Hubbard & Curtiss Mfg. Co. 

Tool Makers of
Middletown, Connecticut


The firm of George B. Curtiss & Co. of New York consolidated with Hubbard Hardware to form this company in 1872.

Tools Made: Rules, chisels, draw knives, Victor drill chucks, Sibley levels, gauges and surface gauges. .

Working Dates: 1872-77.   Decertified 1905. Ref. 64 Page 515.

     George B. Curtiss graduated from Yale University in 1863. He taught at the Southington Academy in Connecticut for about 5 years. Then move to New York City about 1867 where he started his hardware business. He is in the NYC directories 1867-1904 at 84 Chambers St. He died in 1911.

     The factory buildings were located on Warrick Ave. Map K. Also, see Hubbard Hardware Co. and Warrick Tool Co. From the references I have it looks like Warrick Tool Co. was taken over by Hubbard Hardware Co. An ad has this company making Sibley levels, hand vises and surface gauges. These were also made by Warrick. C. C. Hubbard president and Fred G. Hubbard secretary.

The factory building was taken over by W. H. Chapman & Co. in 1876.

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            Mark "$ HUBBARD & CURTISS                                                                   8 inch drawknife 2 5/8 inch slick

                            MFG. Co"

Map location from the Beers 1874 map.

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Ad from the Connecticut Business Directory, 1873.

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Ad from Merwins' Connecticut River Business Directory.

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See Hotchkiss Mfg. Co., Hubbard HDW Co., and Warwick Tool Co.

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