The Prophecies of Nostradamus: the Third Antichrist is Russian President Vladimir Putin? Alien UFO Invasion? Nostradamus Prophecies Predictions of the Future for 2023 to 2030.

A video on Nostradamus prophecies and predictions.

Nostradamus prophecies predictions of the future for 2023 to 2030. Let us now consider prophecies of Nostradamus, the French prophet Michel de Nostredame of the 1500s, that will shed light on our attempts at identifying the Antichrist. Nostradamus lived from 1503 to 1566 in France, and he wrote a book of prophecies consisting of ten sets (or Centuries) of 100 quatrains. The prophetic quatrains have been studied and published continuously in the years since his death. They have often been accurate predictions of future world events.

Here we will discuss some of the Nostradamus quatrains that are relevant to the subjects prophecies discussed on this web site, including the rise of the Antichrist in Russia, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Wars, (such as the war on Ukraine), and the possibility of disease plagues including COVID-19 Coronavirus in 2023-2030. The Prophecies of Nostradamus predicted the rise to power of three evil Antichrists - the first two were Napoleon and Hitler, and I think the Third Antichrist is Russian President Putin. And Putin with his War in Ukraine and threats to use nuclear weapons. Could there be predictions of future world events in 2023 and after? The Nostradamus prophecies are in no particular order, which makes it very difficult to interpret them. Also, Dec. 23 2003 was the 500th anniversary of the birth of Nostradamus. Actually Nostradamus was born on Dec. 14, 1503 (Julian calendar), but because of the shift in days to the Gregorian calendar, it is actually Dec. 23 2003 that was the 500th anniversary of Nostradamus's birth.

Century 10, Number 72

Let us consider the Grand Cross Astrology pattern of August 1999. On August 18, 1999, there was an unusual alignment of planets in a Grand Cross shape, possibly the most unusual Astrological alignment seen in the last two thousand years. And one week before, on August 11, 1999, there was a solar eclipse seen over Europe. And 1999 has 666 upside-down, 666 being the number of the Antichrist in Revelation 13. The Grand Cross, which is one of the most amazing astrological alignments ever seen in history, consisted of: the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in the sign of Leo, Mars and the Moon in Scorpio with Pluto close by in Sagittarius, Saturn and Jupiter in Taurus, and Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius. If Scorpio is considered to be the Eagle, and Aquarius the man, then we have the four beasts seen in Revelation 4 that sit at the throne in heaven, that have the faces of an eagle, a man, a lion, and a calf, in Revelation 4:1-8 (King James Version):
"a throne was set in heaven...
and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald. ...and round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before and behind. And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle."

Concerning the solar eclipse over Europe on August 11, there is a prophecy by Nostradamus that is of interest. Some of the prophecies do have dates, including Century 10, Number 72:

"In the year 1999, in the seventh month,
from the sky there comes a great king of terror,
to bring back the great king of the Mongols,
Mars rules triumphantly, before and after"

Mars is War, the King of Terror would be Putin and his war on Ukraine, and Putin threatening to use nuclear weapons. Concerning this prophecy by Nostradamus, it is interesting that the solar eclipse passed over France on August 11,1999, and on August 17, 1999 the Cassini spacecraft with its nuclear fuel passed within a thousand miles of earth's surface, within a day of the Grand Cross pattern. I think the significance of Cassini passing by earth within a day of the Grand Cross pattern is that Cassini may be a hologram, a symbolic parallel event, related to the rise to power of the Antichrist in Russia as Vladimir Putin, President of Russia. Note that the Cassini spacecraft reached Saturn in July 2004, and landed a probe on Saturn's moon Titan in Jan. 2005. "Titan" in Greek totals 666 (the number of the Antichrist), where in Greek each letter is also a number, and Greek is the language of the Book of Revelation and the New Testament. And note that Cassini crashed into Saturn/Satan in September 2017. And note that: just before then, August 21 2017, there was a total solar eclipse seen in the U.S. from coast to coast, Oregon to South Carolina. And in 2017 the U.S. was going through a very dark period because the President at that time tried to turn the U.S. into a dictatorship with the January 6 insurrection. Note that when Putin the Antichrist first rose to power in Russia in August 1999, there was then a total solar eclipse over Europe. The Aug. 21 2017 Astrology chart shows a cluster of planets and a trine - triangle shaped pattern.

Note that Russian President Putin began his rise to power in Russia in August 1999, at the time of the Cassini fly-by of earth, becoming Prime Minister for Yeltsin (second-in-command in Russia) on August 9, 1999. On December 31, 1999, Putin became Russia's President. Note the connection of Putin to Cassini - Cassini crashed into Saturn/Satan in September 2017. Also note that, the "great King of the Mongols" would be Genghis Khan. Also, another fullfillment of this Nostradamus prophecy (prophecies can have multiple fullfillments) could be a comet or asteroid colliding with earth, so a King of Terror coming from the sky. The Bible Code matrices on this page indicate that an asteroid could collide with earth in the near future, breaking into 7 pieces, and causing a giant tidal wave.

