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12/17/04 : Rank Change to a certain outstanding CB soldier ---

Today with a tear in my eye, I spotted a worn but fresh, old yet young soldier, haggard, beaten and worn down from fraudulent claims of wearing the uniform without proper credentials by current CB clanmates.

 CB_Stug71 was a founding member and a well loved soldier of the CB clan. He's shown his true colors wearing the uniform in the face of enemies, and has stood tall to all those opposing him. For his honor and valor he has been promoted to Brigadier General.

To you CB's that asked me for the name, I gave it to you Proudly, with honor and without prejudice providing you would honor your Founding Fathers...

11/30/04 : Added a new "mod tool" to the mods section. 

The "Soldier Sprite editor" by CplFilth allows you to change the colors of your Close Combat Soldiers uniforms.

Added Links in both the navigation bar and links page to BamBam887's, JimmyD's Tool Shed, and Zeppo9's.


11/28/04 Added 2 pages to my Strategy Section one on using recon teams the other on establishing firing lanes.

I'll also be adding more links later tonight.

11/27/04 : After a long break I'm back to do some minor cleanup and add a few things. 

First I did some research on using gammon bombs from buildings in game versions 2.0b, and 3.1. You can view the results in the Strategy section.

I'm adding links to Mafi's site, where you can locate quite a few map downloads. He also has an extensive collection of Close Combat Links.

Also adding Links to the awesome new site "Close Combat Series" This site will eventually fill the gap left behind after Pott's Close went down. It has many of the same features, and is rolling along quite nicely.

Added Links to Battle HQ which is now our new home for playing Close Combat II. I had a hard time with the lobby program BHQ has you download, but there's a better one out there that's easier to install and use. You can download it from this link. Power Lobbies.

These links will be both on the links page and in the navigation bar.

Since I could never get the space for my big downloads, I'm uploading them to CCS. Included there will be My soundmod, and the 4 main map plugins. 

Because I will never have the time to finish it, nor space to host the files, I'm killing the Gallery.




05/10/03 *Important Update* For all you modders out there that have downloaded my tool kit for making maps. It was brought to my attention that it was minus the roof making tool. I located the tool, and updated the zip. So if you are needing this tool, please re-download the tool kit from the Mod section.

Added a battle maps installer. Included in the installer are some of the more popular Battle maps that are frequently played on the MS Zone. Including, Kinnes Son Bridge, Polish SWAT Farmland, Buzzy's Bridge, Tigers Cauldron, Fcos's Son Town, Goons Bridge, TH tournament maps, and many many more. Too many to list. Easy install. Available in the Downloads section.

Added a new plugin to the download section. All of the free deploy maps in plugin form. Now you wont have 30 free deploy maps sitting in your cc game to fumble through. When you decide you wish to make a map, install the plugin, when finished uninstall.

I'm having trouble with my big downloads, they were hosted on my girlfriends server and seems none of us can remember the password to ftp. As soon as we get it sorted I'll post it here.

05/9/03 : Added the 3.1s and 2.0bs patches in plugin format to the mod section. These killer patches brought to life by TogashiD, Homba and SF_Keg2 enhance the smoke in CC2 tremendously, both visually and in the data files. 

Added links, both in the navigation bar and on the links page to "the Ammo Dump" TogashiD's Close Combat pages.  

Added a taste of my soundmod in mp3 format to the mods section. This is the 60 second intro/drum roll soundbit that I replaced in my soundmod. Instead of hearing the traditional drum roll upon entering a new battle this is what you will hear.  You may download it from this link 969k

Added another page to the dusty new players section (really I promise before I die I will finish that part of the site) :))

Other than that just general clean up. I'll have all the broken links in the download and mod section fixed soon, as far as I can tell all that's left is the soundmod and maps, the big ones. but will get em uploaded soon.

05/7/03 repaired the site tonight, will sort through the download section and sort all broken links ASAP.  if anyone has tried to email me I wasn't getting them. Due to the enormous amounts of Spam I receive daily, I had bumped my filters to the highest settings. I have now changed that back down one notch so I should get any emails. Sorry for any inconveniences.
09/3/02 I Uploaded four map plugins (Atlantik Wall, Ramelle, Pigros and Marsah mutrah), my Soundmod also in plugin format, and Zeppo's configuration manager in self installer format.

If you haven't tried my soundmod, believe me, you will totally love it! It's well worth the 22 MB download. 

The maps are available in the download section while the soundmod is available in the mods section. Zeppo's Configuration manager is available in both sections.

I also updated the "How To" pages on installing and using Zeppo's configuration manager to the same pages that will be available on Pott's site soon. again you may view them here.

08/15/02 Ok CC'ers I stumbled across the absolute coolest desktop theme today. And decided I simply had to share this with my friends. I've got it available in both download sections, If you'd like to check it out before you download it, check it out here. Preview it.  Author: Jeffrey W. Johnston
08/13/02 Added a "How to" section on installing and using Zeppos Plugin Configuration manager. You can get to the pages from either the mod section, download section, or CLICK HERE.
08/11/02Updated Original CC2 CB member pages, updated parts of the strategy section, updated downloads section, updated mods section, updated links section. More to come....
08/9/02 : I'm slowly giving the site an entire facelift, so bear with me.
08/7/02 : After being gone for so long I'm back. I apologize to my clan mates for the unexpected disappearance. But life's hectic, and there's been some Major Changes in the Majors Life :). To start with I no longer have the prime requisite to be a CB member ;) if ya know what I mean. I also met this FANTASTIC girl, and fell completely head over heals in love with her. All in all my life has taken a total about face, and to tell you the truth, I LOVE IT. Again sorry for deserting my troops, but the reasons are, well a bit too personal in nature to list on a web page for the whole world to see. Those of you that are my good friends, feel free to ask. Depending on my mood I may let you in on all the grizzly details  :) I've left the original clan pages intact, kind of a memoriam to those who joined the dark side with me. You can view them here, HAIL CB'S! I still love ya!
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