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Welcome to my newest house. The hospital (where I work) offered to buy everything needed to build and decorate a house to be raffled off at their annual Festival of Trees celebration if I would be willing to do the work. Well, what miniaturist could resist that? All the fun of creating with none of the expense! Ticket sales totaled about $4,000 and this money will be used to help build the hospital's new kidney dialysis facility. The drawing was held November 27 and a nurse here at the hospital was the winner. She has three little girls so I think it found a really good home! I'm leaving the pictures on my site for a while as an example of the work I do. So, let me give you the grand tour ...

In the picture above you may not notice the wicker furniture on the porch and the porch swing around on the side porch but they're there! The house is painted a rich cream with sage green shutters and a wine red door and porch floor. The wrap-around porch on this house is one of its prettiest features, I think.

The next picture is a view of the portion of the front of the house that opens. Inside you see the kitchen with its ceiling fan light fixture and the sitting area of the master bedroom.

Now, we'll go around to the back of the house...

As you can see, there are three floors and a total of 8 rooms with two beautiful hallways.

Starting with the first floor, here is a view of the living room...

a fairly formal room with a light green and silvery gray stripe paper, pale gray carpeting, a handmade fireplace, and a beautiful three-light chandelier.

Also on the first floor is the central hallway with a beautiful parquet floor and a "hunt scene" wall mural over the sideboard and off the hallway is the dining room, also quite formal with a lovely chandelier, Queen Anne furniture and two built-in corner cabinets. The dining room has the same wallpaper as the living room partway down and then a "wainscoting" paper of a peach and green floral design. The carpet in this room is dark green.

Now, we'll go up the stairs to the second floor. I love the hallway upstairs. It actually wraps around behind the bathroom to the nursery which is shown along with the bathroom in the next picture.

And here is the hallway and the master bedroom. All the hallways by the way have a beige and cream stripe wallpaper and the master bedroom has a beautiful rose bouquet pattern wallpaper with a plush ivory carpet.

And now up to the third floor where the attic has been finished with a young boy's bedroom and an office for the man of the house...

And that's about it. You probably noticed there are light fixtures in every room and hallway and lamps in several of the rooms. All the wood trim inside and out has been primed, sanded, painted, sanded again and given a low lustre finish so everything is nice and smooth. The retail value of the house not counting the labor (it wasn't labor, I loved every minute of it!) is approximately $2,000.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to visit and I hope you've enjoyed your tour.

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