Century 1, Number 50

On June 17, 2 B. C., there was a close conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Venus, where they were seen to actually merge, a very rare astronomical event. This could have been shortly after the time of birth of Christ, and could account for the Star of Bethlehem. The two brightest planets merging would certainly have been interpreted as an unusual event by Astrologers of that time, including possibly the Magi, the Three Wise Men, believed to be from Babylon where Astrology was greatly studied. The light of Jupiter would have been added to the light of Venus, increasing slightly its brightness. Venus is the morning star-- this term is used to describe Christ in Revelation 22:16. We could also think of Venus, the female Goddess, as Mary; the joining of Jupiter and Venus would represent the birth of Christ. So, Jupiter was lit up brightly by being seen to merge with Venus in 2 B.C.. 1995 years later, in July 1994, Jupiter was lit up brightly by a comet collision. From July 16 to 22, 23 pieces from a disintegrated Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided with Jupiter, producing spectacular fireballs at collision. Satan is represented as a star falling from Heaven in Revelation 9:1, like the comet. Therefore, the Jupiter comet collision have been an omen of the appearance of the Antichrist in year 2000, as Russia's President Putin. A celestial event involving Jupiter would herald the Antichrist's appearance, similar to a conjunction involving Jupiter and Venus heralding the birth of Christ. Both Christ and the Antichrist are described as bringing light to the world-- the increased light of Jupiter would symbolize this light. Note that Jupiter is the King of the gods in Roman Mythology, which fits the idea of Christ or the Antichrist. Were there any unusual astrological configurations, near the time of the comet collision with Jupiter? Yes, there was an unusual grouping of planets on August 31, 1994. There was then a Grand Water Trine, a very rare astrology configuration where planets were grouped in the three water signs, forming a triangular pattern. There was an alignment of 3 planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Mars) in the three water signs Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer, spaced exactly equally apart, all at nine degrees in these signs. Such trine patterns are considered to be very powerful in astrology, because the energies of the planets are then able to combine. To consider the importance of this Grand Water Trine pattern, let us consider this prophecy of Nostradamus, one of the prophecies which is usually interpreted to be about the coming of the Antichrist is Century 1 Number 50:

"From the aquatic triplicity there is born a man
who has Thursday as his holy day,
His power and renown grows, by land and sea,
to the East there is a storm brewing."

There is no time period indicated by Nostradamus for this prophecy, but by its subject matter it usually is connected with the idea of the future great dictator, the Antichrist, or another in Revelation, the False Prophet, who is mentioned in others off Nostradamus' prophecies. Interpreting this prophecy, the aquatic triplicity could be interpreted as being the Grand Water Trine, of planets in the three water signs. And note that Thursday is mentioned, and Thursday is "Thor's Day", Thor being the Scandinavian equivalent of the Roman God Jupiter. So this connects this passage to Jupiter, and the Jupiter Comet collision. Also, it may be assumed that this man starts his own religion, since none of the world's major religions use Thursday as their day of worship (with the exception of Hinduism in India). This, in fact, is exactly what the False Prophet of Revelation 13 is prophesied to do-- begin his own religion. Also, concerning Thor, in mythology Thor battles the world-encircling serpent in mythology, Jormungandr the Midgard serpent or world serpent, at Ragnarok, the battle at the end of the world.

What could be the significance of August 31, 1994? On August 31, in history:
--Henry V, the King of England who defeated the French (and was a true "man on horseback" if ever there was one) died in 1422

Also, September 1 is the next day after August 31-- and Revelation 9:1 (corresponding to 9/1) refers to a star falling from the sky to earth-- this is believed to be Satan, or his son, the Antichrist. And this sounds like a comet, bringing to mind the image of a comet hitting Jupiter. And on August 31, 1994, Yeltsin was in Germany on that day, for the withdrawal of the last Russian soldier from Germany, and note that Putin was stationed in Germany before his rise to power in Russian politics. Note that Russian President Putin, who I believe is the Antichrist, has a connection to both Russia and Germany, having been stationed in Germany when he was in the Soviet K.G.B.. The storm brewing in the East would be Russia and its war in Ukraine, , North Korea, and China.

The Antichrist is part of an "unholy trinity" consisting of Satan, otherwise known as the devil or the dragon; and his two sons: the first beast, the Antichrist, having 10 horns, and 7 heads; and the second beast, the False Prophet, with 2 horns. This corresponds, in reverse, to the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. It is explained elsewhere in Revelation that the 10 horns of the Antichrist are the 10 nations of the confederation of ten states that he rules:

Revelation 17:12: "And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast".

This sounds like Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, which consisted of slightly more than 10 states after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Also, in Revelation 17:3 the 10-horned beast is scarlet-colored: Russia, of course, is associated with the color red. Interestingly, Russia is a Scorpio-- born November 7, 1917, and Jupiter (corresponding to the Antichrist) was in Scorpio on August 31, I think the first beast and second beast may be referring to both individuals, and countries. Biblical symbols frequently have double and triple meanings-- at one level, the 2 beasts may be countries; at another level, they may be individuals. I think Russia is the first beast and China the dragon that the first beast gets power from, indicating a Russia-China military alliance.
Also, another interpretation of this quatrain says that it is a prophecy of a hero coming from the U.S., who appears during a time of trouble in the East (which would be terrorism). The aquatic triplicity could be that the U.S. is surrounded by 3 bodies of water - the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Gulf of Mexico; and Thursday as a holiday could relate to Thanksgiving, a major American holiday. Perhaps this unknown man (who may not have appeared yet) from the U.S. is the returned Christ, or one of the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 (two prophets who appear during the End Times events), and perhaps this man is a force for good in the world. Also see this page on a related Jean Dixon prophecy.
Also note that another Grand Water Trine occured on July 18 2013. The July 18 2013 Astrology pattern is a rare and very powerful Astrology pattern of a Grand Water Trine with 4 planets in a triangular pattern in water signs: Saturn at 4 degrees Scorpio, Neptune at 4 degrees Pisces, Jupiter at 4 degrees Cancer and Mars at 3 degrees Cancer. Also adding to the pattern are the Sun nearby at 25 Cancer, Mercury at 13 Cancer, and the Moon at 19 Scorpio. A very powerful water energy pattern.

