The 1987 Southern Hemisphere supernova -- A sign of hope -- an Astrology and New Age Analysis

On February 24, 1987, a supernova exploded in the Large Megellanic Cloud, the first supernova visible to the naked eye since 1604. The Large Megallanic Cloud is a galaxy seen in the Southern Hemisphere sky. Let us now consider the Mayan calendar for the timing of these events. Also, there was the discovery of a supernova in March 1993 in a galaxy in the Great Bear constellation. In terms of Biblical prophecy, this supernova was significant because the Antichrist is described as having the feet of a bear, and in fact the Antichrist may be Russia's Former President Putin, the bear being associated with Russia.

The Great Bear is near the constellation Draco the Dragon; the dragon is the equivalent of Satan, the devil, in Biblical terms, with the Antichrist being Satan's man on earth. This supernova in the Great Bear constellation might be thought of activating the Satanic constellation, the Dragon, in the Northern Hemisphere. Note that the Dragon has a strange nebula in it called the Cat's Eye, that was recently observed by the Hubble Space Telescope -- this is consistent with the idea of a Satanic connection to this Constellation.
There was a supernova in 1987 in the Southern sky, in the Large Magellanic Cloud. This supernova can be thought of as activating a nearby constellation, the Southern Cross. The Southern Cross then started a positive chain of events in the Southern Hemisphere-- bringing democracy to South America and positive change to South Africa. (Although recently some negative trends have been seen in South America, with Venezuela forming an evil alliance with Russia.) So, what we may be seeing is the Dragon, with the Antichrist rising to power in Russia, while the Southern Cross is speading its positive influence across the Southern Hemisphere. I think this pattern could continue. The Southern Cross constellation used to be part of the feet of the nearby Centaur constellation; the Centaurs in mythology were part man, part horse. This may be a clue to the Southern Cross's healing effect on the Southern Hemisphere, since Chiron, the most famous Centaur, was noted as a healer and for his wisdom.

Let us consider the specifics of this pattern. Considering the countries of South America and South Africa, a remarkable transformation has occurred. Since 1987, the Southern Cross influence has rolled over South America like a wave, and it's name is freedom.
- In Chile, democracy arrived in 1989, ending a harsh dictatorship, just two years after the 1987 supernova explosion.
-- Civilian government came to Brazil in 1985.
-- Military rule ended in Bolivia in 1982, with democracy since.
-- In Paraguay, dictatorship ended in 1989. Again, an amazing change following shortly after the 1987 supernova explosion.
- Democracy came to Argentina in 1983, following the disastrous
Falkland Islands war in 1982. There has been remarkable improvement under President Carlos Menem's leadership. You see the positive affect of the Southern Cross at work, recently, in President Menem's October 1997 agreement with President Clinton to limit carbon dioxide emissions to control global warming, setting a good example for the rest of the world.
-- In South Africa, the remarkable transformation continues-- again, the positive influence of the Southern Cross. In November 1995, President Neslon Mandela's African National Congress was victorious in municipal elections, completing South Africa's conversion to being a complete democracy, at all levels of government. That this transformation occurred peacefully is truly amazing.

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