000 words with snot in their f-cking nose. A Dier Fag has a eulogy you may know. 482 Million or was it the Wachovia number?. Yu Zhendong equals Xu Chaofan to Xu Guojun. Know the equation. Know Betz and timing of nuclear blasts, .666 is the clue if you can find the two nuclear blasts. Castle Bravo and Tsar Bomba x.666.

LA to OKC to Wichita, via D.C. or NYC per haps? Have a 911 cock tale. F-DIC lost its nuts to FDICIA. No clear audit. I saw 911 was done with a Yu Zhendong as was OKC and suspect McVeign took a shot to the face. I saw the explosion in 2004 near the equation aforementioned, Braman at the hypotenuse near Blackwell and Kansas. How odd how strange how queer, KAW WAK. I may have born with two testicles but now have three and ma y give birth to one more. Radiation Batallion, its a whip for a bit. I have big taste for sushi because it pulls my heart out.

Daily Foreword September 26, 2014: As I have gotten older I see the foolish of all of mankind in recorded history and in my memory. I live in a capitalist society that is being destroyed from the inside by forces within and outside of my society. Predatory capitalism is a remnant of the ape in man. All liquor and beer and wine and other drugs containing alcohol should be approached with extreme caution and limited advertising. The same thing could be said for other drugs commonly on the market in our era.

I envisioned in a comedy a final nuclear war. A nuclear vortex and with two opposing sides, each leader looked like the other in a way. A good and bad. Satan and Jesus scenario. One in the same but one in dirtier clothing. Who wins with the stench of cloth clenched in the teeth in the sheets in the sheath.

Daily Foreword September 24, 2014: Due to likely radiation or emanations of fluid exudate or consumption of seafood related to radiation is causing a range of syndromes and conditions. Although the syndromes are often not completely expressed, it is obvious that the USA has been hit. Klinefelters Syndrome is appearing in high probability on USA coasts according to a recent study. I may have symptoms that are not full blown. However I am not certain about a third testicle or if I have benign or malignant cancer from a nuclear cloud I was exposed to in the Pacific Ocean in 1983 in the USN.

However because I was born with a speech impediment I overcame and I may have a third testicle and due to a doctor telling me I had survived an abortion and another birth defect in the ears, I suspect I too have the disease. The USA government does not tell us when we are exposed to radiation. The USA coasts are a 2000 very dangerous place to live from all indications and in a Klinefelters chart almost all states to the Southern USA including California and Alabama are impacted. I wonder if I was made sterile when I was knocked unconscious with forced injections in 2004 in Arizona at Flagstaff Medical Center. California is where the injections started in 2001, forced at LA VA Westwood by a federal agent, after FDIC employment in 2000. I wonder if my memory was knocked out in 1983 on events surrounding my USN experience during the heated Cold War on Earth. If my memory was not knocked out in 1983 and again in 2001 and 2004 I would likely not have returned to Calif 2000 ornia in 2010. I have awakened and I welcome the death of mankind if we are not released from this degradation. Life is short. Many of us are maimed. Welcome death, welcome rebirth. .

Those who control the USA governments and the world governments have made places dangerous due to the design of their laws and their enforcement. I was put in the middle of a war long ago, in 1983. I put myself there and men were likely killed while I was in the USN. I have radiation exposure and it was kept silent during the events resembling warfare. .

Daily Foreword September 22, 2014: Someone threatened me today stating if it was discovered that a nuclear bomb went off outside of Los Angeles that billions would be lost in property values. I used to blame local officials for my predicaments as an investigative journalist. They are controlled from D.C. and no one knows who controls D.C.

Daily Foreword September 18, 2014: What is most material in our lives has been negated to nothing in many of our families. B y following the predatory capitalists line of thought many families are destroyed by drugs and alcohol and alleged military service and alleged government state and federal healthcare.

I say alleged healthcare because it is obvious that much healthcare is directed toward destroying and controlling some people instead of treating the malady requiring true healthcare. It is obvious to me that the USA or all mankind lost a war long ago. On the West Coast of the USA it is very easy to find descendants of military service men whose fathers and grandfathers were in the military and exposed to radiation in the nuclear blasts and alleged tests of the 1940's and 1950's.

