Prophecies from the past

I have spent many hours studying prophecies, to see if any prophecies published in the past have proven to be accurate about future world events. We have all heard of Nostradamus, so I was looking for other prophets. If there was a prophet who was accurate about past events, then he could be accurate about the future, also. Out of many published prophecies, very few have had many accurate forecasts of future events. Here we will look at psychic predictions that could be about the future. I was looking for specific detailed predictions of significant world events, by psychic predictions, by psychics doing a psychic prophecy forecast, or predictions by other methods.

A Book of Prophecies from 1944

One book of interest I found was "What's Ahead? A Musician's Prophecies of World Events" by Vincent Lopez, published in 1944, published by David McKay Company. Some of the accurate predictions in this book were:
--Japan defeated in 1945
--Russia would not fight against Japan in World War 2
--India gaining independence in 1947-48
--Germany and France unifying their countries in the future in a united Europe (which we are seeing today with the European Economic Union)
--Britain loses its empire by the end of World War 2
--China would become the dominant power in Asia in the future
--The U.S. would lead the world in social and economic areas into the Aquarian Age

Some of the misses were:
--By 1980, Japan, China, Russia and India "lined up together"
--a large meteor hits Europe in 1963, causing a major disaster

Possible in the future:
--The Eastern coast of the U.S. goes underwater (its possible from global warming melting the ice caps). Generally the coastlines are altered around the world. Part of New York City will be underwater, to 34th Street.
--New land will appear in the oceans.
--The earth changed by large meteors, earthquakes and floods.
--A large meteor hits Europe, causing a great disaster there, the Netherlands and France are flooded as a result.
--Retirement in the U.S. at age 45.
--A new religion of the Aquarian Age emphasizing the untapped powers of the human race; a new world leader will use the ideas of democracy and Christianity to bring about this Aquarian Age.
--Money will not be the future medium of exchange (the world is headed in that direction now, toward electronic money).
--There will be world prosperity.
--The U.S. will dominate all of North and South America.
--in year 3000, midpoint of the Aquarian Age, democracy will be the type of government, with a New Age type of Christianity the world religion. (Possibly this is after alien UFO invasion of earth, and the return of Christ, see my calendar page).

In conclusion, despite the misses, his prophecies are interesting. And he was definitely a New Ager ahead of his time. And Revelation 8 in the Bible's Book of Revelation predicts a comet or asteroid collision with earth.

A German Prophet

Another prophet of interest I found was in the books "Prophets and Portents" by Rolfe Boswell, published in 1942, and "Munich Playground", by Ernest R. Pope, published in 1941. Ernest R. Pope was an American newspaper reporter in Munich, Germany at the beginning of World War 2. In his book on events in Hitler's Germany at that time, he mentions the prophecies that were supposedly written by the "Shepherd of the Bavarian Forest" around 1800. Bavaria is an area of Southern Germany that has a tradition of prophecy. Certain areas seem to have frequently produced accurate prophets --including France and Scotland, as well as Bavaria. According to this book, the Shepherd's past accurate prophecies included:
--the defeat of Napoleon
--the "iron horse" (train) and when it would come to Germany
--the First World War, and that it would not go well for Germany
He also predicted that "Reds fom the East" would invade Bavaria, which is interesting because when this book was published Hitler had not yet invaded Russia. This could be a prediction of the Russian invasion of East Germany at the end of World War 2, although Russia did not invade Bavaria, the U.S. occupied that area. So this could be a prediction of a future event, possibly a Russian war with Germany sometime in the future? (See my page on Russia.)
And for the future he predicted a time of "Universal Killng" (apparently from war) followed by a time of "Universal Dying" from starvation and disease. This is followed by the rule of the "Great White King" who will bring peace on earth. This sounds a lot like the Bible's Book of Revelation prophecies of the return of Christ after the Battle of Armageddon, and alien invasion of earth, see this page.

Scotland Prophet Coinneach Odhar, the Brahan Seer, of the 1600s

Born in the early 1600s, this prophet who lived in Scotland supposedly had an excellent track record for prophecies, although his prophecies were not published until 1877 in "Prophecies of the Brahan Seer". The best book on the subject is "Ravens & Black Rain", by Elizabeth Sutherland, published by Constable and Company Limited, London, 1985.
His ominous prophecy for the future of Scotland is "black rain", that exterminates the people and animal life in Scotland. No date is predicted for this. Possibly this could be nuclear fallout in Scotland from World War 3? But the prophecy says that later people will return to populate Scotland again.

