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So here it is! Isn't it wonderful?!! The first three pictures show the house as I received it. It took me a while to decide on the exterior but I finally decided on board and batten cause I have always liked that on real housess.

The first picture shows the front of the house. One porch post was broken and there are two tiny little bits of doweling missing from the trim over the front stairs, but other than that, the house is in perfect condition. I will probably remove all the porch posts anyway because I can't imagine finishing the siding, the floor, and the ceiling with the posts in place.

Next is the back of the house - just lets you see all the rooms. There is a divider wall that fits in the room on the upstairs left so that there is an extra room for a bathroom with an entrance from the hall. That would leave a fairly small bedroom which I imagine I would make a nursery.

And the last picture is just to give you a closer look at the rounded roof and stairs at each end of the porch. The porch wraps around to the side on the other side of the house - on this side, there is a one story ell that will most likely be the kitchen.

Here are three pics as of May 25, 2005 - as you can see, I decided to keep the original porch posts and work around them. I replaced the broken post with one I made myself and think that probably a blind man on a galloping horse would think it looked okay. I also replaced the trim right over the front steps cause the more I worked on painting all the posts, the more that trim got damaged! The cobblestone foundation is an embossed paper and I'm pretty sure I will use that - it's just tacked on right now. Haven't decided on a color the the door yet and also haven't decided whether I will add railings between each post - I'm kind of liking it the way it is. Anyway, here we go:

Thanks so much for taking a tour of my house. I will be starting on the wiring next, so it will be a while before I post more pictures...