And June 14 2019, another Grand Water Trine. Unusual Astrology pattern - June 14 2019, Grand Water Trine. Mars - 18 Cancer, Neptune - 18 Pisces, Moon - 18 Scorpio. Mercury also at 15 Cancer. Perhaps connected with Joe Biden, a hero, running for President then and being elected in November 2020, to end the evil influence that had existed in the U.S..from 2017-2020.

Also considere: Nov. 2 2024, 3 days before U.S. election day. Astrology chart.

Nov. 2 2024. 3 days before the U.S. Election Day. Astrology chart: Note that it has a Grand Water Trine with planets in the 3 water signs, in a powerful triangle pattern, and also Uranus Trine Pluto in earth signs. The 3 water signs are Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces. Mercury at 28 Scorpio (and nearby Sun at 10 Scorpio, Moon at 15 Scorpio), Mars at 28 Cancer, Neptune at 27 Pisces (Saturn nearby at 12 Pisces). This is a powerful Astrology pattern that I connect with Nostradamus prophecy 1-50. Such trine patterns are considered to be very powerful in astrology, because the energies of the planets are then able to combine. "

The aquatic triplicity would be this Grand Water Trine Astrology pattern. Perhaps this indicates a positive result in the U.S. Election where a force for good, a hero, is elected. The trouble in the East could be the war in Ukraine and the threat of nuclear war from it, as well as China.

And also see this King James Bible Code page that has Bible Code matrices which may shed light on Nostradamus quatrains. The King James Bible Code can help in understanding Nostradamus prophecies.

Century 10, Number 66

"The head of London because of American influence,
Scotland will be frozen,
King Reb will be an Antichrist evil and unjust
And there will be resulting conflict."

King Reb - Roi Reb - could "Reb" be "bear", referring to Russia, and King Bear, the Antichrist Putin, head of Russia? The reference to l'Americh - America - could be referring to U.S. influence over England. So this could be saying that the "King of Russia", the Antichrist Putin, will result in conflict for the U.S. and the U.K.. Frozen Scotland could be referring to cold weather then, or that Scotland is left out of having influence over this. Note that this quatrain is number 66 - and 666 is the number of the Antichrist in Revelation 13.

Century 9, Number 44

"All should leave Geneva.
Saturn turns from gold to iron,
The contrary positive ray (RAYPOZ) will exterminate everything,
there will be signs in the sky before this."

The CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) particle accelerator was initially turned on in 2008. Located on the France-Switzerland border, near Geneva, it is by far the most powerful particle accelerator ever built. Built to look for the Higgs particle, by colliding beams of protons, some scientists have expressed concern that a mini black hole or stranglet particle could be created, that could swallow the earth. CERN had been turned off for upgrading it in 2014, and was turned on again in early 2015 at higher power. There has also been speculation that a wormhole in space-time could be created. But these Doomsday Machine stories have been scoffed at by physicists who say that if it were possible to create such particles on earth, then it would already have happened from even more powerful cosmic rays that pass through earth all the time. But it has also been argued that LHC could create slow moving micro black holes that could be captured by earth's gravity and go to the center of the earth, whereas black holes produced by cosmic ray collisions would fly off into space. Also, it has been claimed that micro black holes would evaporate as Hawking Radiation, but now that claim is being debated as unproven science, and that the micro black holes might grow in earth's center, swallowing earth in a short period of time. Or a strangelet particle could grow and eat earth. But perhaps creation of a black hole is a holographic parallel to the rise to power of the Antichrist in Russia. If a black hole is created by LHC, then initially it might not be noticed, but it could gravitate to the center of earth and start swallowing the earth's core, perhaps over years.
Concerning this Nostradamus quatrain, note that Geneva is mentioned, and the "contrary RAYPOZ" could be "contrary positive ray", where LHC uses a ray of protons, positive charged particles, truly a positive ray, and "contrary" refers to the collision of two proton beams. And it says the positive ray will exterminate everything, does that mean an earth swallowing black hole is created? Or some kind of giant nuclear explosion from a Black Hole or Strangelet particle that is created there? "Saturn turns from gold to iron" could be referring to the transmutation of elements, and that the CERN LHC is ring shaped like the rings of Saturn, or perhaps it means a black hole that is created will fly off into space and land on the planet Saturn, turning Saturn into a black hole?
Also possibly related to this is Book of Revelation passage 6:14 "And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together", this could be about a black hole swallowing earth.