Heinrich Heine, A German Poet

Heinrich Heine, a German writer who lived from 1797-1856, whose writings include remarkable prophecies of the rise of Fascism in Germany with Hitler. His writing should be considered from the perspective that he was writing shortly after the French Revolution, and the rise and fall of Napoleon. He was very correct that an even bigger explosion was coming to Germany, although not for a hundred years.

Jean Dixon

Jean Dixon was an American psychic and writer, whose prophecies were followed with interest by the American public from the 1960s into the 1980s. One prophecy of hers, associated with the idea of the Antichrist, I will discuss here.
On February 5, 1962, there was a very significant astrological event: a close grouping of seven planets in the sign of Aquarius, grouped within 17 degrees, at the same time as a solar eclipse.

Related to that date is a prophecy of Jean Dixon, described in the book "A Gift of Prophecy, The Phenomenal Jean Dixon" by Ruth Montgomery, published in 1965 by Bantam Books. She had a vision that on February 5, 1962, a child was born in the Middle East, who would transform the world by year 2000, creating a unifying world religion, and bringing world peace. She saw a cross growing above this man, until it covered the whole earth. This child was a descendant of the very beautiful Egyptian Queen Nefertiti and her Pharoah husband Amenhotep IV, or Akhenaten, an "enlightened" pharoah, who created a monotheistic sun-worship religion, which was quite a change from Egypt's polytheistic religion before his time. This religion was a predecessor to the later monotheistic religions that we have today. This monotheistic sun-worship religion was discarded after this Pharoah's death, however. To understand this Jean Dixon vision, we should again consider the Christian mythology of the Antichrist. The Antichrist and his ally the False Prophet dominate the world for several years, bringing world peace. This ends at the Battle of Armageddon, when the returned Christ defeats their armies. This begins a thousand year Millenium period of peace and prosperity on earth. So, who is this child Jean Dixon saw in her vision? From the description, he could be the returned Christ, or one of the Two Witnesses described in Revelation 11. The interesting thing about her prophecy is the vision of a cross above the earth. In the Southern Cross concept, an idea of mine, I consider that the 1987 Supernova in the Southern Hemisphere began a positive force in the Southern hemisphere by igniting a nearby constellation, the Southern Cross. Similarly, a 1993 supernova in the Great Bear constellation ignited a nearby constellation, Draco the Dragon, creating problems in the Northern Hemisphere, since the dragon is Satan in Biblical imagery. And you seem to see that pattern, in recent years, positive change in the Southern hemisphere, with democracy coming to South America, and positive change in South Africa, while the Northern Hemisphere has had its problems. So, this Southern Cross idea fits the Jean Dixon idea of a cross forming above the earth.

Also mentioned in "A Gift of Prophecy" is a Jean Dixon vision on July 14, 1952. Jean saw a vision of a large snake, that was a very wise snake; its eyes were looking toward the East, with great wisdom. She felt that this snake knew all things. The snake told her that she too must look to the East for wisdom. And she felt that this snake was a bringer of peace on Earth and good will and great knowledge.
I would connect this snake with the birth of Russian President Putin, likely Antichrist, who is a Satanic imitation of Christ. President Putin was born on Oct. 7, 1952, so on July 14, 1952 he would be about 6 months-6 days from conception (similar to 666, the Number of the Beast). On the pages on Russia and Hebrew I connect Putin with the serpent or snake and Ra the Egyptian sun deity; in Hebrew "peten" means "Cobra". I think the snake Jean Dixon saw was Putin the Antichrist, soon to be born. Possibly later Putin, if he is the Antichrist, will lead the world to Armageddon, World War 3. In the Jeane Dixon book "The Call to Glory", William Morrow Inc., 1972, she does talk about 2020, with the battle of Armageddon occurring about then. And China becoming an industrial power and dominating the world. She said that a 19 year cycle ends in 2020 and a 17 year cycle begins then that ends in 2037, and that in 2020 there will be the Antichrist at full power (Putin?), and in 2020-2037 the fall of the Antichrist, and by 2037 the second coming of Christ.

So, we'll have to see what the future brings. On other pages of this web site I discuss my own prophecies of the future, based on the Book of Revelation, Astrology, and New Age ideas. Also see this page on King James Bible Code matrices on this Jean Dixon prophecy.

