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· Of course no one who plays Close Combat II should be without the Information and tactics that Bill_Swe has given us. These pages can help newbie and veteran alike. If you're new to playing Close Combat online, DON'T Wait another minute soldier. Get your Private Arse over to Bills Immediately. After which you can consider yourself a Corporal!  

**11/27/04 ** Unfortunate news **  :(  I checked last night and Bills pages are no longer available. This is a huge blow to the CC2 community, I'm going to see if I can get a hold of bill and find out about possibly hosting his information or pages elsewhere...stay tuned

G·o·D's Close Combat links
G·o·D's Close Combat links

· For all the links you will EVER need, go to G·o·D's Close Combat Links. He has links to every known Close Combat site on the web. CC1 thru CC5.


Close Combat

An awesome site, which will soon be the total replacement for Potts Close Mooxe, Bambam, Mafi, and others are currently working very hard to build a huge database of mods, maps, tools, information and just about anything you can imagine. Site includes. Forums, messenger, downloads, news, current mods in the making, and lots of goodies to explore. Check this site regularly because its growing fast.


The Ammo Dump

A great site for mods maps and overall information for all of the close combat series. Visually pleasing as well.



Mafi's CC2 Revival

Mafi is a well known map maker for all of the close combat series, On his pages you can find one hell of a lot of maps for cc2. He does awesome work, and has detailed instructions for installing them. He's also got a very extensive collection of Close Combat Links.  


CSO Gaming Clan

Lots of maps, mods and tools. Mainly CC3 oriented, but stuff for every cc player. Also has a section for the game "operation Flashpoint"




At BamBam887's Site you can find quite a bit of information on the cc5 series. Its mainly oriented for CC3 thru CC5, but some links can be found to CC2 goodies. Mods, maps, Tools, Information and Links.   


JimmyD's Tool Shed

This is the undisputed one stop source for all your Close Combat Tool needs. I was floored when I seen the amount of tools available here. If you can't find a tool here then you're not going to find it anywhere, and that's a fact, Jack! 

Zeppo9's Webpage

Home of the Famous Configuration Manager. Zeppo9 created the Configuration manager and several plugin files. All can be found here. Also information on making your own plugins. 


21st Century Toys

· If you haven't seen Century Toys line of action figures and vehicles, you owe it to yourself to check them out. Simply Awesome. Thanks to SS_GOON for giving me this new addiction. Someday I hope to have an army of them!



Cases's Ladder

· Of course no links page would be complete without the 2 most popular ladders. Tournament House and Cases. Tournament House has become my Favorite, Mainly due to the Forums they host and the fact you can play a player more than once per day. Cases is probably the most popular ranking system and has over 300 players involved in the CC2 ladder. If you decide to Join a Ladder, Join both. You won't be disappointed.

Battle HQ

And just where can I play Close Combat II online? Well Battle HQ! Of course ;-)

* I found the lobby program from BHQ hard to install, it had me change ports first which wasn't hard to do, but then it said I needed extra downloads which after waiting near an hour never budged. Instead of even wasting your time, Download Power Lobbies, You'll be up and playing in no time.

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