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International Vegetarian Union
This page is available for your messages. Announce events, advertise services, share experiences, issue advice, announce your upcoming trip to Russia, post your favourite recipe... E-mail your message to


An invitation from Grishino re: summer 2002 conference on ecological settlements


Sunday afternoon get-togethers in Moscow. Write to




Yuri Samuilovich,
(095) 368-5333


Moscow accommodation
Business Services
Rural Russian travel
Horseback riding along the Volga



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A list of Russian eco-villages


A SIGN OF CHANGING TIMES - ...When I was in Russia in '91 and asked for vegetarian food, I would often hear "we have fish, vegetarians eat fish!" It was tough. This time I went to an Indian restaurant near ul.Gorkogo..., mentioned that I am a vegetarian and ordered some food that had cheese (I eat it sometimes when I travel, not at home). My waiter immediately pointed to me that the food had cheese and asked if I wanted to take something else. I was amazed - the Moscow waiters now seem so respectful and understanding of vegetarianism, so helpful and professional. I also spent a day in Kiev. There I went to a Mexican restaurant in Podol (Podil), and again the service was excellent, I was brought a vegetarian dish and it was delicious. So, Moscow for a vegetarian (and Kiev, as well) is not so bad at all!  
>Warm regards,
>Alex Matskevich

SEEKING OTHERS INTERESTED IN STARTING A VEGETARIAN (VEGAN) BUSINESS IN RUSSIA.... we would like to hear from people who have ideas, skills or qualifications to offer. The preferred location is the St. Petersburg region, but all parts of Russia will be considered. Some ideas: vegetarian (vegan) wholefood store/cafe/restaurant (there are very few in Russia); guest house or hotel; some other business that does not harm animals or the environment. E-mail:
Every Sunday afternoon our Ovchinnikovskaya Naberezhaya home-office opens its doors to our friends and partners, actual or potential. Heavy spicy vegan snack provided, BYOB. Every Friday afternoon a similar even will be taking place at our Dubrovki "dacha" probably starting late April 2001.  For details write to office   FARM HAND WANTED year round. Food, clothing, accommodation and higher-than-average (local level) wage. Located in Tver region, 250km Norht-West of Moscow. Carpentry, masonry and horsekeeping skills a plus. Contact
MORE SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION from the current designated web master - Inexpensive accommodation in Central Moscow $25-60/day. Vegetarians and vegans especially welcomed. Orientation tour and shopping assistance available to vegetarians at no extra charge. Airport pickup $40, visa support from $60. Any other type of traveller assistance available. Internet access! Countryside tours to see the real Russia away from tourist haunts. For more information proceed to Inquiries, information, reservations: office


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