Revelation 6:12-14, King James version:
"12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;
13 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.
14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. "

Another passage of Nostradamus, in the Epistle, that could be about a Black Hole causing the earth's crust to move or slip, as it eats earth from the center:
"Before this there will be an eclipse of the sun, darker and gloomier than any since the death of Christ. And in October a movement of the earth, so one thinks the earth's gravity and natural motion has changed, and that the earth has gone into eternal darkness.
In the Springtime of the year there is seen signs and great earthquakes. And there will also be then the offspring of the new Babylon, terrible daughter made larger by the first great disaster."

Possibly Babylon in Nostradamus in the Epistle could be referring to the Babylon of Bible Book of Revelation chapter 17, which could be Europa/Europe, and the offspring the LHC and the Black Hole it creates. This woman holds a cup in her hand "full of abominations" (King James version). Could the "abominations" be the unnatural particles the LHC creates - Black Holes and Strangelets?
Revelation 17:5 (King James version):
"And upon her forehead was a name written, "Mystery, Babylon the Great, The Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth".
Could "Abominations of the Earth" be a Black Hole growing in the center of the Earth?
Revelation 17:8:
"The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit,"
This could be about the Black Hole in the center of the Earth (bottomless pit), swallowing the earth.
17:9 "And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth."
This could refer to the LHC being near Geneva, a mountainous area.
17:18 "And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth."
Geneva is a city that is a second capital of the United Nations.

Century 5, Number 98.

"At 48 degrees, Cancer ending, there is great dryness,
Fish in the seas and rivers are boiled by the heat.
Bearn and Bigorre see chaos from fire from the sky."

This quatrain may predict a solar flare scorching earth in the future. Note that there is a passage in the Bible's Book of Revelation which appears to imply an increase in solar activity of the sun which scorches the earth with great heat:
16:8,9, King James version: "And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with great heat..."

So could an increase in the sun's intensity actually cook the earth? Yes, that is possible, since it is thought that the sun's energy output varies, and at times it has decreased. Possibly a great solar storm might cause a temporary increase in the sun's energy output, actually roasting the earth for a while. And there was a giant solar flare on Oct. 28, 2003, the fourth largest ever recorded, and on November 4 2003 the largest ever seen, see this page on how they relate to Putin. We will have to see if this indicates more giant solar flares to come in 2023 - 2030, perhaps the sun is entering a period of increased solar activity.

Century 3, Number 95.

"The law of More will decline,
For another that is preferred,
The Dneiper first gives way,
through gifts and ideas that are more attractive."

Explanation: Sir Thomas More was an Engish writer of Nostradamus' time, and in 1516 he wrote "Utopia", which described a Communist-like Utopian society. This book is considered to be a predecessor to the idea of Communism. The River Dneiper is in Southern Russia. So this amazing prophecy by Nostradamus predicted that Communism would arise in Russia, and later would decline there for another system, which we saw in the 1990s. And we are now seeing more of an influence of Islam in Southern Russia, that this could also be referring to.

Century 3, Number 34.

"During the solar eclipse,
the monster is seen in the daytime,
But it will be interpreted quite differently,
A high price, noone foresaw it."

This could be referring to the solar eclipse of August 1999 over Europe. This was at the time Putin became Russian Prime Minister, second-in-command under Yeltsin. Putin I think is the "monster" here, but people do not know it yet. Putin became Russia's Prime Minister on August 9, 1999, two days before the August 11, 1999, solar eclipse in Europe.
Also: August 21 2017. A total solar eclipse was seen in the U.S. from coast to coast, Oregon to South Carolina. Note there was a dark period in the U.S. from 2017-2020 that resulted in the attempted coup on January 6 2021. And April 8 2024. Solar eclipse across the U.S.. 3 solar eclipses across the U.S. in 2017, 2024, and 2045. Note that when Putin the Antichrist first rose to power in Russia in August 1999, there was then a total solar eclipse over Europe. Or could it be that during this 2024 solar eclipse an alien invasion fleet is seen? See below on Nostradamus prophecies related to alien invasion.

(Painting by T. Chase)

Century 2, Number 89.

"The two great leaders will become allies,
Their great power will be increased,
The new nation will be at its peak of power,
To the bloody individual the number is counted."

This could be referring to Russia, the new nation born from the Soviet Union, having friendly relations with Iran or China, at the time of the evil one, the Antichrist (Putin) rising to power. The number that is counted is 666, the number identifying the Antichrist in the Book of Revelation, chapter 13. Or this could be referring to the fact that in Greek (which is the original language of the Bible's New Testament), where each letter is a also a number, a word can be assigned a number by totalling these letter-numbers. "Putin" totals 910 this way, as does the word "bloody", associating Putin with this word, as explained on this page.

Century 1, Number 54.

"Two revolutions of the scythe bearer (Saturn/Satan),
A change of realm and centuries,
The movable sign is intrusive by its place,
to the two who are equals and of similar signs."

Two revolutions of Saturn would be 59 years, and the two revolutions could also be the two revolutions in Russia in 1917 (Communist revolution), and 1990 (Communism ended). The two who are equals could be Hitler and Stalin, where there philosophies will combine in the reign of the Antichrist, Putin. Also, the mention of Saturn could relate to the Cassini spacecraft reaching Saturn in July 2004, and crashing into Saturn in 2017, see the calendar page for more.