John Titor

Next, we will consider the prophecies of John Titor, who claimed to be a time traveller from the future (year 2036) when he posted on the web his messages about the future and time travel. He said he lived in Florida in 2036. These messages started being posted online on the web in Nov. 2000, and ended in March 2001, when he said he was returning to year 2036. Some of the postings seem to make sense, while others seem far-fetched. There has been a lot of interest in his messages. His predictions about the future include:
-- Civil war in the U.S. 2006-2012 (didn't happen)
-- World War in 2015 results in 3 billion deaths (didn't happen)
-- BSE Mad Cow Disease spreads worldwide causing a terrible epidemic in people with large numbers of deaths (possible, see this page on BSE, although the BSE problem seems to be under control now after a hundred or so cases in people in England in the 1990s)

I suppose it could be possible that he's correct on some things but wrong on other things. Maybe he wasn't a time traveller, and this could all have been his joke on us, and he's a good story teller. Perhaps he was a time traveller, but he wasn't telling what he knew about the U.S. because he wanted to try to infliuence U.S. politics, for his own reasons. Or perhaps he's not a time traveller but he is a psychic. (See this page on Bible Code matrices on John Titor and his prophecies.)

Mitar Tarabich

Reference: An article in Nexus magazine April-May 1996, "The Prophetic Visions of Mitar Tarabich", by Tim Hobbs.
This Nexus magazine article discusses the prophecies of Mitar Tarabich, a peasant who had visions of the future, who lived in Serbia from 1829 to 1899. A priest recorded these visions that Mitar told him in a notebook. Many of the prophecies concern events that have already occurred concerning Serbia and Yugoslavia. Concerning prophecies about the future mentioned in this article, these are very interesting:
-- a disease plague will cause deaths around the entire world, and no cure will be found for it. Possibly Coronavirus
-- A teacher will appear in a far Northern nation, who will teach about grace and humanity. His books and teachings will remain despite many disbelievers and critics.
-- Environmental damage across the world, with the air and water supplies poisoned, and great numbers of people will die. In the country, away from the cities, people will take refuge in the "mountains with three crosses" where there will be fresh air and water. Then a wordwide famine will occur. (Environmental destruction on a global scale?)
-- A world war, that includes use of cannon-balls that put people temporarily asleep. (Some kind of nonlethal weapon to incapacitate a population?) The only country escaping the wars is at the ends of the earth, and is surrounded by oceans. (This is probably Australia).

Viking Prophecies of the End of Time, Thor and the World Serpent

In the Viking mythology story of Ragnarok, the End of the World, Thor who is the defender of mankind battles against Jormungandr, the Midgard world serpent that encircles the earth. Also see the Nostradamus page on Thor. Thor the thunder god battles the serpent as it spits out poison, poisoning the atmosphere and the oceans (which sounds like today's environmental destruction), and Thor's hammer Mjollnir (made from a meteor) crushes the skull of the serpent. Thor was Odin's son, and rode across the sky in a chariot pulled by two male goats. But Thor himself dies also from the serpent's poison. Also at the End of the World is Fenrir the wolf, who had been held chained to a rock, but is then loose, breathing fire and dripping blood from his mouth, this wolf could represent the Antichrist. Much of the Ragnarok legend sounds like the Book of Revelation, where following Thor's death stars fall from the sky and all life on earth is destroyed. But then a new earth is born from the remains of the former destroyed earth, and Balder is resurrected, Balder being a god of light, sort of like the return of Christ.

Pyramid Prophecies

There are many different interpretations of Pyramid Prophecies, based on measurements in the Great Pyramid in Egypt. But a very interesting Pyramid Prophecy interpretation is in the book "The Story of Prophecy", by Henry James Forman, Tudor Publishing Company New York, 1939. (But written in 1936). This pyramid prophecy interpretation predicted for 1936-1953 Armageddon, a great war, and "Judgement of the Nations" (World War 2 was 1939-1945), and Israel becoming independent (occurred in 1948). And then a Period of Reconstruction for 1953-2001. And 2001 is to begin a New Age, and the End Times events, with the Antichrist in power. (See my calendar page on why I think the Antichrist rose to power in Russia in 2000.)

