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International Vegetarian

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Western men on thier way to Russia to meet their e-mail girlfriends please proceed HERE

Old webmaster. We know from our own experiences how difficult it can be to meet like-minded vegetarian or vegan friends, pen-friends and life partners whether in your own country or overseas. Vegetarians and vegans are a tiny minority in most countries, and this is particularly the case in Russia, with a Russian veggie being a rare find.

New webmaster "Uncle Pasha". Bull. An example of outrageous capitalist propaganda against our beloved motherland. This section needs to be urgently re-done. 

Old webmaster. There are organizations such as Veggiedate but you have to join them and there is no way to find people who are interested in meeting Russians. Our personal ads differ from the advertisements in most personals sites by allowing you to write as little or as much as you like, and include photo(s).

Still old webmaster. Your recommendations of links to other Russian dating/marriage/romance/pen-friend sites are welcome - so long as they have some vegetarian/vegan content.

Olesya's comment. Try posting yourself on

New is another site with vegetarian singles, except they tend to be heavily into New Age

Old webmaster. If you would like us to publish your details below, please send an e-mail request and any photos you want posted here to [Please copy to office, and don't send anything over 20K. - pv]

Be the first entry!

At last, here is the first contribution to to this section:

- Hi, thanks for an excellent resource that took care of many of our concerns associated with relocating to Russia. Yes, we'll be your first entry, but first one question: Is kink allowed on his board?"

- Tastefully presented it is allowed and welcomed while I'm the webmaster, and the range of tastes likely to meet my approval is quite wide, and my tolerance is even wider. No guarantees about the next webmaster's censorship policy.

"OK, here we go. A couple, 30 and 40 and a kid, soon relocating to Moscow, all vegetarians, are looking for a family to play with. The kid likes building blocks and animals and toys that buzz. His parents prefer swing, role exchange, foursome, light SM and such. Contact us throught Expected location: Moscow, Belorusskaya area."

Second entry!


pierre.jpg (7330 bytes)Being one of the administrators of Belgium's largest vegetarian organization, EVA (Ethical Vegetarian Alternative), I send my warm greetings to all vegetarians and vegans in Russia.

I have quite an interest for your country, as I have studied your beautiful language for two years.

You can contact me (in English or French) at the following address:

Hope to hear from you,

Pierre (or 'Pjotr', if you prefer)

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