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We all love charts, so let's have a look at how TCW stacks up to other federations, and why you should by TCW's tapes instead the tapes that other federations have to offer.

  Average Backyard Federation  
Tape Length
Anywhere from 3 to 6 hours
Approximately 1 hour (kept to this length to ensure that the tapes never get boring or repetetive)
Amount of Editing
Little to none. Usually just hours upon hours of unedited footage.
All tapes are completely edited to contain graphics, music, commentary, music videos, video montages outlining feuds, interviews, backstage segments, etc. Each tape is a complete pay per view event, not unlike a WWF pay per view tape. We insist on perfection in our editing, and usually spend over 10 hours putting each tape together.
Production Values -
Quality of Footage
Video and sound quality is usually poor.
Excellent. TCW uses the latest technology in cameras and editing equipment to ensure that all of our tapes are of the best quality. We even have more than one camera angle for our matches and replays, something very few federations have. The extra camera angle make a big difference in how professional a tape looks.
Production Values -
Match Quality
Varies. Some feds are awful, but some are close to professional.
Good. TCW does not claim to be the most hardcore or most technical backyard fed. What we offer is good all-around wrestling. Lately our wrestling has improved a lot. We now wrestle on the ground, not the trampoline, and we have had some pretty sick bumps lately.
Production Values -
Predictable and boring. Most feds have wrestlers that just look like regular kids who decided to mess around with some wrestling moves. Few feds bother to develop strong characters.
Unmatched. Every TCW wrestler has a specific and unique gimmick. All TCW wrestlers have a costume/wrestling gear that they wear so that they actually look like they are wrestlers. TCW wrestlers all have their own unique moves and catchprases. Don't believe that TCW has the best all-around roster in backyard wrestling? Check out our roster page and find out for yourself.
Production Values -
Usually just rehashed WWF stories. For example, many feds have ripped off the WWF invasion angle.
True to wrestling traditions, but also unique. Our stories make sense and they continue on from event to event. We actually take the time to build good feuds. Have a look for yourself in our pay per view results. The results of all our pay per view matches and outlines of the feuds leading up to the matches can be found in that section.
Tape Price
$5-15 plus shipping
$2 plus shipping

Tapes available for purchase:

TCW Doomsday 2000
Main Event: Omega vs. Futko for the TCW World Championship
Memorable Moment: Futko is close to tears as he accomplishes his dream of becoming World Champion.
Full Results

TCW Hardcore Halloween II
Main Event: Futko vs. Heat vs. Mack Daddy for the TCW World Championship
Memorable Moment: Heat defeats Futko in a very controversial Main Event to capture Random Acts Of Violence's third title of the night.
Full Results

TCW Doomsday 2001
Main Event: Omega vs. Stryfe for the TCW World Championship
Memorable Moment: Ace Gray sits down with Futko for a hilarious one-on-one interview.
Full Results

TCW Hardcore Halloween III
Main Event: Omega vs. Stryfe for the TCW World Championship
Memorable Moment: Mark Angel executes a senton bomb off of a ladder and onto Heat, securing the win in their Escape To Victory Match with only seconds to spare.
Full Results

TCW Doomday 2002 COMING SOON!!!!
Main Event: Heat vs. Omega for the vacant TCW World Championship
Memorable Moment: Michael Burton mocks Mikey and then gets challenged to a match. Burton quickly takes care of Mikey and wins the backyard title.
Full Results

Anyone interested in purchasing a tape (we also accept trades from other federations) can contact us at Please tell us where you live in the e-mail so we can determine how much shipping will cost. We will respond will all the necessary information.