Century 2, Number 43.

"At the time that the bearded star is seen,
Three great leaders will become enemies,
Earthquakes and disaster falling from the heavens,
The Po and Tiber Rivers flooding,
A serpent is seen on the shore."

This prophecy indicates that at the time of a comet, there will be earthquakes, a meteor striking earth, and floods in Europe. Could there be a bright comet in 2023 - 2030?. The serpent could be Putin, probable Antichrist, note that "peten" (a word that sounds similar to "Putin")in Hebrew (the language of the Bible's old testament means "cobra", the deadly snake. And the cobra was a serpent of the Pharoah in Egypt, see this page where I explain Putin's connection to Egypt and the Pyramids. The three great leaders could be the leaders of the U.S., Russia, and China. And the disaster falling from the heavens could be an asteroid hitting earth; the King James Bible Code indicates an asteroid could hit earth, splitting into 7 pieces.

Century 2, Number 46.

"After great problems for humanity, a greater problem appears,
as the millennium begins,
floods, blood, milk, steel, famine,and disease strike mankind,
and in the sky a fire with a long trail of sparks is seen."

This indicates a comet (Comet Hale-Bopp, or another comet yet to come) near the time of the new millennium beginning with year 2000. The reference to disease plagues could be AIDS, SARS, COVID-19 Coronavirus in 2020-2021, H1N1 Flu Influenza, Ebola and other diseases. Also indicated are famine and war at this time.

Century 2, Number 53

"The terrible plague of disease in the maritime city,
Does not stop until there is avenged the death
Of the just, who were sentenced for a price although innocent,
Of the Great Lady unwronged."

Perhaps Hong Kong is the maritime city, it being a major seaport, and the "mouth of a lion" of the China-Russia red beast as described on the first page, and the plague could be COVID-19 Coronavirus, or some other future disease. And the many innocents who were sentenced, perhaps that is referring to China which murdered millions during Chairman Mao's rule. And the Great Lady could be a reference to the Queen of England, Hong Kong being a former British colony that is now owned by China.

Century 2, Number 6.

"Near the gates and in the two cities,
there will be two plagues like none ever before.
Famine and plague, people killed by battle,
crying to God for relief."

The gates may be the Gates of Hell that may be opened by Coronavirus COVID-19 or another future disease.

Century 2, Number 62.

"Mabus soon dies,
and there is a terrible slaughter of people and animals
There is thirst, hunger, famine when the comet is seen."

Much-debated is the identity of "Mabus" in this famous Nostradamus quatrain. It indicates world famine and economic disaster at the time a comet is seen, which could be a bright comet coming sometime in the future. Concerning Mabus, this could be a reference to Moab, a people who lived in Israel in Ancient times who were descendants of Lot's son Moab. The people of Israel lived in the plains of Moab before entering the promised land. Or Mabus could be a reference to Mab, where Queen Mab was the Queen of the Fairies in English mythology. And an odd coincidence is that the Flemish Painter Jan Gossaert (who was called "Mabuse") of the 1500s lived in the same location shortly after the Flemish painter Jan Van Eyck, whose painting "The Arnolfini Marriage" bears a strong resemblance to Russian President Putin, wife, and dog, as discussed on this page. Mabuse was interested in and influenced by the paintings of Jan Van Eyck, who lived earlier in his country. Note that Jan Mabuse lived 1478-1532, and died in 1532 in the year of the Shroud of Turin fire, when three comets were seen in the three years 1531-1533, this also being near the time of the Protestant Reformation. Note that another Shroud of Turin fire was seen in April 1997, when again the Shroud narrowly escaped damage, also at the time a comet was visible, Comet Hale-Bopp. And note the similarity of Putin to one of the three kings bringing gifts to the Christ child in a Mabuse painting from about 1500, "The Adoration of the Kings", where the Putin-like King is giving a crown-like gold object to the Christ child, as if he, a greater king, was crowning the Christ child. And see the King James Bible code section on a Bible code matrix in the Book of Revelation, including Revelation 13 on the Antichrist, that includes the words: Mabuse, Beast, Vlad, Putin, prophecy. Also, this King James Bible Code matrix indicates a comet or asteroid could hit earth, possibly that is what this prophecy is about.
And another "Mabus" interpretation: shortly after the Dec. 2004 Indonesia Magnitude 9 earthquake and giant tidal wave, in Jan. 2005 Mahmoud Abbas replaced Arafat as the new Palestinian leader. Note M. Abbas sounds like "Mabus", and this was at the time a comet was seen (barely visible Comet Machholz, observed with naked eye in early Jan. 2005). And there certainly was a great destruction of people at this time from the tidal wave, as mentioned in this Nostradamus prophecy.

Another ominous possibility: "Mabus" could be an anagram for "USA", and the prophecy is saying that the US is destroyed, possibly by the January 6 right-wing anarchist mob succeeding, and also a disease plague, when a bright comet is seen. Let's hope that this doesn't happen.

See this page on Bible Code matrices on the Indonesia tidal wave where "Abbas" appears in one matrix.

Century 6, Number 5.