Many of us USA servicemen were subjected to radiation in the 1980's in the USN. Psych ops were allegedly used by the Russians in 1983 according to a CIA factbook report online. I know I was exposed on one voyage to radiation and told to take a shower. I was allowed to sleep in my bunk on the USS Reid FFG 30 and something happen ed. I am not sure but I was told many men had died during my time asleep when I awakened. I am not sure but I remember the heat going up so high that I lost consciousness in the bunk. Perhaps the bubble I saw that came from below at around midnight wa s a presage of a blast to follow at 2 or 3 a.m. . I am not certain. We did travel through nuclear areas afterward with a cloud of radiation reported and I saw on navigation radar a thick cloud to our sta rboard as we traveled at full speed, 30 to 35 knots or more. I do not remember taking an intense shower afterward on that night however I do remember I was told not to drink the coffee due to radiation in the air. There was also discussion that our water tanks had gotten low and that seawater may have been allowed in to the ship for treatment so that it could be made potable or drinkable. I remember the alarm some officers had about radiation being in the water and they were against filling the tanks. On e sailor s aid we would be better off drinking cups of cum. He said t he guy in orange over there don' t care if you drink it. We were deep at sea. No one could be seen but I would not go get a free soda, expecting the mean. I am considering if a new weapon exists to remove people for execution on site as on a ship?.< /p>

I often wonder if a nuclear bomb or perhaps just the sun could be made int o a laser that would wipe out a military and all oth er electronics in the path or beam of the laser. I pictured a rolling flux, a sort of magnifying glass effect in ux over the Pacific Fleet in my imagina tion and also I pictured the explosion from below. I conjecture on weapons that I did not see directly. However the Captain and I were on the Port Bridgewing on the USS Reid FFG 30 and the sky was hazy. The sun co uld be seen above as a large disk, and due to the haze it covered a much larger area it seemed. The way a long tube fluorescent lens covers a light. The captain said to me, "The war is fought from up there. What we have is exploding bullets." We carried an arsenal of Guided Missiles. We were loaded down on some of those voyages around the time of the nuclear voyage, pulling up silt as we left Long Beach Naval Station. I noted it to the captain who grabbed the rail on the way down and said, "This is where the octopus gets us". If we had been detonated in Long Beach Harbor with a full load of missiles, it would have followed one sailors logic who said they were going to try and kill us.

On one voyage we fired a barrage of missiles and then the power went down on departure at full speed. Dodgeba ll was my favorite game as a child. I th ought I was good at i t. I am not good at it, not in the real world. I am only human and somedays I would rather be extinct among this filth. I have had much benign cancer and thyroid conditions since exposure to radiation in 1983. I believe the cancer may be going malignant.

Google search Kurt Brown Saint Ram Bone, also on youtube. SITE DOWN TEMPORARILY. Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone.

Daily foreword notes archive pages______________________________ ______________________________________________________&l t;/p>

I urge some US veterans to not use VA Medical Health Care. I and other veterans have been abused and forcibly injected (See Continuing Problems section) and I often feel sick since my abduction at a federal facility, and details are in this site. The r 2000 egime had no concern for post traumatic stress due to an attack on my life and called me insane, and they abused me in ways and they abused other veterans in ways that warrants the elimination of those who abused us, however it has to be done. That same regime, our enemy in power in the Unit ed States, also ignores atrocities in China by the Chinese dictatorship against a group that is truthful, and the < ;a href=" uot;>Fulan Gong are labeled insane by the Chinese dictatorship and forcibly injected like I was, simply for being truthful and honest. I pity the past FDIC regional director in San Francisco labeled suicide in his office in the early 1990's. Liars, he was set up or killed. In reviewing Vietnam attacks on American soldiers, someone or thing was moving troops into harms way and giving the other side the advantage through information release.

