Hubbard HDW Co.

Tool Makers of
Middletown, Connecticut


Tools Made: Chisels, draw knives, boxwood and ivory rules.

Working Dates: 1865-72. Incorporated 1864.

     C. C. Hubbard & Co. and the Hotchkiss Mfg. Co. were bought out in 1865 by the Hubbard Hardware Co.

     Charles C. Hubbard President, Fred G. Hubbard secretary. The factory buildings were located on Warrick Ave. Ref. 7 P 34 & 36. Map K. Also, see Warrick Tool Co. From the references I have it looks like Warrick Tool Co. was taken over by Hubbard Hardware Co. which changed to Hubbard and Curtiss in 1872. An ad has Hubbard and Curtiss making Sibley levels, hand vises and surface gauges. These were also made by the Warrick Tool Co.


Drawing of the factory from the 1869 catalogue of the George B. Cutriss & C0., N.Y.

Hubbhwc14.JPG (814900 bytes)

Below left an old photo of the factory, right how it looks today. (From the Middletown Patch).

Hubbhwc15.jpg (39220 bytes)        Hubbhwc16.jpg (52124 bytes)


Logo 1.

Hubbhwc1.jpg (14850 bytes)                         Hubbhwc2.jpg (33697 bytes)

Draw knife by Hubbard. Note the $ sign logo. Stamped "HUBBARD H.W.CO.

                                                                                                                                                               MIDDLETOWN  CONN"

Hubbard # 81 Board Measuring rule


Hubbhwc11.jpg (766783 bytes)Hubbhwc12.jpg (708479 bytes)



Hubbhwc6.jpg (24649 bytes)


Hubbhwc5.jpg (12401 bytes)


       Logo 2.

Mark on the #81



                  MIDDLETOWN. CT.


Hubbard #79 rule

Hubbhwc4.jpg (19188 bytes)


Below is the mark used on the numbers 51, 61 and 63 rule.

    Hubbhwc8.jpg (26473 bytes)






Number 51 top and 63 bottom. 4-fold, 2 foot rules.

    Hubbhwc7.jpg (22210 bytes)

Number 52 aliper Rule

Hubbhwc13.jpg (212772 bytes)

Number 27 Carpenters' Sliding Rule.




Marked "No 27 HUBBARD




1866 Gazetteer of the manufactures and manufacturing towns of the United States.

Hubbhwc10.jpg (150819 bytes)


AD from the 1869 City Directory. Also in 1870-71.


Hubbhwc3.jpg (64761 bytes)


Hubbhwc9.JPG (143011 bytes)

There are five different marks on chisels:

Mark 1: $ HUBBARD H. W. Co. 1 line.

Mark 2: $ HUBBARD H. W. CO. / MIDDLETOWN CONN. 2 lines

Mark 3. HUBBARD H. W. CO. / MIDDLETOWN CONN. 2 lines

Mark 4. H. H. Co. / MIDDLETOWN CT. 2 lines.

Mark 5.  HUBBARD H.W.CO.  / MIDDLETOWN.CT 2 lines. (Not shown).


     From Ref 55:

        The Hubbard Hardware Company was incorporated in 1864, with a capital

        of 816,000. C. C. Hubbard, President ; F. W. Hubbard, Secretary and

        Treasurer. They occupy a brick building 40x60, 3 stories ; a blacksmith

        shop about 40x60, 1 story ; office and packing room 40 x 45, for the

        manufacture of box wood and ivory rules, drawing knives and chisels.

        They employ 50 persons and consume one ton of Jessop's steel and 4 tons

        of Not-way iron per mouth, as well as 1 1/2 tons of turkey boxwood,

        and 1200 pounds of brass. The works are driven by a 25 horse power

        engine, built by the Pacific Iron Works, Bridgeport. The first rules in this

        country, were made in New York, over 40 years ago, by parties from

        England. Shortly after, the business was commenced in this city, continuing

        up to the present time. The monthly production is 800 dozen of rules, and

        600 drawing knives and chisels. The manufactory is located on Warwick

        street, in the south part of the city, their warehouse being at 55 Beekman

        street. New York.

See Hotchkiss Mfg. Co., Warwick Tool Co., and Hubbard & Curtiss Mfg. Co.


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