"Across the Northern Hemisphere disease and famine,
and on Samarobryn one hundred leagues from earth,
are people living together apart from politics."

This is clearly describing the International Space Station, an international effort which will have an international crew, and indicates that there will be famine and disease epidemics across the Northern Hemisphere in the next few years. This could be Ebola, SARS, Zika virus, Swine or Bird Flu. Its unclear what "Samarobryn" means. One hundred leagues is about 300 miles, which would be in orbit around the earth.

Century 6, Number 35.

Near the bear and near the white wool,
Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo,
Mars, Jupiter, the Sun burn over the great plain,
Woods and letters of cities are hidden in the candle.

Possibly the candle could be a reference to a comet, Comet Hale-Bopp and Comet Hyakutake both passed by the Great Bear constellation in the Northern Skies. This could indicate intense sun and heat from Global Warming and a thinning Ozone layer in the next few years. Or giant solar flares scorching earth.

Century 1, Number 69.

"A mile-wide mountain (asteroid) strikes earth
after there is peace, war, famine, and floods,
the asteroid strike causes widespread flooding of nations,
some of which are ancient.

Biblical prophecy in Revelation chapter 8, also indicates that in the "End Times" period dominated by the Antichrist, one or more asteroids or pieces of a comet will strike earth, causing worldwide disaster. A small asteroid hit in Russia in February 2013. According to this Bible Code matrix this could happen in the near future. Compare to Revelation 8:8 (King James Version):

"And the second angel sounded,
and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea,
and the third part of the sea became blood."

Century 10, Number 71.

The earth and the air will freeze the oceans,
when Thursday is celebrated.
From the four parts of the world it will be honored."

The reference to Thursday points to the U.S. and the Thanksgiving holiday. So the last part of the quatrain could be about the U.S.. The first line could predict the earth will fall in temperature and freeze into an iceball in a new ice age, possibly caused by giant volcanos going off (there has been an increase in volcano and earthquake activity in the last 5 years), or caused by an asteroid or comet collision as described in 1 69.

Century 1, Number 63

"The plagues ended the world becomes smaller,
For a long period peace exists and the lands are inhabited,
Safe travel by air, over land, and by sea,
Then wars begin again."

The world after 1945, 2 world wars over and 1918 Flu epidemic over (the plagues), a relatively peaceful time to the present, with air travel and world communication making the world smaller: TV, radio, cell phones, Internet Worldwide Web. Could indicate world wars will occur in the near future.

Century 3, Number 94.

"For 500 years his accuracy will be counted,
He who was famous in his time,
Then suddenly great clarity will be seen,
In that century they will be convinced of his accuracy."

About Nostradamus himself. He was famous as a prophet in his own time, and his prophecies have been in print up to the present time. First published in 1555-1568, his prophecies have been in print and evaluated for accuracy ever since then up to the present time. This is saying that he may be even more popular in 40 - 50 years, with even more fullfillment of his prophecies by then, in 2055 - 2068.

Century 2, Number 29.

"The man from the East leaves his place
and passes the Apennine mountains to go to France.
He passes the sky, the waters and snow,
and he strikes everyone with a rod."

This could be Putin, as Antichrist, and World War 3, where missles that are launched being "striking with his rod".

Century 10, Number 74.

"The year of the great number seven,
it appears during the games of slaughter,
not far from the new millennium,
when the dead somehow come out of their graves where they are buried."

What this resurrection of the dead means, I don't know. Unless it caused by a tsunami. The number 7 could be about the world population being at 7 billion now. And "games of slaughter" sounds ominous, could that be war? Or could this be about zombie invasion, possibly caused by a flu virus making people brain-dead zombies. Or like the Rapture, the dead souls are sucked up from graveyards into a UFO, as shown here in my painting?

(Painting by T. Chase)

Century 10, Number 75.

"Long awaited he will not return in Europe, he returns in Asia,
one of those from the great Hermes,
and he will be more powerful than all other leaders in the East."

This indicates that the Antichrist rises to power in Asia, which could be Putin since Russia is in both Europe and Asia and Putin has made an alliance with China and North Korea.

Century 6, Number 21.

"When those of the Northern pole are united together,
in the East there is great fear and trembling,
Newly elected, this great trembing is supported,
Rhodes and Byzantium are stained by the blood of barbarians."

Those of the Northern pole could be Russia and the U.S. united in a fight against a common enemy. Russia is also having a problem with extremist Muslim terrorism, and Russia was supportive of the U.S. war in Afghanistan for a while after September 11. However, the Russians are helping Iran with their nuclear program, and helping Syria militarily, which is not helpful, since Iran is also full of Muslim radicals and Iran is building the atomic bomb.

Century 2, Number 30.

"One who the infernal Gods of Hannibal will cause to return,
the terror of mankind,
never a greater horror or more disastrous days in past years,
then comes to the Romans from Babel."