I su rvived an attempt on my life as a former federal bank examiner also, for informing on murder and collusion at a federal banking regulator, th 2000 e Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Most ludicrous and ironic is that there is alleged protection for whistleblowers from the evil and inhumane regime in power. I had informed on obvious money laundering at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, likely murder labeled suicide of a former FDIC Regional Director in San Francisco, and an attempt on my life after video taping and confronting his replacement and a colleague one morning by recording them with a video camera. The EEOC would not hear my case in and 2001, the federal govern ment injected me a gainst my will in 2001, they destroyed my videos and other belongings, and I was labeled a felon and forced to sign papers for gun ownership, legal ownership, and I was tortured for three years and partially

with poisons. Now the . If you want protection, fo rm your own syndicates, and never, and I mean never, trust the USA governments. I met some one who is part of a group in China that believes in truthfulness also. As I mentioned in the link above, they are the Falun Gong and they are labeled insane and tortured, jus like many Americans including myself.

I like the way the Falun Gong record the incidents of abuse, naming names and places 2000 in detail. Those who abuse us in the USA remain anonymous just like those who pass laws to allow the abuse.

In auditing, the chances of collusion is a funcion of X. The best example of this is the number of agencies under the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) expressed as X. Collusion makes all audits and investigations irrelevant and unreliable. Simply, mathematically collusion is a function of X where f(x). I say it is Squared, which is f(x)^2-1. I only trust myself and we should have auditors check each other's work, for errors. Therefore on the surface there are thirty agencies under the NTEU, mathematically then 30^2 chances of collusion or 900 chances of collusion. In reality there are at least 120 agencies, therefore 120^2==14400 chances of collusion. The regime will argue they have controls in place. The regime has created a criminal monopoly and we are the slaves and our industry and our people are slaves to their paradigm. The dream was a dream, never to return in this life.

Agencies are being hit twice, meaning collusion through technological quarantine of departments in agencies, and then entire agencies themselves.

I urge my people, the humans, those poo r shut out of all wealth, not to drink or smoke marijuana or use other drugs. Marijuana should be legalized.


I dedicate this site to Former Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" Tillman of Mobile Alabama who was allowed to steal inmate food funds in 2001 and onward while I was tortured in Los Angeles and Flagstaff after trying to report him to federal officials in Los Angeles on 4/23/2 001.

Many were killed in federal banking regulatory oversight since the 1990's including the F-DI C Head, the Regional Director of the San Francisco FDIC, circa 1991 and banking frauds judge Thomas Crane Wales was murdered on 10/11/2001. .

Those at top are often not our people so beware of USA military involvement. It is counter-productive and suicidal to join them. Due to the disenfranchisement and subjugation of the working class children in t he South East and Mid-West USA, I n ow support any positive capitalist or po sitive socialist party who can stop the attacks by the dictatorship against many of us, including forced injections, forced medical procedures, and total destruction of our liveliho od 2000 s and health and our families.

Tillman was a thief and I was under atta ck for reporting the Sheriff and for investigating the murders of high level bank examiners and later a banking frauds judge and other deaths in highest finance. Tillman had taken my gun permi t illegally when I wa s going to present my evidence that he was an inmate food funds thief on April 3, 2001. I al so wanted others to know that 911 knew of an attack on myself by the FDIC or associates in February 2001. The attack was related t o the federal government and the FDIC and money laundering and murder. I wa s attacked after St. Valentines 2001 by the FDIC or associates while investigating murder of the FDIC Regional Director prior to the arrival of George Masa. I first told them I had come forward on bullying in the FDIC of the Examiners In Charge and sometimes murder and money laundering. I was directed to eliminate Tillman from office by family and used him as a hinge-pin of sorts in my cases, a hinge-pin of truth. Our enemy will starve us and reward themselves and he took my gun permit when I had no gun on my person and when I was testing for his thievery on 4-3-2001 (A date chosen for its poetic simplicity). The time has come for change. The time has come to flee to another nation or to accep t war in the USA.



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Foreword January 1, 2006: As a bank examiner and aud itor for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corpor 1da5 ation, I observed a corrupt organization.

The past regional director in San Francisco was found dead in his office in the early 1990's and it was labeled suicide by dullards and criminals 1ca9 of the federal government.  I survived an attempt on my life 1c8a in 2001 and 2004. No one cared in government. After all money laundering is allowed and other banking crimes including murder.  The link to a story on the regional director who replace the dead regional director is linked here on Google . Another

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