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Tuscany of Tuesday
About in the middle of Route 29 on Tuesdays, there is a girl named Tuscany that will show up. She has brothers and sisters who will also show up on certain days during the week (Monica of Monday, Wesley of Wednesday, Arthur of Thursday, Frieda of Friday, Santos of Saturday, and Sunny of Sunday). Throughout the Walkthru I will point them out to you. They give you special items that you can attach to your Pokemon that increase a certain attack depending on the item.

Tuscany will give you a Pink Bow which increases Normal attacks.


Cherrygrove City
Next you'll want to try to find Mr. Pokemon. You'll pass through a town called Cherrygrove (Yoshino) City to get to him.

When you first enter Cherrygrove (Yoshino) City talk to the old man below you. He will show you the town and then give you a Map card for your Pokegear.

Mr. Pokemon & Professor Oak

You'll eventually find Mr. Pokemon's house since one of the paths is blocked by two battling trainers. Mr. Pokemon will introduce himself and then Professor Oak will talk to you and give you a high-tech version of the Pokedex. Oak then leaves to go do his very popular radio show.

You'll take a rest, and when you exit the building Elm calls you and tells you to come back to New Bark (Wakaba) Town, something has happened!

These plants bear fruit


Your Rival
Someone has stolen one of Elm's Pokemon, and just your luck it's the one that has the advantage over yours. Well, it looks like you just found your new rival.
Pokemon Level
Starter 5
Prizes: $300


Back To New Bark Town
Head back and talk with Professor Elm to see what was going on. You'll then name your Rival.

On your way out of the Lab, the Scientist at the bottom will give you 5 Pokeballs.

When you exit the city a guy named Dude will want to show you how to use your new Pokeballs to catch Pokemon.


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