Adolph Hitler, Predecessor to the Antichrist-- a Bible prophecy and New Age analysis

Here I will continue my discussion of Hitler and the Antichrist begun on the "" Russia page, using religion combined with numerical and New Age methods. There I discussed the Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the possibility that he is the Antichrist described in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 13, who is also the third Antichrist of the Prophecies of Nostradamus.Also, see the first page, which includes my general predictions of future world events and my general New Age theories, and the 666 day intervals page, and calendar pages.


Consider the locations of Hitler's birthplace:
Braunau am Inn, Austria -- 48.25 N 13.05 E

So Hitler was born exactly on 13 degrees East. It is Revelation 13 that is about the Antichrist. So 13 (as in Friday the 13th), and 666 are numbers connected with the Antichrist. And if you take the cosine of Hitler's birthplace coordinate of 48.25 N you have .666. This means that if the earth's radius is assumed to be 1, then at Hitler's birthplace the distance to the polar axis is .666. Also, note that Hitler was born on Easter, a fact that he saw as a sign of his destiny.
It would be interesting to check in Brunau am Inn, the exact coordinates of 13 degrees East x inverse-cosine (.666) North, and 13 Degrees x inverse-cosine(.666666...) North, to see if either of these exact points is of significance in the life of Hitler, such as being his family home, school, or birthplace. You could use one of those satellite location finders to find these exact locations. What I am saying is that the birth location of Hitler is mathematically related to the numbers 13 and 666. This is not just a coincidence. On the geographic coordinates page I discuss more geographic patterns.

Hitler had eyes that were strange to look at, and that his Mother also had. Hitler said his Mother had eyes like a painting of the Medusa by Von Stuck. Hitler used his strange eyes to hypnotize people and audiences, to bring them under his evil power. It sounds like the movie "The Medusa Touch", where an English man has power to control people and events with his stare. Note that Russian President Putin, likely Antichrist, is also said to have hypnotizing eyes he apparently uses to get power over people.

Events and dates in Hitler's life:

April 20, 1889. Hitler born in Brunaus am Inn, Austria, on Easter, a coincidence of date that he saw as a sign of his being of importance to the world. Note that the 20th century's greatest philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein, was born 6 days after Hitler in Austria (in Vienna) on April 26, 1889.
1904-5. By strange coincidence, Wittgenstein and Hitler at age 14 attended the same school in Linz in 1904-5. What we seem to have here is two philosophers, one good (Wittgenstein), and one evil (Hitler), who were born 6 days apart in Austria, like an electron and positron pair, positive and negative energies. They were both destined to greatly influence the 20th Century: Wittgenstein in a positive way as a great thinker, and Hitler with his evil philosophy resulting in millions murdered, Hitler being the most evil person of the 20th century. See the 666 day intervals page where I discuss more on this, how the approximate time of Hitler conception near Aug. 1, 1888, is significant also.
1919. Hitler begins attending meetings of the German Workers Party, a Fascist and racist group. He later changes its name to the National Socialist (Nazi) Party. Note the parallel to life of Christ: Christ began his ministry at the age of 30, and so did Hitler, with Hitler becoming involved in politics in the Nazi Party being the beginning of Hitler's "ministry" at age 30. There seem to be again be opposite parallels between Hitler and Wittgenstein, since Wittgenstein completed his great philosophy work "Tractatus" near this time in 1918, and studied in England at the University of Cambridge. Also, both Hitler and Wittgenstein were in the Austrian army during World War 1.
1923. Hitler went to jail for 9 months for being part of an unsuccesful coup attempt, he used this time to write his book Mein Kampf. Wittgenstein retired from university life in 1920 to work as an elementary schoolteacher in Austria.

1929. Hitler was rising to power in Germany, becoming Chancellor of Germany in 1933. In 1929, Wittgenstein returned to England to Cambridge to lecture there and work on his Philosophy research and writing.
January 30 1933. Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, the leader of Germany. Note that 66 years and 6 months (666) later the Antichrist Putin came to power in Russia on August 9 1999, became 2nd in command in Russia. Also note that Napoleon came to power in France by a coup on November 9 1799, becoming First Consul of France 199 years plus 9 months before August 1999 (199+9, where 999 is 666 upside down).
April 30, 1945. Death of Hitler in Germany.
April 29, 1951. Death of Wittgenstein in Cambridge, England (within 1 day of exactly 6 years after the death of Hitler). Wittgenstein had retired from academic life in 1947.

In conclusion: two philosophers, one good (Wittgenstein), who was an angel of light to the world, and one evil (Hitler), were born at about the same time in the same place. Note also that Wittgenstein's family was very wealthy from the iron and steel industry in Austria; on the page on Russia I connect Hitler and Germany with iron, Russia and Communism with clay. Also note that Hitler's Father was named Alois -- similar to alloy, as an alloy of metal or steel.

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