Maximillien de Lafayette

In the book: "Anunnaki: UFOs, Extraterrestials" by Maximillien de Lafayette, published by Company, 2008. He predicted that Anunnaki aliens would invade earth in year 2022, and that in this alien invasion antimatter will be used to "clean" the earth and undesirable humans will also be cleaned or eliminated. And that the negative influence of another alien race will be will be eliminated from humanity. And those humans that remain after this will live forever, be immortal. Also that Christ returns in 2022 and an asteroid hits earth. And the Annunaki aliens will take over earth then. Also he states that in the past the Anunnaki created man. Refer to the calendar page on possible alien invasion in the future.

Whitley Strieber

In the book "Transformation", by Whitley Strieber, Avon Books, 1989, there is a description of Whitley's continued contact with aliens. This book is a successor to Whitley's alien contact book "Communion". In "Transformation" Whitley also gives some predictions of the future that resulted from his contact with aliens. These predictions of the future included an event at some kind of nuclear facility, and the moon exploding into large rocks that rain down on earth, and the earth also exploding.

Alan Butler, the book "Intervention", March 27 2022

According to the book "Intervention", (by Alan Butler, Watkins Publishing, 2012), March 27 2022 could be a critical date for revealing the future. The book "Intervention" comes up with the 3-27-2022 date by relating it to a number 27.322 related to the moon, and the unusual numerical facts related to the moon. This book proposes that the moon being unlike other satellites of the solar system, it appears to have been designed and parked in orbit around the earth, possibly by people in the future, to allow intelligent life to develop on earth.

"Chronicles from the Future"

"Chronicles from the Future, The Amazing Story of Paul Amadeus Dienach, Based on his Diary Pages", Edited by Archilleas Sirigos, This Way Out Productions, 2018. This book is a story of a prophecy of the far future, from a man who was in a coma for a year ending in year 1922. He recalls living at that time as a person in year 3906 A.D.. When he awoke from his coma in 1922 he recalled the events he had dreamed in detail, and wrote them down. Years later this became a book, now translated into English. Future predictions include:
- Building a colony on Mars began in 2204 A.D., eventually 20 million people from earth lived on Mars. It lasted 60 years with disaster occurring 2265 A.D., apparently from a naturally occurring event.
- There was a nuclear war in 2309 A.D., this resulted a migration of people from South America to Africa.
- They were aware that aliens exist on some other planets around other stars, but the aliens stay away from earth.
(Note that SpaceX is planning on sending people to Mars to build a colony there, maybe by year 2030).

Al Bielek

2025: Al Bielek, said to be a time traveler who went into the future from a Navy Ship in 1943 in the Philadelphia Experiment, predicted for year 2025: a brief World War 3 nuclear war, and major earth changes that results in some of the U.S. East Coast including Florida going underwater, apparently from melting of ice in Antarctica and Greenland. And this results in a greatly reduced population in the U.S. and the world.


"OAHSPE" was first published in 1882 by John Ballou Newbrough, a New York City dentist. An 800 page book of channelled material claiming to be about the history of the universe, the history of the earth, the origin of man, astronomy and astrophysics, the nature of matter, a now sunken continent existed in the Pacific, etc.. It states that vortexes (not nuclear fusion) power the sun and stars. Books by a follower of OAHSPE are: "Seven Years that Change the World 1941-1948", by Wing Anderson, The Kosmon Press, 1946. "Prophetic Years 1947-1953", by Wing Anderson, The Kosmon Press, 1946. These discuss prophecies, and also how the Kosmon era began in 1848. Concerning prophecies:
According to "Seven Years that Change the World", in 1947-1948, cosmic dust stopped falling, and the Kosmon era began, with the Kosmon race then beginning to be born, as a result of peoples and races mixing in the U.S.. The Kosmon race is said to be the sixth race, and will be more focused on spiritual concepts. It says that Kosmon 1 was in 1848, and it began a 3000 year Aquarian Age cycle, with the first 132 year Kosmon cycle ending in 1980. So from 1980 the next 32 year cycle ended in 2012.

The number of Presidents of the United States

The 45th President of the United States was elected in November 2016. A significant Presidential number could be the next President 46, where the 46th President was elected in November 2020. This is because 46 is the number of man, mentioned in Revelation 13, the number of man because man has 46 chromosones, and also because Adam the first man totals 46 in Greek, the original language of the Bible's New Testament. So something significant, significant change, could occur for the U.S. and the world when the 46th President is in power, that could relate to the End Times events of Revelation, and possibly alien UFO invasion of earth.

Virgin Mary sighting prophecies

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