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Simpson Construction Company

(no job too small...)

Even though I didn't BUILD this house, I simply have to share pictures of it with anyone and everyone who visits my website! This is a half inch scale house that I won on Ebay and I still can't believe my good luck! The lady I bought it from is not real sure who made it - she bought it quite a few years ago and it was in a shop in California when she bought it. I have since found out that it was built by Korff Miniatures in Renton, WA and they are still in business making houses and selling at shows. So, to see the house as it was when it arrived and progress phots as they are posted, please click here

"The (fabric) Fabric Store"

The (fabric) Fabric Store is my own design and construction. The entire building, inside and out, is finished and decorated as much as possible with fabrics, sewing notions, and sewing trims. For example, the outside light fixtures are thimbles and the balcony railing is made of needles. All the walls, floors, and ceilings are covered with fabrics. All the interior window and door moldings are various braided sewing trims. The store light fixtures are plastic sewing machine bobbins, and so on. I made all the bolts of fabric, lace and trim rolls, button cards, and thread and thread case. Upstairs in the living room is a "Tiffany" lamp made from a button. I didn't make the living room furniture or the kitchen sink, but most everything else in the building is handmade, including the apartment sized refrigerator and stove which I designed because I couldn't find any that were small enough! It really thrilled me when The Fabric Store was pictured in "Small Accomplishments" in the August, 1997 issue of Nutshell News and again in NAME's Miniature Gazette magazine following the 2001 Louisville, KY National Convention where it was displayed.


To see various and sundry finished projects (which I will add to as I finish more), please click HERE

To visit Ashley's house (a little girl "adopted" by Tiny Talk, an on-line group no longer in existence), click HERE.
Another project I thoroughly enjoyed was building and decorating a house for the Hospital where I work to raffle as a fundraiser. To see this house, please, click HERE.

To take a look at my first half inch scale house, please click HERE. It's not fully furnished but that's a good thing - gives me a lot to look for when I visit shows and shops! I've become hooked on half inch scale and have two more kits waiting for me. If you've not tried half scale, you should!

GIFT BAG (and dome) SCENES

These are such fun to make, especially since they can be personalized. All of these scenes were either made as gifts or to order and were based on the recipient's own home or interests, etc.

Each of my Christmas bags include a hand decorated tree, a handmade fireplace (no two alike so far!), a rocking chair, wrapped presents under the tree, and cross stitched stockings personalized with family names, hanging at the mantle, along with anything else that seems appropriate and strikes my fancy! The stockings are stuffed with a little teddy bear and candy cane. The bag is lit from above by battery operated lights. In the two above, the scene with the white rocker was made for a couple who live at the beach and use peach and aqua Christmas decorations instead of the traditional red and green. For their bag, I incorporated shells into my decorations and used peach, aqua, gold and silver for the colors, with no red or green.


And here's three more. I'm particularly proud of the log scene in the center - it is very close to an exact duplication of the home of the woman it was given to. Her daughter gave me pictures to work from and in addition to being a challenge, it was very enjoyable to see it taking shape.

As with most of my pictures, I'm disappointed in their quality and am working on getting better results.


Personalized "special event" scenes.

These acrylic dome scenes were also either given or sold as personal mementos of a special occasion. For each of them I stitched a personalized sampler (names of bride and groom, or graduate, etc.) In the wedding scenes, I included special special scripture passages, and in the graduation scenes, I included a yearbook, listing the activities and honors of the graduate. On the back of the wall, I glued the wedding invitation, or graduation announcement.

Personalized baby gift bag.

This was a gift for a woman I work with when she had a baby. I personalized it with a cross stitched birth sampler, with the name of the baby and date of birth.

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