Hotchkiss Mfg. Co.

Tool Makers of
Middletown, Connecticut


Hotchkiss Mfg. Co. (1864-65)

Hotchkiss Hardware. Co. (1885-86)

Julius Hotchkiss    Born 11 July 1810 died 23 Dec. 1878 in Middletown.

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Tools Made: Rules, shears.


Working Dates: 1864-65.  Decertified 1905. Ref. 64 Page 547.

     C. C. Hubbard & Co. and the Hotchkiss Mfg. Co. were bought out in 1865 by the Hubbard Hardware Co.

     The factory buildings were located on Warrick Ave. Ref. 7 P 34 & 36. ( For the Hotchkiss Mfg. Co.) Map K. See Hubbard Hardware Co., Hubbard & Curtiss and Warrick Tool Co.

     The Hotchkiss Hardware Company was listed in the 1885 city directory as making shears. In the 1875 City Directory Julius Hotchkiss was listed as President of the Star Tool Co. and Edward Smiths' employment there. Also, Julius was listed as President of the Airline Railroad. It was not listed in the 1887-88 directory. I don't know if there is a relationship between the two companies. The location was 4 South Main Street, part of Wilcox-Crittenden. Map G. It was not listed in the 1887-88 directory.

2 foot, 4 fold rule.

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                                                                                                                                WARRANTED BOX WOOD".

Photograph provided by Martin J. Donnelly Auctions



1865 AD

Julius Hotchkiss Residence on Hunting Hill Ave. From the 1874 Beers County Atlas. The street to the right is Mill Street and to the left South Main Street.


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Patents issued or assigned to this company .

Name                               Pat. No                     Item                      Issue Date

Parker, Edward             43954                         Eyelet                    8/23/1864

Assigned to Hotchkiss Mfg. Co.

Parker, E.                       56149                       Gear cutter            7/3/1866

Assigned to E. Parker & Hotchkiss

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