Hannibal was the great General of Carthage, the empire that was the enemy of the Roman Empire in its early years. Hannibal leading a Carthaginian army nearly defeated Rome. Hannibal's god was Baal, the pagan deity who in Carthage small children were sacrificed to, a practice the Romans considered to be barbaric. In fact, Hannibal means "favorite of Baal". Baal was the false pagan deity in the Bible's old testament. Refer to the page on Russia, where I connect Putin with Baal.
Note that "B" may correspond to the evil False God Baal, as A (Alpha) and Omega correspond to Christ. Baal was locked up in the KGB ("cage" or prison for B- Baal) since the Russians defeated Hitler, put East Germany under the Iron Curtain, and since Putin was in the KGB. So Putin the Baal/ Antichrist was in the KGB cage. Once the Soviet Union started to disintegrate, Baal was released from his prison, and now Baal is loose in the world as Putin, and we are starting to see Putin-worship now in Russia, and we are likely to see Putin worshipped as a deity in Russia, more and more. Note that in 1 Kings 18 in the Old Testament, there is the prophet Elijah standing against and defeating the 450 False Prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel. Note that this new Baal, Putin, has 450 deputies in the Duma, the Russian Parliament, corresponding to the 450 false prophets of Baal. Note that the land of "Put" in Genesis in the Bible was in Libya, which was Carthage in Roman times, where Baal was worshipped. So "Put in" means "Baal in", Putin being Baal released into the world today. And Putin invading Ukraine and threatening Europe and NATO with nuclear weapons.

Century 2, Number 91.

"At sunrise there is a great fire,
sound and light extends to the North,
in the circle there is death and cries,
by steel, fire, famine, death awaits."

This would indicate a launching of missles by Putin and atomic bombs going off across the Arctic Circle: Russia, Europe, and North America.

Century 4, Number 50.

"Libra sees the reign of the Hesperias,
ruling over heaven and earth,
the forces of Asia will not lose power,
until seven hold the heirarchy in succession."

The forces of Asia could be a Russian-China-Iran alliance, and the first line could be referring to the European Union and the U.S. dominating the world economy. The seven could be the seven heads of he Russian beast (see the section on Russia).

Century 5, Number 8.

"There is launched live fire and death,
terrible and frightening, within the globes,
during the night the city is destroyed by the fleet,
the city set afire."

This sounds like ballistic missles are launched from nuclear submarines to destroy cities.

Century 5, Number 49.

"Not out of Spain but out of Ancient France,
the election of the one to lead the trembling ship.
A promise is made to an enemy
that causes a terrible plague in the West."

This seems to be about the election of a Pope from "Ancient France" when the Church is going through problems. Ancient France could be Germany, since some of Germany was part of French kingdoms in the past. This could be about Joseph Ratzinger elected as Pope Benedict XVI in April 2005.

Century 3, Number 94.

"For 500 years he will be counted, and reviewed for accuracy,
Who was followed in his time,
Then all at once great enlightenment will be seen from him,
He who in this century people will be very impressed."

I think this is about Nostradamus and his prophecies, being correctly interpreted in the near future, after 500 years. And then people will be very impressed with their accuracy.

Epistle to Henry II, King of France

The Empire of the Antichrist is said to begin at where Attila's empire was, which would be Eastern Europe. This would agree with the idea of the Antichrist rising to power in Russia. And a solar eclipse is mentioned, which could be the August 1999 solar eclipse over Europe at the time of Putin's rise to power in Russia, becoming then second-in-command in Russia. Or the 2024 solar eclipses over the U.S.. The new Babylon would be Europe. And the one coming from the 50th degree would be Putin, where 50 degrees North passes through Russia. And the Furious One who sees his empire united would be Putin, Russia, and the Commonwealth of Independent States that Putin is likely to gain greater control over.
And another passage refers to a terrible disease plague, could it be H1N1 Swine Flu (Influenza) or Bird Flu, COVID-19 Coronavirus, or SARS?
"...a disease plague will result in the deaths of more than two-thirds of the people in the world. It will be difficult to determine the true owners of fields and homes, and weeds will be growing in the streets."

Could this mean some future plague will depopulate 2/3 of the world's population? Could this be a mutation in the H1N1 Swine or Bird Flu or SARS or COVID-19 Coronavirus?

Alien Invasion of Earth

Are any of the Nostradamus prophecies about a future alien invasion of earth?
There are prophecies in the Bible's Book of Revelation chapters 19-22 which sound like Jesus Christ returning on a UFO with a fleet of aliens on UFOs, taking over earth and establishing a world government with the New Jerusalem as an alien built city as its capital, and human DNA is modified.
The Antichrist is defeated by the returned Christ, as described in Revelation 19. The returned Christ (possibly returning in 2022-2030) with his armies (of aliens and UFOs) may actually be an invasion of earth by aliens in UFOs in 2023 - 2030, read Revelation 19 and it sounds like that. And the New Jerusalem of Revelation 21 could be a giant alien city that comes down to earth after the alien invasion in 2023 - 2030. Revelation 21 and 22 seem to be describing the reorganizing of earth by aliens. So Christ would be lead alien. And note:

(Painting by T. Chase)

Revelation 22:
22:1 "And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal..." 22:2 "In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life..."
"River of water of life" - this would be DNA. "tree of life" - that is the evolution of life. This mention of DNA in Revelation 22 may mean that aliens will modify human DNA. Maybe they modify DNA to make man more peaceful and bring a world government run by the aliens: 22:2: "and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations". See this page also.

As for Nostradamus prophecies, these may relate to the alien invasion of earth: 1-4, 1-100, 2-70.

