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Unknown TCW Facts

TCW is based in the backyard of Kevin Winterton, located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

TCW didn't originally begin on July 12/99. TCW was around for about a month and a half before that. The first card saw Omega win the World Title in a one-day tournament. The next card saw Stryfe win the eXtreme Title in a four-way match and Heat beat Omega for the World Title in the main event. TCW ran one more card before The Prophet offered his camera services. TCW started again from scratch at that point.

During the untaped TCW days, Heat was known as "The Ragin' Canadian" Dave Woods.

Before it was decided that he would be called the Instigator, the name Average Joe was being considered.

When Insano arrived in TCW during the untaped days, he came out to "The Sweetest Thing" by U2.

Even though Stryfe used the gimmick for almost a year, he hated the taste of Lipton Brisk Iced Tea.

Ever wonder how we thought of The Spanish Flea to be Futko's entrance theme? Under Futko's original gimmick he was to be the 'Latin Ladies Man'. When he tried speaking with a Spanish accent, it didn't quite work out and it was decided that no gimmick we could ever think of would be better than Futko just acting like himself. We couldn't think of a good name to use for him, so we just decided to use his last name. That's how he became The Huge Phat Party Animal.

When Mack Daddy was forced to retire at Hardcore Halloween in the fall of 1999, he was supposed to come back as The Janitor. For whatever reason, we never saw the Mackster with that gimmick.

The name Stryfe was thought up by Dave Woods (Heat) based on the fact the Ryan Quaglia (Stryfe) wanted a name that could use a 'y' instead of an 'i'. It wasn't thought up for TCW, but rather the e-fed (UWA) that they were joining.

Let's face it, if the Burlington Teen Tour Band wasn't around there would be no TCW. Most of the members are part of the band and the original idea for TCW came up at a band member's party.