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7/23/05 Well once again I've gone AWOL....

I fear I've too little time these days to be maintaining a website, nor keeping up with additions and changes to the game. I still try to make it to the Tournament House Forums from time to time to just check in. But overall with everything happening in my life at light speed I'm stretching my resources far too thin.

Hope people can still find whatever information, tools, downloads etc. they need here. It was a great run, the last 5 years, and salutes to all the great friends I've made and people I've had the pleasure of conversing with.

I'd like to salute these fine men for their dedication to the game and for being such great people to work and play with.

Homba, Morca, Mooxe, TogashiD, Bill_SWE, Yobobo, Mafi, SevenX, CB_Kegg2, CB_Stug71, SS_Goon, Walt,  LT, Recon, BR_Braz, CB_Fast, CB_Buzzywon, ArnieTerm, Skink, Col Frost, FJ_Hflik, FJ_Doc, FFL_Jaguar, FFL_Jefferson, FFL_Ceriver, Beeaych, Ant_Spawn, MF_Church, TopTurret, MortarEX, of course to all of my beloved CB's, and one can't forget the late SS_Peiper.

By no means is this list fully complete, and if I've missed anyone I'm sincerely sorry. I consider all of the CC2 community a second family.


'Till an unknown date, this is MajorT Signing off..........


11/30/04 : Added a new "mod tool" to the mods section. 

The "Soldier Sprite editor" by CplFilth allows you to change the colors of your Close Combat Soldiers uniforms.

Added Links in both the navigation bar and links page to BamBam887's, JimmyD's Tool Shed, and Zeppo9's.


11/28/04 Added 2 pages to my Strategy Section one on using recon teams the other on establishing firing lanes.

I'll also be adding more links later tonight.

11/27/04 : After a long break I'm back to do some minor cleanup and add a few things. 

First I did some research on using gammon bombs from buildings in game versions 2.0b, and 3.1. You can view the results in the Strategy section.

I'm adding links to Mafi's site, where you can locate quite a few map downloads. He also has an extensive collection of Close Combat Links.

Also adding Links to the awesome new site "Close Combat Series" This site will eventually fill the gap left behind after Pott's Close went down. It has many of the same features, and is rolling along quite nicely.

Added Links to Battle HQ which is now our new home for playing Close Combat II. I had a hard time with the lobby program BHQ has you download, but there's a better one out there that's easier to install and use. You can download it from this link. Power Lobbies.

These links will be both on the links page and in the navigation bar.

Since I could never get the space for my big downloads, I'm uploading them to CCS. Included there will be My soundmod, and the 4 main map plugins. 

Because I will never have the time to finish it, nor space to host the files, I'm killing the Gallery.

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