Century 1, Number 4.

"There will be one King of the world,
who will not see peace for long,
the Church will be gone,
ruled over bringing its downfall."

World government established by the aliens with the Christ as King after they take over the world, and also take over the Christian Church.

Century 1, Number 100.

"For a long period of time a gray bird (alien spacecraft) is seen over Europe.
In its beak is a branch.
The great leader dies and the war ends."

A giant gray alien spacecraft is seen over Europe during the war of alien takeover of earth. It offers a peace treaty, and the war ends.

(Painting by T. Chase)

Century 2, Number 70.

"The spaceship (dart) seen in the sky extends its weapons,
and there are great numbers of deaths.
The stone in the tree restores the nation,
Much noise and a human monster is seen, then a new world."

Giant alien spacecraft fire their weapons and millions die on earth. "The stone in the tree" may refer to human DNA modification of the Tree of Life by the aliens, creating what appear to be human monsters. But this brings about a new era of peace on earth, as described in Revelation 22.

Century 1, Number 64.

"It will look like the sun at night,
when is seen the pig half-man,
loud explosions and battles in the sky,
there will be heard beasts speaking."

This quatrain has been previously thought to be about World War 2, and air battles and bombing, where the oxygen masks of pilots could make them look like pig half-men. But maybe it is about a future war of alien invasion, where the sun at night is giant alien UFOs, and the pig half-man is aliens that look like pigs.

(Painting by T. Chase)

Century 3, Number 34.

"During a solar eclipse,
the monster is seen in the daytime,
no one had expected it."

Could this mean that the alien UFO spacecraft invasion fleet are near the sun, and therfore are first seen on earth during a solar eclipse? Could that be during the April 8 2024 solar eclipse over the U.S?

(Painting by T. Chase)

Century 10, Number 42.

"The human area for angelic children,
will keep peace and unity,
maintain peace."

This could be about a place on earth for alien children or DNA-modified human children, and that this helps keep peace between humans and aliens. This could be after alien invasion.

Century 2, Number 68.

"By the great efforts of Aquilon,
there will be opened the gate on the ocean,
and England will be restored to power,
London will tremble, return as a seapower."

There are a lot of references to "Aquilon" in the Nostradamus prophecies: 1-49, 2-91, 8-15, 9-99, 10-69, Epistle. I would relate it to the French word "aquilin", meaning "eagle-like". I think it refers to an alien kingdom, perhaps the New Jerusalem established by the invading aliens in New York City, the U.S. being another eagle reference. Maybe the aliens are eagle-like or bird-like, or look like angels with wings. The gate may be a Stargate used by the aliens to travel to another star. Also, alien UFO bases are believed to be underwater, so "Aquilon" could refer to "aquatic" underwater alien bases.

Century 8, Number 15.

"By the efforts toward Aquilon by the masculine woman,
to bring trouble to Europe and most of the world,
there will be 2 eclipses of the sun,
and life and death controlled in Europe."

I think this is about the alien nation Aquilon conquering Europe and the world. Also interesting is the Science Fiction TV series "First Wave", where the hero is guided by the prophecies of Nostradamus, when warning people about and trying to stop an alien invasion of earth.

Immortality. Man becoming immortal after alien invasion and DNA modification?

Century 4, Number 31.

"The moon at night over the high mountain,
the new wise man with a lone brain sees it,
His followers invited to immortality,
with eyes looking to the South, bodies in flames."

Moon - a giant UFO over a mountain that is transmitting energy to the Lead alien. The Lead alien with a big brain on a mountain communicates with the other aliens by telepathy, and sends high power energy to the other aliens, which will make them immortal.

(Painting by T. Chase)

Century 8, Number 61.

"Never by discovery will they be able to achieve the medical sign,
until the war ends,
bringing to humanity the gift of TAG."

Medical sign - serpent wrapped around a staff - serpent represents DNA, so control of DNA. War - war of alien invasion. TAG is capitalized, indicating it could refer to the telomere DNA code TTAGGG at the end of DNA chromosones, which controls how many times a cell can divide and is related to longevity and lifetime. Malfunctions in the telomeres are related to cancer. Aliens after invasion could show how to control telomeres to increase lifespan of humans. Nostradamus prophecy related to DNA modification of human chromosones and the DNA telomere sequence TTAGGG which controls how many times a cell can divide, and is related to longevity and preventing cancer.

Century 2, Number 45.

"The heavens cry for the hermaphrodite (both male and female person),
close to the heavens was spilled human blood,
because of death delayed a people was recreated,
soon relief comes."

Death delayed - could that be immortality? Genetic experimentation on the human race? And it is unclear what this reference to hermaphrodites is about.

Also see: Nostradamus and the King James Bible Code, where the Bible Code analyzes Nostradamus quatrains.

My astrology / New Age/ Bible prophecy web site link below,, includes a discussion of the future based on my prophecies, resulting from analyzing with astrology, religion, mythology, the Book of Revelation, and numerical analysis. See my web site for more on this and other subjects, and my astrology / New Age / Bible prophecy predictions of world events for the next 10 years.


The best book I have seen on the prophecies of Nostradamus: "Nostradamus and His Prophecies", by Edgar Leoni. A very complete work on the subject, and objective.

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