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Ashley is one of three young ladies "adopted" by the Tiny Talk group. The group adopted two girls last year and had such a great time with it, they decided to do it again this year. The children adopted receive a finished house and lots of wonderful furnishings to fill it up with. I don't know who has the most fun - Tiny Talk members or the children receiving all the packages in the mail, but I bet it's pretty much even-steven! This year, it just so happened that when this year's girls were selected, I had a house already finished on the outside and just waiting to be decorated on the inside. I was honored to have my offer of this house accepted by the group and got to work finishing the inside as quickly as possible. Ashley has already received lots of "stuff" for her house and the house itself is on it's way to her as of 9/5/98. It has been a delight to work on this project and I know we all look forward to doing it again. To find out a little bit about Ashley and see a picture or two of her, please click here.

Below are some views of Ashley's finished house. Unfortunately, either me or my camera just don't do too great a job with pictures and the house does NOT show to its best advantage. But it will give all you Tiny Talkers an idea of where your gifts will be going.

This is the exterior of the house. The roof is much more of a Federal blue than the picture shows and the house is sided with a pale yellow clapboard, not just painted. The large dormer has been covered with white shingles and all the trim is white.

And here is a view of the entire interior. The living room and nursery are carpeted, the master bedroom has a dark walnut floor, the kitchen has a red tile floor, the bathroom (on the top floor) has a tiny blue tile floor, and the attic storeroom/playroom has a less formal wood flooring.

Here are closer views of the interior rooms.