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2001: Year In Review

  • What a year we had in TCW! 2001 was truly the best year in TCW history, as we saw things that I personally never thought we would see in TCW. I'd like to run down a few of my favorite moments of 2001...

  • Countdown Chaos! was something that everyone knew would be hard to pull off. A match featuring every single wrestler on the TCW roster, and with the added stakes of the winner taking home the vacant TCW World Title?! Well, maybe it wasn't the greatest match in TCW history, but we pulled it off. Omega took home the World Title and he was deserving of that. 2001 was the year that Omega really proved that he is the best all-around wrestler in TCW.

  • Doomsay 2001. What can I say about that event? We tried something we had never done before-- not announcing the Main Event to our biggest pay per view. Did it work out? It sure did. We knew that Omega would defend the World Title against the winner of the RingMaster Tournament, but we didn'ty have a tournament winner. Instead, the TCW bookers decided to hold the RingMaster Finals at Doomsday 2001. Personally, I think this worked out very well. Doomsday 2001 told a story. At the beginning you see Stryfe overcome all odds to win the RingMaster Tournament, and at the end you see him finally get his shot at the World Champion. Oh yeah, Stryfe won that match for the World Title, and in my opinion it was one of the best ever in TCW.

  • Every wrestler stepped up his game at Doomsday 2001, but a few matches stood out as being great. Futko took on Little Mikey Walker for the Backyard Title in a match that, although not that great in a technical wrestling sense, was tremendously entertaining. Mark Angel and Heat also put on a show at Doomsday. The two were scheduled in a Ladder Match for the eXtreme Title. Heat had said to some of the TCW wrestlers that he thought he and Mark Angel could have the match of the year if they ever faced each other, but many of the TCW wrestlers laughed at that. Angel was a wrestler who had never been given a chance to become a star in TCW, but when the match against Heat was signed he knew it was his opportunity to shine. Angel beat Heat in what can only be described as the most dangerous match in TCW history, and in doing so he cemented his reputation as one of the all-time greats in TCW. (Note- To find out whether Heat was correct in his prediction that he and Angel could put on the match of the year, check out the TCW Trampy Awards page here at the TCW site.)

  • Hardcore Halloween didn't really come together until days before it took place. The TCW bookers were unsure as to what matches to book. The original plan was to have a Fatal Fourway Match between the World Champion Stryfe, Omega, Heat and Futko, but that plan was scapped. Instead, it was decided that Doomsday 2001 produced two matches that were so good that it would be a good idea to book rematches at Hardcore Halloween. Omega would get a chance to win back the World Title that he lost to Stryfe at Doomsday 2001 and Heat would get another shot at Mark Angel, only this time it would in an a new kind of match-- an Escape To Victory Match. The rules for the Escape To Victory Match were simple-- the match would last 10 minutes and there could be an unlimited number of decisions. Decisions could come by pinfall, sumbmission or disqualification. Whichever wrestler won the last decision before time ran out would win the eXtreme Title. Heat and Mark Angel did the impossible in this match. They somehow had an even more dangerous match than the one they had at Doomsday 2001. The highlight of the match was Mark Angel hitting Heat with the Mark of the Angel off of a ladder with only seconds remaining in the match and then pinning Heat as time ran out to retain the eXtreme Title. The Main Event also delivered. Omega and Stryfe picked up where they left off at Doomsday 2001. It looked like Omega had the match won after he hit Stryfe with the DeKAPPAtater, but Heat interfered. Heat and Stryfe then began attacking Omega and it appeared as if we were witnessing the reformation of $@botage. Heat and Stryfe were celebrating in the ring when Stryfe suprised everyone and turned on Heat. He had simply been using Heat to help beat down Omega. Heat couldn't believe that Stryfe had double-crossed him and stumbled off to the back in shock. Stryfe chased Heat away, but he didn't see Omega waiting with the World Title belt in his hands. Omega nailed Stryfe in the head with the belt and pinned him to become the 3-time TCW World Champion. It truly was the most shocking Main Event in TCW history.

  • Well, that's all I have for now fans. TCW will take a break for the winter like we always do, but as soon as the spring rolls around we will begin preparations for the biggest event in TCW history-- Doomsday 2002. This will be the last ever event for TCW so you can expect it to be unforgettable. Matches for this event will be announced soon so be sure to check back to the TCW site often.

    Thanks to all of you for following up this year and happy holidays.