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Sound Clips

These files are in wav. format so the sound quality is quite good, but the files may take a few minutes to download on slower modems. The clips are of the best interviews from various TCW events.

Ace Gray Interviews Futko at Doomsday 2001 (Very Funny)
 Ace welcomes Futko (1228k)
 Ace and Futko talk about his favorite moments (1492k)
 Futko talks about his plan for his match with LMW later (1429k)
 Futko speaks out about his cousin ADHD turning on him (730k)
 Futko reveals his future plans (1089k)

 Futko has a few words to say at Reckless Behaviour (427k)
 Futko challenges any member of RAOV at Hardcore Halloween III (754k)
 Futko wants to finish off Instigator at Doomsday 2002 (688k)  Part 2

 Heat mocks Stryfe and Omega during their match at Hardcore Halloween (444k)
 Heat cuts an emotional promo at Hardcore Halloween II (962k)  Part 2 (816k)
 Heat's interview from Hardcore Halloween III (1013k) Part 2 (716k)

Little Mikey Walker
 Mikey's open challenge from Hardcore Halloween II (480k)
 Mikey explains why he can't wrestle at Hardcore Halloween III (284k)
 Mikey challenges Michael Burton at Doomsday 2002 (344k)

Mark Angel
 Mark Angel's ready to fight Heat at Hardcore Halloween III (621k)
 Mark Angel claims he is the greatest eXtreme champion (889k)  Part 2

 Omega's interview at Doomsday 2000 gets cut short by Futko (531k)
 An angry interview from Hardcore Halloween III (490k)
 Omega talks about his last match with Heat at Doomsday 2002 (797k)

 Stryfe challenges Heat on Chaos! (394k)
 Stryfe talks about leaving Doomsday 2002 the eXtreme champion (1260k)

Wally Junction
 Wally speaks for the first time at Hardcore Halloween II (184k)